How Do CPUs Use Multiple Cores?

A common piece of advice for PC gamers is that you don't need tons of cores - but why are games often unable to take advantage of CPUs with many cores in the first place?

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  • Fusk

    So. Some games and workloads are cpu heavier while others are gpu heavier?

  • NA

    When buying a cpu u want a balanced breakfast of l cash cores and and ghz

  • John Bracciano

    1:42 So, both CPUs will have to execute three operations according to the sketch. Why are we supposed to gain speed then?

  • August Batch2015

    Is that even explanation , the rhythm of speech is like a robot

  • Cale The Nail! PB

    But Linus, what if I want to play games. Record, stream and watch techquickie video all at the same time?Wouldn't more cores help with multitasking?

  • terry waller

    You have to be careful, some software such as Oracle are licensed per processor. They count 2 cores as one processor.So if your paying $20,000 for one processor you get charged $40,000 for a two processor or 4 core system.

  • Patrick Enger

    You sound like Todd Howard lol.

  • hdjksa52

    Hmmmmm I remember when we used to just look at the processor speed.

  • Yale Wang

    Who need tunnel bear?

  • Jason The Gamer

    40 cores will be reality thanks to amd #threadripper

  • Grantham

    Correction: AI runs better on GPUs. Operations are easily reduced to matrix dot products. If whatever you are referring to works better on a CPU, I’ll bet $$$ that it sure isn’t actual AI.

  • Haris

    40 cores is sorta like a possibilty now looking at the threadripper 32 core :o xD

  • Mike Limon

    Hi im saving up for gaming on a PC and I have absolutely no idea on how to build one I was just wondering, is it real overwhelming to have 6 cores with a GTX 1080 TI Graphic's in your pc ?

  • Kuro Murasaki

    Would like to see this revisited as it appears from hwinfo64 that most games are using 8 threads pretty evenly these days; even something like WoW that was notorious for using 1.5 threads/cores; ask Luke ;)

  • Aurimas Macevičius

    1 main earth core - 2 cores go's as soccer one side net | in middle score gole | < net . Other two cores to other net keepers. 11~11. = Apple is one tree but one Apple tree needs other Apple tree to reproduce oxygen. Logically grows other two Apple tree's to bring piece - clearer oxygen with peace ( faster movement or lighter earth ). So apple it self from one point go's 4 threats. Like in nature free will of fly, like jump in air and feel free will oxygen - it pushes that one Apple have 4 threats naturlly , Pure oxygen - piece brings cleaner oxygen. Procesor it self two tree's and fan two tree's :-)

  • jerrylee22

    2018- You can get a six core for gaming. 2019- You (probably) can get an eight core for gaming.

  • Not Your Everyday Timelord

    I went for a core i3 @ 4.2 (OC'd to 4.9) over an i5 or i7 at lower clock because I don't own any games that run on more than 2 cores anyway.

  • Blink

    Should I use sync all cores or per corePls help what gives better performance?

  • Morgan Hall

    Guys, this is all really good advice, but bonus tip: if you plan on doing anything like video editing and the like, you really should have a 6+ core count.

  • imad maftouhi

    Hey Guys, I come up today to you because I have a problem that is bothering me a lot !So the problems is I have an Intel Core i5-4310M CPU @ 2.70 GHz that is supposed to run with 2 cores. But when I open the task manager it only shows me 1 cores and 2 logical processors with the virtualization enabled. Pls help me with this cauz it really limit my gaming experience

  • Thomas Nimmesgern

    Crazy Youtube...Youtube showed me this video in 144p (before I manually switched to 720p). Looked like a 1998-version of Youtube.

  • Fistagon777

    64 cores baby, amd epyc proccessors baebaeeee

  • Alina Hänel


  • RocketLR

    Why didnt you explain Logical cores?! >.<


    I got an i7 because in csgo it gives me 400/500 fps more, because is a CPU bound game.

  • alvin jb

    can you make a video about blockchain??

  • Mukesh Singh

    its 2018 and is the 'above 4 core is an overkill' and waste of resources still true or should we go a bit higher?

  • Matt

    0:14 phones looked like that 2 years ago... wait they actually did

  • David Dil

    I need as many core as my wallet can hold. Xeon 12 core. Got to love VM

  • WestHills Games

    When will we get 200 cores in our phones

  • HighScore

    HAHAHAHAHA 8 coresBoo! You suck!

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