Switching 8 GPU open air mining rig into a server mining cabinet case. BTC, ETH

If interested we are selling these:
  • Dean Clarke

    My only issue is that the USB ports and the start button are on the back. I would prefer if they were on the front then you could exhaust the hot air into a "hot room" and not have to go in there.

  • Crisologo

    What are the GPU Temps on Open air rig ?

  • Aquarium Samurai

    How are the temps with the lid on?

  • Braden Lehman

    do you still recommend these cards and their 6 gig variants.

  • Dean Naguib

    What's the volume of the rig like compared to when it was running in the open case? Is it louder?

  • Can Kaya

    Hello.Very nice system.Please give the information about noise level of this system.How many desibel of noise? Thank you.

  • Roy Duque De Estrada

    hey are the case not available anymore?


    Why did you change it.

  • Chao Li

    How long is the sub cable? They look longer than usual ones in the riser sets..Also. Is it a good idea to tape some dust mesh collector in the front to minimize dust?

  • VEX SB

    your 120mm fans are turned backwards and they should feed the cards lol.

  • ZeeFF

    08:18 you can use mining cards for video editing or sli them to a normal one

  • tyler mcgraw

    How in the hell can you honestly sell just the case for 335

  • raredreamfootage

    Your GPU's should use a blower instead of a fan.

  • John Braman

    shit, can't even find me a case like that...sold out most places.

  • KiloQubit

    How much louder is it than the open air rig was? It has all those extra fans, but it is enclosed, so not sure how the noise compares.

  • PDIGGY22

    @delvis11 are those the stock PCIE cables? how are you powering 8 cards with 1 psu with 6 pcie stock?


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  • HeavyDemir

    U can run a Stirling engine of the waste heat ;) and make some hho

  • XINXAN7515

    it sounds super loud

  • Hammad Shah

    I got wooden frame for like 13 dollars.

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