NiceHash Alternative v2 - Awesome Miner & Mining Pool Hub - Tutorial

In this video I take you through all the steps to getting Awesome Miner up and running on your computer using I also show you how you can make your own custom pools if you only want to mine specific coins. The bottom line is a setup that automatically switches to the most profitable coin in your pool. You also have control over how your are paid. The auto exchange feature on lets you choose which coin you'd like to use for payouts.

A special thanks for all who commented on my last video. Your input was a big help.

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  • Chip Dog

    Excellent video... i must have done something wrong or i have a slow ass computer, (mining at 30H/s) i'm only mining .70 worth of Monero, per month. Any ideas?

  • Eslam Farouk

    Thank you شكرا ليك

  • Roberto Rebola

    This was an amazing relaxed informative video... Going to try this today.... You really deserve more subs I subbed

  • Honey Badger

    Thanks for the reply i appreciate it ok i just googled GTX1080 what is it?/ is it a graphic card that fits into the laptop??

  • Jeffrey Grullon

    Hey goose what’s up? I can’t figure out why the customized pool I set up isn’t working when I select them all to mine. When I select them individually some work and some don’t. The ones that do not work: equihash algorithms, neoscrypt, lyra2rev2, and some others. The ones that do work are mostly ethash: Ethereum, etc, and exp. I followed your instruction step by step and did everything correct. Also I am using Nvidia 1070 ti. Any help is appreciated...thank you for the videos!!

  • guillermo de lima

    Excellent video, I would like to ask you a question, I did everything exactly but I have a problem. I have 2 vegas 56 and 64, when I use just one everything run perfect but when I try to use both cards everything get freeze, and I have to shut my pc down and restart it, any Idea why I can not use both cards? Thanks

  • Crypto Aviators

    Dude,,,,, This is awesome video,,,, lovin your cool calm style with step by step and providing some options along the way.... I love options too!

  • Wanderi Munjogu

    Kindly assist. Anytime I start the Miner i receive an error> +-------------------------------------------------+> | EWBF's Zcash CUDA miner. 0.3.4b |> +-------------------------------------------------+> ERROR: Cannot load nvml.Failed to start miner process: Process has exited, so the requested information is not available.Failed to start miner in Diagnostics modeDiagnostics completed

  • Sashko Mitrev

    hello my computer is AMD A9 -9430 RADEON R5 ,5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G 3,20GHz 8gb RAM i know it´s shit but i can not start the program,someone tell me what is the problem

  • CryptoM

    This is the Best Video I have seen on Setting up Minning pool hub and very easy to follow and specific to your Video Card and Benchmark. Thank you

  • Anibal Rivera

    @goose-tech do you have some video showing how to set up an Antminer (e. g. z9) with awesome miner and MPH? I would like to use the autoswitching.

  • Bijan Nazar

    Thanks for the very informative video, have a question if anyone can answer it I would have appreciated. My mining stop do to this message (Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware).I use 2 Nvidia 1080 Ti, Everything has been updated but the problem still there. please help thanks

  • jeanpaul simonet

    Great video Goose-Tech Great thanks. am mining ethereum and i set it up like your previous vid but Please why my Awesome miner keep minning but show no profit per day 0.00 or month 0.00 .i gat 2 share on minning everything normal .is it normal or can you say why?.

  • Duncan St. Clair

    Help!! I followed along and everything is fine until I hit start. Something pops up saying NsGpuCNMIner.exe has stopped working. How do I fix?

  • steven wolfaardt

    Hi, Is there a way to auto start Awesome miner to actually start mining, the tab in general on open the app

  • Airgildjane

    Hey, you're bald and unemployed

  • Jamez0117

    Nortons keeps blocking and deleting stuff for Awesome Miner. How do I configure Nortons to exclude this?

  • Truck'nstuff

    Nice work, subscribed. As time permits I will watch all your videos. Please keep us in the loop. TYSM

  • jhripak

    Your videos have been the most helpful of anything on the web for learning how to mine .Thanks!

  • KeyBrute89

    For some reason, only Skien is listed as a coin for mining. Any tips?


    help me sir team viewer I can not mining please

  • shadow run

    it wouldnt install anyway. said not compatible. so no loss. ha ha

  • Crypto

    bullshit. awesome miner never starts mining after windows rebut. Only starts the program you have to be there to click on the green start button to start mining.

  • David

    Thank you for you help, spent some money on awesome miner and have increased my monthly gain from $160usd->$190usd average! Cheers!

  • Mike Krzeszak

    I had a trojangen2 pop up after starting my benchmark. this seems worrysome. Kind of a novice. anyone experience anything similar with their machine? Thanks for the vid. Never would have figured this out on my own.

  • Devan B

    Hey Goose, ive been watching your videos and followed it all through but im still having problems with awesome miner, seen your video about problems and it isnt in there, it all seems to run correctly but it never gets past a line of code stating API running in ip access mode any ideas?

  • rishi tanwar

    respected sir i see your every video....plz i humble request to make video on custom upload mining software in awesome miner like enegy miner for nrg coin....make on this coin manual upload video...i wait your video.....

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  • Chris Nilanfan

    Very nice video, very clear my friend! I will try it

  • justin blackburn

    there was a update today, if u get intellibreeze maintenance service u have to restart computer, than it will install again

  • Theaster

    Mining pool hub dose not accept new register please any help to access to the pool

  • Trondyne

    How to access algo config such as donation? when using local copies of algo or not when using AM?

  • MetalMeltdown1995

    WOW, you did a very awesome job going through the process, now to buy a new graphics card!!!

  • Clockwork_Gaming

    I must be doing something wrong im showing 1.00 perday on a RX580 :(

  • Anibal Rivera

    Don't know if this is the right place to ask this, I would like to autoswitch pools from my z9, currently using two pools, pool 1 is set to mining pool hub using port 17033 (the equishah coins switch from time to time), pool 2 is set to BCI coin. Everything is set and running however in awesome miner I need to define a coin per each pool in order to be able to autoswitch based on the statistics, here now my question since pool 1 may be some times (zen, zclassic or zcash) is no way for me to define a unique coin, if I put undefined equihash coin, do you think awesome miner will know when to switch between pool 1 and pool 2?

  • Chris Knight

    Watching this video got me into mining. Thank you. I would like to see a video of setting up multiple nvidia gpu's

  • Atentoamusica Ml

    they dont accept new miner in mining pool what other pool i can use with awesome miner

  • Colin Allison

    Great vid, well explained, even if I didn't understand parts of it. I particularly don't understand how you get to find out which is the best ones to mine for your card. I also don't know how to find out which Algo each coin uses. Any sources would be greatly appreciated.

  • Eduard Vercaemer

    lol so I got this old gpu, like a really old notebook gpu, and apparently im making 40 USD a day, I don't even know why, but I like it xD

  • Thomas Immler

    Sehr interessant, sollten uns mal unterhalten, Liebe Grüße Thomas

  • Riccardo Rossi

    I have 12 nvidia cards 1060 6 GB and I only make £2 - £2.5/day. Is something wrong as it was very difficult to set it up. was giving me a lot of error messages, I had to deactivate some miners and re-benchmark it twice.

  • Gustav Lynwood

    Try the new UberMiner org. Excellent hashrates and results.

  • Obaji Stephen

    Pls, I need an answer, do I need to leave my internet connection on for me to be able to mine with the my graphic card?

  • Honey Badger

    Im a newbie at this but when i did mine it stars to work and then my laptop goes blank and i can't see or do anything do you know what im doing wrong?? i not using Mining Pool Hub yet i tryd to make awesome minner mine staight into my bitcoin wallet i put my bitcoin address into awesome minner im with wirex plz help?? i don't know what im doing lol.

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