Can You Game On A $100 Zotac GTX 1050?

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  • Lowlander 2004

    Yes I got one, I am impressed, it and 8GB RAM made my poor old PC be able to play a lot of recent games....:-)


    Pretty killer GPU for the price and size, I think I'll get one when I eventually relegate my Xeon X5675 (6 core, 12 threads at 4.2ghz currently), 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum Ram at 1860mhz, and ASUS Rampage Gene II into a Micro ATX case (likely Betfenix Prodigy M because of the handles) for portability.

  • Sploosh Cinematics

    Do YOU shop at K-Mart?


    GTX 1050 = GTX 960 = GTX 670GTX 1050 ti = GTX 770 = GTX 680

  • UnderGroundSailor808

    Can it run Roblox???

  • Sarcasm is a form of Art

    Hit like if you bought a 1050 in 2018 and watching this video hoping you took the right decision.

  • Xenon

    can you stream good with this card

  • jack johnson

    INTRO ODD lol ...... but at the same time what can you expect from gamers lol

  • shivanand deshkar

    Is it compatible with DirectX 11?

  • Wrecksheeps

    Ofcourse you can lol. Nice gtx1050.

  • Wilson

    How many FPS could this play minecraft? No joke someone pls answer i need help

  • mr besh

    I wish i have gpu because my pc doesnt have gpu

  • RainbowisticFarts

    Can you make a "How far can you game on a GTX 1050Ti" its slightly more expensive and has double VRAM

  • Jonathan Soko

    in 2018 the 1050 pny is still a beast for the $!

  • daniel sepulveda

    i have a gtx1050 and it was made for pseudo-gaming

  • Shoaib Sikandri

    hokopl ok... can i install evga gtx 1050 2gb superclocked graphics card in my pc if i change processor from core 2 duo e6600 2.4ghz to core 2 duo e6700 2.6ghz with 6 gb ddr3 ram and my pc power supply is 120watt to MAX 365watt ......plzzzzz reply bro.....

  • Tonimo

    Does anybody remember when graphics cards wouldn’t bankrupt you?

  • ayaanmansoori Masoom Zunaid

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Mini Pascal Series 128-bit 2gb GDDR5 Gaming Graphics Card can i play GTA 5 in little ultra settings with 40 fps+

  • Shamal Muneer

    It runs GTA 5 on very high on 1080 p for 40 fps

  • Ghost 1050

    Does it require extra power??

  • Anugrah Ps

    Bro what is your pc configuration

  • EvilHomerSimpson

    What idiot spends money on a good graphics card then plays cs go?

  • goge

    When it was 100$ ....

  • Brandon Champagne

    ive been gaming with this one for 3 years almost everyday 10 hours a day

  • Dying Knight

    No, coz you cant buy em for 100$

  • Yesheb Mark

    A $100 in 2016 vs $160 in 2018Yeah real nice, stupid mining apocalypse


    It's 2018, I think you're missing a zero lol

  • Mr. Neverdie

    This is on Amazon for 40 bucks

  • virtuosohun

    Haha... -.- Nice joke! 200$ instead of "100$"

  • maihar patel

    I have an AMD A 87600 processor with 8gb ram, would I be able to play on low to medium settings smoothly, I think of buying the gtx 1050 ti oc (4gb)???

  • EVIL QTip

    Boy it's been a long time since I have seen you..

  • jacklujan

    B U T C A N I T R U N C R Y S I S

  • Gfg_ Rex

    But will it work on fortnite tho?

  • jxn141

    Great card I wish it was still 100 usd.

  • Nico sanchez

    Wait whut, my 1050ti can't do battlefield 1 on Ultra ?, I'm so confused

  • II Reform II

    I have an i5 5600k (3.5ghz quad core) and 8gb ram. I am planning to buy this to play bo4 on medium to high graphics, will it be good?

  • Ben

    The lack of a mousepad physically hurts me...

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