Best Mining Pool For Nvidia GPUs??? | Crypto Buddy

The Best mining pool for Nvidia GPU's -
We compare Flypool vs. Nicehash vs. Nanopool
EWBF miner:

ASUS Z270-a Mother Board -
GTI 1080 Ti -
GTI 1080 -
GTI 1080 -
EVGA PSU 1000 Watt -
EVGA PSU 750 Watt -
PCIe Risers -
SanDisk 120 GB SSD -
Windows 10 -
Corsair 8GB DDR4 RAM -

Best Mining Pool For Nvidia GPUs??? | Crypto Buddy
  • Nice Shot

    Nanopool is robbing people.

  • Hugo Viegas

    flypool it's better for all Gpu's i use AMD and i'm fly for good

  • howard fine

    i am running 8 gpu's and getting over $25 a day,3 gtx 970's,2 gtx 1070's, 1 gtx 1080 ti,2 gtx 1059 ti's.i mine using winminer.

  • Andi Sanjaya

    whats your wallets dude?

  • Nice Shot

    See if you can get Bminer-v5.4 to mine with Flypool. Thanks.

  • Igors Mikulovs

    There is one with 0% pool rate many coins, many algorithms, profit switching and auto-exchange to BTC.

  • Mr20below

    You realize the more people you get to sign up on a specific pool, the less you will make right? You may get more consistent payouts but at a lower rate of return because you have to share that return. More total hash rate on a specific network/coin the less you get paid as difficulty is raised to slow the increased amount of blocks found as to keep pace with the payout scheme, too much hash rate on a specific pool and that promotes a 51% attack and everyone potentially loses everything, and with Genesis Mining already increasing the nethash 25-50%... let the noobs figure it out for themselves. You are shooting yourself and others in the foot.

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