How To Mine PIRL - a ETH Fork w/ Masternodes + RX580 8gb Mining Rig Build Guide

PIRL is an Ethereum / Ethash fork boasting Asic-resistance w/ Masternodes, similar to Snowgem that we reviewed yesterday.
Watch VoskCoins 2018 Best Coins to Mine!
AMD Rx580's are BACK IN STOCK!

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Full Rx580 Mining Rig Build Parts List w/ Alternatives (1050 TI alternative search)
CPU (G3930 Alternative) (G3900 Alternative) (G4400 Shown) (G3930 Alternative) (6100T Power saving)
Motherboard (6x GPU - Our top used for 6) (Asus z270p ) (Asus z270a 7 PCIE + 1 M.2) (8 GPU Alternative) (8 GPU Asus Alt high-end)
PSU 2x w/ Add2PSU Recommend 2x 850w Gold EVGA PSU (850w Platinum) x2 (750w Platinum) x2
PCIE 2x Splitters (If needed) (Alternative)
RAM (White) (Grey) (Red / Shown)
M.2 PCIE Adapters (White / Shown HIGHLY recommended) (Blue / USB m.2 pcie adapter alt.) (Green / Mintcell DID NOT WORK)
GPU RIG FRAME Mining Cave Rig Frames - Coupon VoskCoin (Mintcell TitanAlternative) (Titan w/ Risers) (Titan 2 pack) MiningCave Rig Frames CC = VoskCoin
PCIE Risers (order 2 packs / good to have a couple extra) (Mintcell) (Explomos) (Victony) (Onvian)
USB Harddrive (Shown) (Alternative) (Alternative) (Alternative)
Zip-Ties (Shown)

Software used = smOS =

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  • obzen33

    I would love see a video on DGB!

  • Marjhon alabe

    Got some pirl too. Thanks for the video

  • MrZones21

    Your dog is cooler and chill than your RIG!

  • brandon coin

    I should mine these my gf loves pearls

  • First Name Last Name

    Love this coin! Been mining it for a few months now. I have the same risers too. There's another wallet for mobile devices (Coinomi)

  • Blaze Dutch

    Damn, reaching way out there to make profits with hardware now-a-days. Won't even be able to liquidate current hardware with the new hotness expected to be dropped in a few months :( Good shit for staying positive and educating the masses that "making it" is sorta possible in these troubled waters!

  • Gabriel Giampietri

    hello your videos are very good, is there any more profitable currency than the ethereum? for rx580 8gb amd

  • Don Nutter

    Mining Pirl with 250Mh/s right now

  • David Wynn

    Hey voskcoin bring back the old outro please 😀

  • Dream Deal

    Ever had any issue undervolting the cards? same wattage despite changing the unvervolt values...

  • Lisa Lowery

    You can find a list of all API activated pirl pool at - alot of great pools to choose from!

  • vitaLickMyButerin

    I cannot believe you have a bottle of yellow tail on your counter. Get some better wine bro ;)

  • mike leonard

    Hey bro just wanted to say your channel rocks! Literally have been watching videos for the past week as i just built my first rig! Thanks for all the help bro, keep it up!

  • Chris

    is it not better to mine ETH.. and purchase PIRL each day from selling ETH?

  • Baumer Crypto2.0

    Yes, finally AMD RX vid!!! I been mining ⛏ Pirl since December and won’t stop, love this coin. Dual mining it now with Verge on my main 10 RX GPU Rig. 👍🚀 @BaumerYXE

  • Trollvor - The CS:GO Idiot

    got 2 pirl masternodes, hoping for good results in the future

  • Chris Reeves

    Corn electronics risers are my favs, plus the white and red pops and like you said the way they seat is more secure.

  • William

    I can't keep my Red Devil cards cool to save my life

  • Vladimir Lebedyev

    What bout setting up a pool, something like Yiimp or so... i think you have big community

  • Josh

    Hi, been following you for a while now. I like that you took a smaller project coin. Are you interested to make a video about the DigiByte mining one click miner just came out recently.

  • Matt Koozer

    @VoskCoin ... can you provide a link to where you found the ATX PSU adapter?

  • Lisa Lowery

    You can take power stage to 3 on ethash

  • MyCryptoDiary

    Thanks for making a video on PIRL! It is my favorite coin!

  • Thomas McGrath

    Full parts list in video discription..

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Once again, great video. Is there any way to mine a coin and stake at the same time? What would your best judgement on a coin and staking wallet. A video would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ken Savage79

    Hay could you update use on the Octominer would be great to know how’s it running

  • The Crypto Chiropractor

    I was really hoping to see the in depth build for the Rx580 rig! I watched your 1070 build (or was it 1050) but I have 580s and I need to power risers AND the 6 pin and 8 pin? to each!? Its all good I will figure it out but i want to make sure I order everything needed so everything arrives together. Thanks fr the content bro!

  • Nicolas Tezari

    Finally an AMD rig and coin!. Thanks Vosko

  • Dream Deal

    Im having autorization issues(Cant connect, using simpleOS) any ideia what it could be?

  • That Techie Dazzy

    Hi vosk. You can power those red devils using just ONE pci-e 8 pin power :) Works a charm, mine have been hashing away with just one power attached :)

  • Darren Brown

    Great info keep it up well done

  • bombebomb

    Shilling mining bro, we all know you want more people to mine, so the difficulty goes up, and it makes it a challenge for you to earn money.Right?

  • ifeanyi nwokocha

    please voskcoin how many pirl coins do you get per day with 6 rx 580 ,i intend switching over or of my rigs for now because electric bills but am interested in pirl masternode

  • DSWH

    Asic Resistant!! I'm Rich Biatch!!

  • Andrew Manus

    If you were to mine one coin that you thought had breakout potential, what would you mine?

  • Kid2Nice

    Bro you getting paid now to speak on all these projects?! (Different coin everday) idk man seems selloutish. You still putting in on what you showing on your youtube? Or u just flooding us with videos?

  • KOLOBOK buntar'

    Mining pool Algorithm: Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash)., pplnt, private group (prop or pplnt). Have an internal wallet. Location: Europe, Singapore, Japan, USA, Russia.Best compatible with Nicehash service.

  • North East Texas Technologies

    Love these tutorials Vosk!

  • Krisztian5HUN

    Ok but PIRL is ASIC resistent or not?

  • VoskCoin

    AMD Rx580s are BACK IN STOCK! - Cryptopia Referral Link - more PIRL content? Donate PIRL -> 0xfd94083d32037468753da766d2cfc4b853818c0cMining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon -

  • TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    u know tails listens very closely...knows the sauce of blockchain tech!!

  • ds4081

    PIRL & AKROMA to the Moon!

  • Matjaz Zerak

    Can you link to psu pico you are using? Are you powering CPU over pico or from 6pin board to 8pin CPU cable?

  • Steve Creasy

    Where's the old outro music? Liked it better. I'll be holding' you!

  • CryptoVin

    Thanks so much Vosk! These videos are such a huge help! 👍🏻

  • Dominic

    the rx580s with 8 + 6 pin - most of them the 6 pin is optional and you don't need a cable in there, same for gtx 1070s with 8 + 6 etc any where its an extra connector not a standard you can leave it out

  • Spiridon Louis

    Hey @VoskCoin I have 2 questions about your builds: Did you ever have any problems with these PCIe spliters? I bought some - one of each brand I found on Amazon (Europe) just to see the quality. I dont really trust them.Is there any good way to mount fans on the MiningCave frames (12GPU)?Greetings!

  • WhyAmIAllowedToHaveSuchALongNameWtfGoogle ILike

    Hey man - can you make a video on mining Monero after the fork, explain wallets etc? Im having a bit of trouble here.

  • Thank you

    How's the daily profits on the farm lately?

  • Jonny P

    can you please tell me if simplemining works on windows 10?

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