How Do CPUs Use Multiple Cores?

A common piece of advice for PC gamers is that you don't need tons of cores - but why are games often unable to take advantage of CPUs with many cores in the first place?

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  • Adam Nizami

    Omg Linus makes a specific tone in his voice when he transitions into a sponsor and every time it happens my daughter barks

  • Dragon king

    I'm an xbox gamer, does that count.?

  • Sergio Díaz Nila

    its not an unsolved problem, what happens is developers form habits because all learn to code sequentially, actually the problem has been solved by functional programming community, but the most popular programming paradigm is the object oriente disaster and those programmers are way too stuck on their inferior programming techniques of OO and are way too lazy to learn functional programming to make parallel programs.Fortunately we got Go & Rust & others helping to teach newer generations, so you will have to wait until the lazy mediocre OO developers retire.

  • uppset_dave

    My cpu is advertised as a dual core but when I checked instead of having 2 active cores and 2 redundant cores I had one active and 3 redundant, I soon switched it to 2 active cores does this improve my cpus speed and efficiency?

  • XBeastX

    Will i5 4th gen with 2 cores, 4 threads paired with gtx 1050ti give me any problems? Actually I have a Lenovo M93p N I'm gonna pair a gtx 1050ti with it is it okay? Please somebody help me.

  • Jyles Morrell

    Would unparking your cpu cores be good for fps but bad for your CPU in the long run?

  • Caretbay47

    im making a super computer for my school with 120 cores each running at 3ghz 10Gb/sec internet speed 400 - 700 mb read write speed

  • Carlos Mediavilla

    [INSERT HERE BNHA MEME] pawaaaaa

  • NovaGamming35

    hi Linus please make a video on "how to enable all cores on your cpu" pls

  • youtube star

    My ps4 got more cores than my pc 8 cores vs 4 cores

  • George Perakis

    "FORTY CORES! Okay maybe not that last one."Yeah nah fuck 40, why not SIXTY FOUR CORES?

  • Max Jefferison

    "4 cores and above is overkill" umm... I have 8... Including hyper-threading I have 16 cores, kinda

  • Zakiyo1

    It changed a lot to day


    So what you telling me, is that I can get vpn, and watch pornhub videos that doesn't show in America?

  • Michael Trunzo

    Paralyze or Parallelize?

  • Caretbay47

    ive got about 300 computers on standby so how do force the main node to use the slave computers cores to its advantage... so how would I run something like...C = range(0, 100000)A = []for i in C: A.append(i) print(i)while taking advantage of all the cores

  • Old Sub Sailor

    My son had decided that he wants (me) to build one of those ultimate gaming PCs. So far, it looks like the various build-the-most-wonderful gaming computer call for the core i9 CPUs. Has the gaming industry (this video is 2.5 years old) caught up in taking advantage of multiple cores or is there some other reason for going this route?

  • Thomas Keller

    Lol unless you wanna have 10 games open at once 😂


    Plz donate a gaming pc to me plz plz plz

  • Rohan A.

    Who’s watching in late 2018 where 6 cores or more is ideal for gaming

  • Ashitaka1110

    ..."okay, well maybe not the last one."2.5 years later and we're up to 32 though LOL

  • நவநீத கிருஷ்ணன்

    I'm using intel I7 with 6th gen processor but when Im checking it showing 2 core..

  • Kashish Shah

    Make a video on '7th gen i7 processor vs 8th gen i5 processor'

  • Jayro

    AMD fanboys, please watch from 4:04 ... Multiple times

  • arch the archvile

    0:02 this video did not age well

  • TheEgghead27

    For me, I buy store built pcs with intel integrated, so the extra cores are important.

  • Brandon Mercer

    If only you new rtx was coming

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