Mining with GTX 560ti 1GB. GTX 650 1GB . GT 1030 2GB .

Minergate on linux . Testing GTX 560ti and GTX 650 And GT 1030 . On minergate
  • EGySolo

    السلام عليكمعندي كارت 650 TI ومعالج phenom 925 program showing i can make 100 $ per year Is it worth mining for a 100$ A year

  • BHSGames

    what algorythm is best for gt 1030

  • Gurpreet Singh

    Will you explain how to use more than one graphic card for mining

  • Beho lder

    i have four gpus ,3 mine but the 4th gpu is gtx560ti doesnot there a limit to 3 gpus only? thanks

  • Fantom H

    To be Honest with you? The Hashing power for any graphics card it will be not change however you mining in crypto note or Blake 256 .ETH ..... so GT 1030 it's not the card to get money from its to get coins with easy difficulty and wait to sell it after few months or year maybe.

  • Yaseen Askool

    سلام gtx650 1Gكم يجي معاك فيQCN

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