ASUS Z270-A 12 GPU Rig with AMD RX570 4G Nitro+ and SimpleminingOS

Special Thanks to Robert for sharing this with us all! Robert was able to get 12 AMD RX570's working on his ASUS Z270-A Motherboard by using 2 m.2 PCI-E Extenders and one 1 to 4 PCI-E extender! Amazing! Will he be able to get 15 to work?

ASUS Z270-A Motherboard:


FURY HyperX 16G (2x8G) 2666

EVGA 1000G2

EVGA 1000P2

EVGA 1000T2

Sapphire Nitro+ rx570 4g

Sapphire Nitro+ rx580 8g

Sapphire Nitro+ LE rx580 8g

Powercolor Red Devil rx570 4g (currently no sapphire nitro in stock in the USA)

Powercolor Red Devil rx580 4g (currently no sapphire nitro in stock in the USA)
USA (6 left at the time of uploading this video)

1to4 PCI-E Extender:

M.2 PCI-E Adapter (Molex version)

M.2 PCI-E Adapter (Sata version)

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  • Ricky Poon

    how did he manage to get the second m.2 to work? can't seem to figure it out

  • NorthernMonkey

    Hi Cryptomined, I have been succesfully mining with 9 cards on this motherboard using both the m.2 ports. Now I added a 1-4 card to allow more cards. I have 10 cards plugged in but after a couple of hours one of the cards stop and it only mines with 9. Do you know why it keeps dropping the 10th card? BTW I'm using HiveOS and I have plugged 3 cards into the 1-4 port.

  • david aguirre

    I have the same motherboard and 12 MSI Radeon RX 570 4GB I have been traying to make it work but I have every problem, could you please give me a hand with this, I would appreciate it.

  • VillageCity

    Sorry if I missed it or missed a comment about it. Are using a 15amp or 20amp circuit, or 2 15amps? I wonder how many people out there are continuously drawing 1600+watts from a 15 amp circuit, which exceeds the safe continuous load of 1440w. Both the wires and breakers are only rated for more than 1440w for no more than 3 hours. Just wondering how many old homes are going to burn down with wires and panels catching fire. Just an electrical minded person. Max I load any circuit is the rated 80% for my miners.

  • Milos Krizan

    hi guys, are you able to share also modiffied bios from this cards, because i have a same, thanks

  • Nick's Stuff

    What's the theoretical maximum?

  • Bras iPhone

    wowwww... Very nice... Contratulations my friend... i have 270a but a working and 7 gpus..... GTX 1070. i Need buy PCI-E Adapter !!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS>>>> . HUGS for BRAZIL !! bye bye

  • Cryptomined

    Thanks again Robert. LAST CALL FOR THE CONTEST GIVEAWAY! If you have not already participated please try to get your comments in on these 3 links below in the next 8-10 hours. Goodluck to all who participated!

  • Rad

    Can I build with this MB mixed AMD Nvidia 12 GPU rig? I will have to buy used graphic cards- every month I want to add one or two cards according offerings. So sometimes it can be AMD card, sometimes nvidia. So is it possible to use for example 4x 1060 6Gb, 1x 1070, and 7x some AMD stuff? If no, what is maximum. I bought this MB yesterday and maybe it is not the best solution for the price and for my problem I could pay a liitle more and buy special MB like Biostar or asus with a lot of pcie's. I don't know. So I need to know if I have return z270a or not. Not to mention extra money for pcie extender. On the other hand some users reports problems with biostars BTC mobos too. Every minig rig is original but I very appreciate your opinions.

  • pradeep kumar

    plz tell me or send me the link of driver for 12 + gpu

  • Chao Li

    Where u get that rack? Home depot?

  • Qasim Zaffar

    Could it also work on windows? Will windows recognize all the 12 gpu's?

  • Escape3000

    Well done!! What is your Bios setting?

  • shakester2010

    That's a great setup!!

  • Edwin Rios

    would a 64 gb ssd hd be enough?

  • Erick Knaider

    Hi @Cryptomined, awesome channel!Just a quick one, would this only work on SimpleMining OS? Has this been tested on windows?

  • Shane lawrence

    this is probably a dumb question but when you use simple mining do you need linux or windows alsoon the rig

  • dlare9

    Curious to know how does the 1to4pcie adapter stand the test of time. Are there any drawback on running those adapter?

  • Ryan Marfone

    I watch a lot of videos on rigs and rarely comment. This one is impressive! Didn’t know you could use those expansion cards

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