Klimax-210 | High Performance GPU Server _ CoCoLink

Klimax-210, the Monster Machine for GPU Computing from CoCoLink.
Please visit our website http://www.cocolink.co.kr
Contact us at info@cocolink.co.kr

GPU, HPC, Supercomputer, Deep Learning, Machine
  • Its Me

    8k watts? oh geeze, unless you have a very good business to run this thing monthly, you're gonna go broke in less than a month, quite frightening for some Over Power monster like this, i guess its true, with great power comes great responsibilities, GEEZEeee...

  • Enrique Phan

    But can it run crysis?!

  • nope

    those center fans are the wrong way round!?

  • xkshxy

    I see, I see.Someone made this so BF1 can cross 400 fps!


    Will it run Windows XP? Lmao

  • Mindset Gaming

    But can it run crysis

  • Ahmad Itani

    what is the name of the song????

  • Shadow 144

    Dear santa,When i grow up i want....

  • A Very Very Rich Human

    Was this serious or a late April Fool's Joke?

  • Based Jake

    Imagine mining on this thing

  • EseCanalCualquiera

    Can it run minecraft on fancy?

  • Gerald Nordahl

    Can it cook popcorn?

  • Ivan Jakanov

    who came up with the name klimax? it deserves a medal

  • Ademir Freitas

    does it runs Flight Simulator X?

  • Josh F

    Question. Don't yet understand all this stuff yet, at 1:24 is that per GPU or all 10? Also SSD is mentioned a few times. Where is it?

  • Jadi

    Klimax harder than you have ever Klimaxed before with the new Kilmax-210. Accelerate your Klimax today for as little as $100,000!

  • Admiral Monty

    But can it run crysis

  • post. narlos

    Nice heater.p.s. can it run candy crush?

  • Rob van Gils

    Can it be used to mine ethereum? And were can we order?

  • Nooit Nick

    please guys who say this: "can it run ....." or "Bottleneck!!!!!". It's for Ethereum or GPU mining, not for gaming....

  • gruenkragen a.z.

    But can it run Crysis?

  • whitlocke

    i want to mine with this

  • Tangobaldy

    This is why we can't buy decent graphics cards unless we pay £800. Greedy bitcoin miners

  • Moisty Dictator Mist

    Imagine a spoiled kid getting this to play ROBLOX

  • Logan .Kes

    But can it mine bitcoin?

  • drpatriot2001

    Can anyone tell me the price please?????

  • Lukey Stephen

    can't even spell research right on their website and they want someone to buy expensive shiz from them

  • Mark Shamy

    But .......... floating point precision? GTX wasn't designed for this type of workload. Also, how would they be cooled in such an arrangement?

  • Supra Levamentum

    How do those cards not overheat?

  • Vinc3 Dacillo

    can run minesweeper 144p at 5 fps XD

  • Pau Romaguera Palomé

    better wait for epyc

  • harrypotter21111

    Can you explain me…-1 cpu have 40 lanes Pcie. 2 x16 Pcie + 1 x8 Pcie-2 cpu have 80 Pcie lanes. ( first CPU) 2 x16 Pcie + 1 x8 Pcie + (second CPU) 2 x16 Pcie + 1 x8 Pcie -> total 4 x16 Pcie + 2 x8 Pcie, it , correspond to 5 x 16 Pcie performance Maximum. For it , it need 6 graphics card and slot only. All depend if the computer use well all SLI bandwidht. but we lose 1 gpu performance.If there are a switch, it permit to add Pcie slot, it divide Pcie bandwidth. At the end, there are no more bandwidth performance. But, if 1 card run badly, then, the performance Pcie bandwidth will be use by 1 other video card. Then , 4 videos cards are spare and no give more performance. Else, there are very bad manage bandwidth.the sli permit more true performance. but we never obtain , for example, double performance with 2 video SLI cards. we lose arround 14%. we not obtain 400% with 4 way SLI, but 400/1.14= arroud 350%.without SLI, some compute/render performance fall much more.here i not see SLI.Why you not show, it need 10x16 = 160 Pcie lanes for run at the maximum 10 videos cards, and your system can only manage 80 Pcie lanes with 2 CPU ?a true 4 way SLI are not cheaper for same result ?else, may be, 6 way SLI maximum are enough ?Best regards

  • Alexis Fuentes

    Hello...! Where can I buy this?

  • kiwillie

    This would be great for mining cryptocurrency!

  • Anarkist2k8

    Uh, those GPUs are so tightly spaced they're not going to be able to draw air. Also, do your PSUs have enough PCI power cables to supply 2x cables to each GPU? Seems like there'd be a horrendous cabling mess if so which would further compound your cooling issues.I get that it's all about density, but I am extremely sceptical this would work. Brilliant for ETH mining though, fill a 42U standard rack with these and watch your PDUs overload and the AC work overtime -- lol.

  • KatouMegumi_osu

    But can it run DOOM?

  • Robert Perry

    Has 20 PCIe x16 lanes but only populates 10 cards, Liquid cool them and slim down those fat cards.

  • Denu 187

    Was looking at a build like this to play Planet Coaster and Minecraft, will it work okay?

  • saultube44

    I'd like a couple with 4 AMD Ryzen ThreadReapers if would be possible or 4 Naples with those 10 AMD Radeon 480X for medical research with Rosetta@Home

  • John Davis

    Now build us a box with 20+ PCI-E x1 slots please.....Price them right and sell them like hot cakes ;-)


    tomatelaaa, yo tengo 12 gpus minando eth, mucho mas separadas y refrigeradas y algunas calientan 60-70 normalmente, llegas a poner todas esas gpu a esa distancia y se queman a la media hora, eso asi esta mal diseñado

  • Bull 72

    And Always same minecraft stupid jokes in commentary ...

  • ankit patil

    Anyone knows if we can mine Ether or any altcoins on this?

  • Chaotic Snipez

    might even run Crisis

  • Philippe Mudaheranwa

    why dont you say the price straight?

  • luvmaika

    That thing mining bitcoin drools

  • Kripto Vizyon

    Last Day. A Competition For All Binancians & Ven Fans.BMW i8+300.000 VEN Free Registration https://www.binance.com/?ref=10705571

  • Pau Romaguera Palomé

    but does it run crysis?

  • Bjorn Met

    If you need supercomputer...

  • Pașca Alexandru

    30tflops? I pull 36tflops with just six amd gpus and draw about 900w at the socket. And that is hobby-grade hardware.

  • BloodyIron

    "If you need super computer", lol.

  • club4ghz

    I wanna see it watercooled

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