How Do CPUs Use Multiple Cores?

A common piece of advice for PC gamers is that you don't need tons of cores - but why are games often unable to take advantage of CPUs with many cores in the first place?

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  • Grantham

    Correction: AI runs better on GPUs. Operations are easily reduced to matrix dot products. If whatever you are referring to works better on a CPU, I’ll bet $$$ that it sure isn’t actual AI.

  • HighScore

    HAHAHAHAHA 8 coresBoo! You suck!

  • Matt Davies

    Most modern games use parallelism. So the initial assumption that # of CPU cores doesn't matter is absolutely false.

  • Thomas Nimmesgern

    Crazy Youtube...Youtube showed me this video in 144p (before I manually switched to 720p). Looked like a 1998-version of Youtube.

  • GovernPublicServants

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  • Mukesh Singh

    its 2018 and is the 'above 4 core is an overkill' and waste of resources still true or should we go a bit higher?

  • Juan Grayeb

    2 years little 40 cores is possible. : p

  • Eli Malinsky

    Actually GPU's now even take command over some of the game logic, such as physics and calculations of ballistics and trajectory, as well as animation sequencing and synchronization.The CPU is left with calculating AI, overall game logic, game state calculations and code execution, and talking to the RAM, GPU, audio chip and other various components.

  • GamerNot Foundroblox

    if i could buy a 40 core CPU. i wont have a 1050 right now

  • CoolCJP1

    When you said 40 cores I was like nah that ain’t realBecause I just have 1000 coresWhat scrubs use ONLY 40 CORES?!?!

  • Jason The Gamer

    40 cores will be reality thanks to amd #threadripper

  • rolmops

    I couldn't help notice the irony of a video talking about parallelism using JavaScript whenever code was shown on the screen. The one language that is, by definition, single-threaded :D

  • Dee Dubbs

    VPNs make your internet faster if you live in one of those Cough Non-Net-Neutrality countries that throttle you.

  • Harpal Kaur

    Linus techtips i have a question for you that is can we change single core processor into dual core processor in amd if the processor have only one core?

  • WestHills Games

    When will we get 200 cores in our phones

  • Riztech101

    16gb ram 500gb hdd 6 core 2.4 ghz

  • themegalogic

    i just got a octacore, at least it will help in 3d rendering

  • alvin jb

    can you make a video about blockchain??

  • Not Your Everyday Timelord

    I went for a core i3 @ 4.2 (OC'd to 4.9) over an i5 or i7 at lower clock because I don't own any games that run on more than 2 cores anyway.

  • imad maftouhi

    Hey Guys, I come up today to you because I have a problem that is bothering me a lot !So the problems is I have an Intel Core i5-4310M CPU @ 2.70 GHz that is supposed to run with 2 cores. But when I open the task manager it only shows me 1 cores and 2 logical processors with the virtualization enabled. Pls help me with this cauz it really limit my gaming experience

  • Knoxy

    You can achive 40 cores :)

  • Jeremy Games

    So my 2 x5670s 6 cores 12 threads cpus r over kill my bad XD

  • Kimari Guthre

    40 cores might not actually exist.But 64 cores definitely exist.


    There is a 72 core xeon chip

  • Kalyan Routh

    you are very far beyond the technology and explaining the silly logic

  • Taylor Smith

    56 Core System anyone XD

  • hdjksa52

    Hmmmmm I remember when we used to just look at the processor speed.

  • Gory Guy of Glory

    I just found out that the amd processor I use is 3 core when a hardware monitor i used to use said 6 core...

  • Bailey Lyth Minecraft PVP Pro

    i cant beleive 1/5 of this vid is sponsered hwo dareth thou

  • Kostya Zaycev

    He shouldn't have taken that Brian Tracy body language price

  • Mike Limon

    Hi im saving up for gaming on a PC and I have absolutely no idea on how to build one I was just wondering, is it real overwhelming to have 6 cores with a GTX 1080 TI Graphic's in your pc ?

  • NebTheDev YT

    0:03 what does he mean by maybe not the last one? I thought Xeon processors have that xD

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