Palit GTX 1070 JetStream 8GB Review

Today I take a look at the Palit GTX 1070 JetStream 8GB Model. Overall this card is fantastic, and really does reflect the size of the card, offering higher clock speeds, great temps & low noise levels, it's hard not to recommend! We benchmark BF4, GTA 5, NFS 2016, Killing Floor 2 & the Valley Benchmark at 1080p & 4K!

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  • WF

    Could you try it on 3 1080P monitors?

  • nguyen manh

    gigabyte g1 gaming or palit jetstream gtx 1070 ? because i see that palit is cheaper than asus strix , msi , the quality is going to be bad then them ?

  • fried water

    which one do u guys think i should get this or a msi gaming z 1070

  • Max !

    what Dimensions has this card? does it fit in my Corsair 240 itx with Radiator ?

  • Jarjar jaja

    et deee end of deee KHERD

  • iD_ Division

    This card has 8GB of Vram not 6GB....

  • porto42

    I like listening on your voice on your videos.. Great reviews too..

  • Leon

    Hey Orlando Bloom is getting old. Why not replace him as Legolas? xD

  • Uniiicorn Looovee

    thx for this Video <3

  • TheCLaY

    i load a Video to my channel and there you can see my problem :/

  • amazingjoe555

    I think I'm in love!

  • Pounicoss

    I have the the same palit model as that and I have a tiny case where my gpu can barely fit, the gpu stayed quiet the whole time and I got 47 Celsius with the fan speed of 50% playing gta 5

  • amazingjoe555

    So what is the thing called on your microphone that kind of looks like a skunk? I want one for my mic, but I just don't know what it is called.

  • Fausto Gherardini

    thx Dan, wow that is silent.

  • นิษฐเนตร์ กิ่งไพร

    Can be SLI ? too big VGA card

  • Glaze Tecson

    thank you for the was very helpful

  • Daniel Kröber

    I have this card for a while now, but how do i change the led's?

  • Yunus Emre Bayu

    Very good review mate. Lately I've been searching best gtx 1070 which is very quiet and powerful. I'm very obsessive with this noise shit. Then I have a question for you. Which gtx 1070 should I buy for quiteness and power?

  • Andrzej Wozniak

    your benchmarks seems the same/very close to your benchmarks of gtx 1060

  • MentalMickey

    Please introduce the cat

  • Riz Sharif

    Also what motherboard and cpu are you using while testing this card? That would help me decide while i build my pc. Thanks in advance

  • Max Placidi

    yeah yeah.... but can it run minecraft?

  • Perfectly Balanced as All Things Should be

    I guess this would be an overkill for 1080p 60hz gaming?


    for triple monitor all right?

  • Riz Sharif

    Hey what pc case is that? Is there a model number for it?

  • Brandon Avila

    why is did this guy just stop making videos like he was doing good and then just stopped

  • Toast Man

    Hi! Is that card capable if combined with a PSU XFX TS750? I read that this card needs 8-pin connector and this PSU that I actually have, presents just 4 PCI-E 6-pin connectors.

  • Ph3nomen0N

    Can you tell me what the idle temperature of the GPU is please? I have the SJS version and at idle it's 51 Celsius, not too happy with that.

  • Hydrology

    Would this run minesweeper?

  • George Beer

    amazing video. i know its a year late but it is honestly so detailed. cheers for this

  • woodk1d

    but why is it cheaper then the others ?

  • Christopher Usendorff

    Please use charts ....

  • scooter2k

    Whats the difference of this and the super jetstream? Is it just the clocks?

  • cornbreadman

    Can you change the light on the side of the card to White?

  • Sic Semper Beats

    i wish they sold these in America

  • Marcello Branca

    You've put a gremlin scalp over your microphone thingy right??

  • ash slayer

    i have that card gtx 1070 palit superjetsream sli....that a good choice or wrong?

  • Paolo Gonzalez

    hey Dan, may i ask if i should keep the Fan Duty on AUTO or do you have any suggested Fan Curves? Thanks :)

  • Christian Jerusalem

    It looks like that the guy talks in an ass of a skunk...

  • Ru Ru

    Will this do fine on 1440p 3 monitors?

  • Ilyes Mekkaoui

    is this card better than the msi geforce gtx 970

  • MrMethadrine

    what a beautiful card

  • BobiFromTheHoodJeLud

    So with Ryzen 2600X and DDR4 3000 MHz memory I should be able to get a bit more fps from the card.

  • Jos

    Got the same card and mine is even boosting up to 2012 Mhz without overclock

  • JasperTube

    i bought it and its coming ^^

  • Yunus Emre Bayu

    Dude yesterday I installed this card to my rig but it has coil whine :/

  • Kelok Chan

    is this overkill for 1080p gaming?

  • rxbkrs

    Hi Dan. Does this card's fan spin at idle?

  • ThirtyPlusGAMER

    What accent you ahve? Aussie?

  • Luke Salvidge

    what does palit recommend for psu

  • Raw&Roll

    Nice review. I'm between this and the Inno3d Herculez twin X2 gtx 1070. Any suggestions?

  • Han Solo

    nice review most channels dont give real time review all they do is just give charts which is ok but i prefer real time of how the game work with the card . nice job

  • comedyman112

    what resolution was the monitor in this video?

  • SHIROs House

    Ok im buying this card

  • Sam Aniglo

    Why oh why do companys still place the serial codes on the Backplates ruins the look so much XD

  • Yunus Emre Bayu

    Hey again dude, I bought superjetstream a few days ago on Amazon and the card hasn't arrived yet but I'm wondering that this card does fit my case? (corsair 400r) The card's dimension is 29 x 6 x 14 cm and the case's is around 316 mm . Then I thought that maybe there won't be a place for the cable, what should I do ? should I buy new case now ?

  • PDS

    Hi Dan , would you recommend this over the Asus GeForce Turbo GTX1080 ?Build a PC for sim racing.Thank you

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