Will an i5 750 Bottleneck a GTX 1080? - 1080p, 1440p, 4K Benchmarks


Here's what's normally in the Potato Masher:

i5 750 overclocked to 3.7 ghz
Asus P7H55 LGA 1156 motherboard
8GB DDR3 memory
320GB Samsung Spinpoint HDD
Cooler Master Wavemaster Case
Arctic Alpine 11 GT cpu cooler
EVGA 430 watt PSU
Logitech KB+M combo
Windows 10 64-bit

Watch the FAQ video here:

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    why are you complicating this up??.... if the cpu usage hits 100% and gpu usage goes below 90 then there is bottleneck.... its as simple as that

  • German Universal Gamer

    I have the Core i5 760 OC to 4.0GHz with an 980ti and i love this rig... all games in max settings in an average of 95 FPS :P

  • CrimsonDante Gamer

    Well a RX 570 8GB will performe abut the same as a GTX 1070 8GB on bethisda games/ amd upported games only.

  • Adrian Adi

    i want to use at work an i5 2320 with RX 570 8GB or RX 570 8GB or RX 570 4GB how bad will be in games? bottleneck will be high? from your video is I5 First Gen and was relatively ok

  • TbzN`

    Will it bottleneck gtx 1060 3gb?

  • doomxed

    you can clock that cpu to 4.1 GHZ stable.

  • Mr Sheep

    but do you need that much FPS?

  • Proto

    well all of those titles are pretty well optimized and CPU bottlenecking is non-linear and varies depending on the title, but using one card in both scenarios( different CPUs) would have made a lot more senses.according to your raw data i can saftly say that gtx 1080 was bottle necked for about 57-64 percent of its horse power and last but not least next time you can use gpu and cpu utilization charts and frame times to approach your hypothesis in a more scientific manner, great video non the least.

  • Bongo The Gipsy

    Why did intel even bother making new cpus

  • RenanCraft's

    gtx 1050 2gb intel core i5 650 3.20ghz CS GO FPS ????

  • albertomon

    besides a i5 760 I have a dell with a i5 3550, so If I wanted to play in 4k, im better buying a new powerful graphic card for it than a brand new whole system? i could save a lot of money if im only going to get a few more fps in the end...

  • Dylan Derkinderen

    This has to be fake. Got a 3470 i5 and i get 99% cpu usage on bf1, theres a CLEAR bottleneck with a mere 1060. So this test with the 750 has to be a bunch of crap

  • Alice Min

    It is not an apple to apple.

  • Wdowa94

    Wait a moment... i5 vs i7?

  • Bruno Gualberto

    ddr3.... now thats a bottleneck

  • Sina Alami

    Solution? Just play at 1080p with like a higher internal resolution :D

  • Pedro Fleck

    I consider this as not bottlenecking, no one will use a 1080 for 1080p, it's the same as saying that a i7 7900k is bottlenecking a 1080 Ti when playing a older game or in low resolution

  • CurbThePain

    Here's the thing about having an under powered CPU. If you boost the resolution it will usually result in a lower load on the CPU and a higher load on the GPU. So if your like me and have an i5 4590 and a 1070 ti turning the resolution up to 1440p will alleviate the CPU bottleneck in most games. If its just a CPU heavy game over all there's not much that can be done.

  • king_hakeem TO

    yo i5 7400 3.7 ghz 8gb ... and gtx 950 only cost 480$

  • Hamid King

    But still kick your ass

  • ツViktør

    is a 23% bottleneck bad?

  • MLG Ravioli

    i use a i5 750 as well, overclocked from 2.67 base clock to 3.8 myself! run AND stream PUBG.... not well, but decent. Without streaming ultra at 1080 its like 50fps 60 fps, with streaming sometimes it dips down to 30 but its FRIGGIN RELEVANT!

  • Ryu

    Damn, your potato masher pc , I have not even reached that level, your low pc specs are like ultra 4k pc specks for me.

  • CrimsonDante Gamer

    First off AMD IS NOT FOR PESANTS. its for people that want to save price for same performence. With the new launche of the RX 580 8gb is the same price as a gtx 1060 6gb for more percormence. Rightnow a RX 580 8GB beats a GTX 1060 6gb. Plus for same price you have it more future proof with the extra 2gb of vram as well as supports xfire while gtx 1060 6gb dose not. As well as freesync monitors cost a hell of less cheaper then a Gsync 2 to 3 times the price. two RX 580 8GB cost as much as a GTX 1070 8gb, but will performe THE SAME AS A GTX 1080 8GB. This is recommended for people that dont care about how much power wats it takes and if all the gamez you play or most games you play support xfire and support amd like bethisda games.

  • Stalker 90

    I am using i5 760 overclocked to 4.3 Ghz 8 years already and i paired it with gtx 1060 oc, 16 gb ddr3 ram and i am playing all games maxed out in 1080p and 1440p custom settings just fine too, best buying ever. I will use it few years more, then i will upgrade to amd ryzen 3 and amd Navi. Truly mind boggling

  • CrimsonDante Gamer

    if you only play bethisda games and esports then its better getting a AMD card RX 580/RX 570 8GB. It will outperforme a GTX 1070 8gb on bethisda games.

  • Sam Choi

    Wow, thanks for this video. This video made me order RX 480 8gb. I also have i5 750 OC'ed to 4ghz and RX 480 8gb shouldn't bottle neck card too much.

  • GreenLanternSalem

    So, again, if you wanna play a game , GPU is king. Always update your GPU first. Then do everything else. And run at higher resolution . Take notes. :)My 1070ti and ryzen 7 1700 just make me happy and they were cheap.

  • Danilo Picone

    What do you think about i5 750 3.6ghz and gtx 750 ti 2gb

  • Netuser

    i5 750 and 1080 is better, cuz you can buy i7 870 and overclock it to 4.2GHz

  • LitAzzSims

    My processor is a intel i5 4460 and my graphics card is a GTX 750 ti and I'm wondering if i should upgrade my graphics card or processor. I experience slow sometimes in games and not the best graphics. I might just get a new graphics card will the gtx 1050ti be a good match with my processor? or should i change the processor instead and keep the graphics card?

  • Tech With Sean

    I just did a build with an x3470 (like an i7 870). These old CPUs can really still crank out some frames!

  • LostandAlive

    Worst test ever. He could've used the 1080 in his main rig, but decided to be lazy and not swap out the card and get more confusing results. He overclocked for whatever reason and made the results different from whatever anyone else would experience. Instead of doing 4k highest settings, he did 4k with whatever settings he liked (including scaling the resolution.)

  • Robert Rule

    I found a ga-p55-usb3 with a i5 760 in the trash behind a home security place. It was in a server tray and it had a bad psu it was completely dust free and had a fresh install of windows xp. I think it was new and sat on the shelf waiting to be fixed. I build a gaming pc with an old gtx 760 I had laying around and its surprisingly fast. I just ordered a rx 570 (I went with amd because I just got a freesync monitor from my wife for my birthday) before the video card I put less than 60 in it. It also had 3 1tb hdd 7200 rpm.

  • Stalker 90

    Gtx 1060 or rx 580 is maximum for i5 750 and i5 760. Make sure to overclock this cpus

  • xXx420PuZZiDeZtroyer69xXx

    Okay, console peasants, let me make this clear to you guys. When you're playing at 720p or 1080p you're going to be pushing a lot more frames that your CPU has to process. At higher resolutions, such as 1440p and 4k you're more GPU bound than CPU bound. If you're on a budget with 4K gaming in mind. Just get something like an i3 8300 or Ryzen 3. Depends on how CPU intensive the game itself is though. Running Doom at 200 fps at 720p, it made my computer scream. Literally. The CPU fan was so loud, that I had to put on headphones to hear anything. I wasn't bottle necking my GPU as far as I know, but it was being pushed beyond what I was expecting. I have an i7 870, by the way.

  • DamageIncM

    What's a Noshua?...

  • Canal Azul

    Would you say a GTX 1050 is a more balanced choice for the i5 750?

  • Blaze Rhodon

    Most aggresive in using CPU is experimental PS3 emulator RPCS3. In this case most important is CPU because GPU takes very little resources while PS3 games emulation and I think Intel Core i5 750 would make huge bottleneck on RPCS3 even using GTX Titan. I use this CPU myself and very small amount of PS3 games I can emulate smoothly (about 700 PS3 games are playable with minor issues on better hardware using RPCS3) however most equivalent native PC games works fine even on ancient GPU (Geforce GTX 550 Ti).

  • Steven Jones

    I have i5 with the 1080 didn't know wether to get i7 hm.

  • orangeapples

    So, I should be good pairing my i5 4690k @ 4.1GHz with a 1080ti.

  • FellTheSky

    1333 ram is a big bottleneck for a gtx 1080

  • musikk83

    ofcourse it bottlenecks it! it even bottlenecks my GTI 1050 Ti, according to MSI Afterburner

  • Nnaedoziem Aririele

    Thank you for this. It answered my question. I'm gonna get a 1080 Ti to pair with my in 930 at 3.8 Ghz to get decent fps at 4K. Not ideal but I'm not about to overhaul my build for a minor gain at that resolution

  • TheCandyIsGood OFFICIAL

    I see you with osu add me

  • John Doe

    Hey man @jermgaming, could you do a very quick guide on overclocking the i5 750 to about 3.2 GHz? I'd really appreciate it, since I just got one for 15 bucks.

  • Jacob Melone

    How do you make the graphs in the video?

  • Pure Vibes - Gaming & Life

    and my i5 3570k bottlenecking my rx580, why tf

  • Potjie Kos

    Ive got a Msi GTX 1070 paired with an i5 4460. Im looking at getting the 4790k. Im Not interested in 4k gaming because of monitor prices. Im looking at a 2k 144hz monitor and 4790k upgrade instead of a new DDR4 system and monitor. Will there be a good increase in performance for gaming from the 4460 3.2Ghz to a 4790k?

  • GamingFigure GF

    what cooler suggest for 1st gen i5? mine is i5 760, no OC pair with rx 580, playing rainbow 6 siege on high setting (without ultra pack) .sometime it get hot fast(70-90++even at night cold rainy day) and start lagging/bottleneck my gpu.

  • Reckless Wayz


  • SkewBurst

    Will a i5 750 bottleneck a GTX 1050 TI?

  • Blaze Rhodon

    Funny because in my country (Poland) used motherboards with socket LGA 1156 are quite common, they cost about 100 USD (without CPU and other peripherals). I built my PC with this motherboard and I bought Intel Core i5 750 (not overclocked) and most games run fine even with old GPU like Geforce GTX 550 Ti. Now I thinking to switch for newer motherboard with socket LGA 1155 because I need better CPU with AVX to test PS3 games on RPCS3 emulator where CPU is most important. However it is hard to find 4th generation Intel Core i5 CPU with AVX (most computer stores don't sell such outdated hardware).

  • gumballwolf

    So I have no overclockled i5 750 12 gigs of ddr3 ram and a 650 ti boost. The 650 ti gets maxed out quite a bit during games but I would like to upgrade. So with a 3.5 ghz overclock and a gtx 1050ti would it be a bad (if one at all) bottleneck? However we do have to take into consideration the windows kernel patch that is soupossed to slow down cpus up to 35% so say I get hit by a 35% slowdown but have a 3.5 ghz overclock would there be a bottleneck then?

  • David

    I have an i5 750 as well. Will my MSI GD80 1156 work with it as well?

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