How Do CPUs Use Multiple Cores?

A common piece of advice for PC gamers is that you don't need tons of cores - but why are games often unable to take advantage of CPUs with many cores in the first place?

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  • Kuro Murasaki

    Would like to see this revisited as it appears from hwinfo64 that most games are using 8 threads pretty evenly these days; even something like WoW that was notorious for using 1.5 threads/cores; ask Luke ;)

  • Timur Bani

    Rewathing this vid realising we went from dual and quad to 32 core cpu's

  • August Batch2015

    Is that even explanation , the rhythm of speech is like a robot

  • WellBeSerious12

    Your ads are too long. Video ad(s, depending on video length) + video banner + in-video ad not enough?

  • Roger Barraud

    Advice to settle for ~4 cores is more of a reflection of the gouging prices than anything else...

  • Blink

    Should I use sync all cores or per corePls help what gives better performance?

  • jose osorio

    lllllllllll precios llllll

  • MarviniWurscht

    "Well maybe not the last one.." and here comes 2018.

  • Total Geekgasm

    I have a dual core. I was wondering why it is, when i click on multiple programs that i need to have open all together, the computer only opens one at a time. It seems after the first program opens i wait as long as usual for the next one to open, as if i had just waited and clicked after the first opened. Shouldn't one core open one program while the other core can open another?

  • Cale The Nail! PB

    But Linus, what if I want to play games. Record, stream and watch techquickie video all at the same time?Wouldn't more cores help with multitasking?

  • Yale Wang

    Who need tunnel bear?

  • Roger Barraud


  • Pizza Pie

    I love you and your information

  • Polar Bits

    Guys, this is all really good advice, but bonus tip: if you plan on doing anything like video editing and the like, you really should have a 6+ core count.

  • georg841984

    i think this is a problem for microsoft to solve the os witch the game engines run on should be able to force the engine to use more cores or emulate a one core cpu that spans all the cores but appears as one core to the game engine. then older and current games would bee blazing fast on a high end cpu


    i3 6100, acts as 4 cores but has 2, because of the 4 threads

  • David Dil

    I need as many core as my wallet can hold. Xeon 12 core. Got to love VM

  • Trooper_Z

    Do "Techquickie as fast as possible"

  • Taris Iskandar

    We almost reach 40 core today....

  • Jason U

    came here to say .... 68 cores now

  • John Bracciano

    1:42 So, both CPUs will have to execute three operations according to the sketch. Why are we supposed to gain speed then?

  • jerrylee22

    2018- You can get a six core for gaming. 2019- You (probably) can get an eight core for gaming.

  • Fusk

    So. Some games and workloads are cpu heavier while others are gpu heavier?

  • Clark Kent

    40 cores XD id buy that

  • Kentium4

    Welcome to 2018, 2016 Linus where 40 cores is possible (32 right now for consumer)

  • Patrick Enger

    You sound like Todd Howard lol.

  • NA

    When buying a cpu u want a balanced breakfast of l cash cores and and ghz

  • Matt

    0:14 phones looked like that 2 years ago... wait they actually did

  • Bashar Adama

    Thank you, my company YouTube will give you money for views about every videos. you made it. please, don't you forget your money.

  • terry waller

    You have to be careful, some software such as Oracle are licensed per processor. They count 2 cores as one processor.So if your paying $20,000 for one processor you get charged $40,000 for a two processor or 4 core system.

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