Storj Earnings Update - Why So Low?

It's been awhile since I've done a Storj update, so I decided to let you all know how my investment with it is going and the technical issues I've had. Thankfully they are all resolved now and I can start building up my earnings again.

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  • Daniel Furlong

    how much do you make per terabyte? have you figured you power bill against earning?

  • kevin chen

    hmm does the speed of the hard drive affect earnings.

  • Wasim Al Imam

    amazing....keep it up dear, I wish you all the sucess

  • htike lwin

    is that ok if the port is green and uPnP?

  • Michael Baker

    idk burst has a reason storj is basically a one off tech

  • Julian W

    How do you get a low delta? Do you have fiber?

  • Marc Schneider

    Hi Guru. Can you please tell me what about the internet traffic generated by the Storj? I mean, how much mbit/s Storj need in your case? I share my internet connection + we got tv throught...

  • fkma44 fffgh

    welcome back with storj...please the port is still orange how to do to make it green?

  • Austin Yest

    Do you have discord?

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