Gigabyte G1 GTX 1070 Teardown Thermal Change! WATCH THE RESULTS WOW!!!

Compare Video :

Just got my G1 Gaming Gtx 1070. After tested Overclock and some benchmarks. I found the Stock thermal paste temperature reached up to 65C-66C on Max 100% Fan speed. This cause the Thermal Throttling from 2063Mhz Drop to 2038Mhz in just 4th Valley benchmark test, and till the end maintain 2038Mhz.

After Repaste , I can see my Max Freq is 2076Mhz instead of 2063Mhz. After the 3rd screen of valley benchmark test, It start to drop to a steady 2050Mhz until the 17th test screen and drop to 2038Mhz till the end.

Conclusion :
Room Temp : 33c-34c all year long
Stock Thermal Paste :
1) Faster Reach max temp 65c-66c
2) Thermal throttling happens too fast

Changed Thermal Paste
1) Slowly reach max temp @ 59c-61c ( 4c-5c DROP!)
2) More stable and less Thermal throttling.
3) Every 10c reduced = double the lifespan of the GPU

NOTE: Those who have G1 gaming GTX1070, Highly recommend to change the thermal paste if you plan to use this card for a very long time.
  • frdrcklim

    1:41 what tool is that and what did you use it for?

  • xRx CYBORG

    What thermal paste did you use?

  • Random Gaming

    guy the temps are very good, normaly this cards go +70º in heavy aplications, mining on GPUs this days is becoming usless unless you have free electricity

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