NO BIOS MOD For Micron Memory [Bios mod out! Check description]

There is a bios mod for micron!
Check out this video!

Sapphire RX480 8GB:
  • Chris Buckler

    Or you can send me your Micron :DMicron is great and there is a bios mod for it included in Polaris one click timing patch. Out the box all 12 of my Micron were 28 mh/s with only a memory overclock, and no bios mod.

  • A n g e l o

    Micron for all cards are not , mod-able, including the rx 580 8gb from shapphire nitro?

  • Shane lawrence

    And how do you go about exactly sending it back when theres actually no problem wouldnt they just send it right back to you

  • lokik25

    Just build second rig. 8x MSI rx580 8GB armor - MICRON memory. I didn't even play with bios. After OC and undervoltage I've got stable 30.1mhs per card. (gpu 950mv / core 1250mhz / memory 1230mhz). All 8 cards plus system eating 1270W from wall meter. But after all I have tried to mod bios. It didn't change speed so I went back to original bios. The same results. No point to mod it. Take care miners!

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