GPU Mining Profits INCREASE - Monero XMR Cryptonight Anti-Asic Miner Fork - Bitmain/Baikal/Halong

Is GPU Mining still profitable and will these crypto miners ever give graphics cards back to gamers? The short answer is absolutely not especially RX Vega's 56 64 frontier as they are the best gpu for mining cryptonight (Monero / XMR Electroneum / ETN)

VoskCoin explains Mining Difficulty -
Fluffypony confirming PoW Change -
Monero ASIC-Resistant PoW Change -
Electroneum ETN potential hard fork anti asic -
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Speaking of all this GPU Mining. . interested in learning how to build your own GPU Mining Rig?! Perhaps this guide could help!

VoskCoin GPU Mining Rig Guide -
Interested in building your own 7 GPU Mining Rig? Full Parts List
Mobo - Gigabyte GA-Z270P-D3 (Shown)
CPU G4400 (Shown)
PSU - EVGA 1200w Platinum (Shown) - PCIE Splitters needed + SATA power risers - Same as above and this PSU is gold
RAM Red / Shown Grey White
PCIE 6 pin to 2x 6+2 pin splitter (At least 6 needed) - Shown DeepInTheMines orange splitters - Yellow splitters (6 pin to 2x 6+2 pin) - Yellow splitters (8 pin to 2x 6+2 pin)
Frame - Mining Cave Rig Frame Shown
Coupon Code VoskCoin save 3% - 8 GPU Rig Frame Alternate Mintcell Spartan 8 GPU Rig Frame Mintcell Spartan w/ 8 Risers
PCIE Risers (if needed x8) UBIT 12 pack - good to have extras - Mintcell 6 pack
HDD (USB Stick Drive) - Shown Lexar 32gb - Shown alternate seller - 16gb lexar 3.0 usb - 16gb teal lexar small usb
M.2 PCIE adapter by Explomos (1x)
Explomos M.2 Shown -
Alternative Mintcell M2 PCIE adapter -
Other Alt. M 2 PCIE adapter -
GPU's - Choose 7
1080 TI
1070 TI
1060 6gb
1060 3gb
1050 TI
RX VEGA - 64 - 56

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  • Anilsen

    124 kh/s cryptonight mining with 245 watts... and only for $1599. Something is not right here. You can make $2280 from electroneum in one month with the current very low price of etn ($0.019). Why the hell would they sell something that can make $2280 in one month for $1599?? Am I calculating something wrong, because this is just insane and not possible. It seems like a big scam to rob people.

  • Mozzus

    good video buddy ,, nice one

  • chris james

    is the antminer x3 worth getting or not or is any antminer worth getting right now

  • Trevor Hare


  • David Oliveira

    has anyone ever told u look a lot like jake harper from the 2 and 1/2 man show? damn, should be nice to work with charlie sheen, such a legend lmao

  • Pratham Surani

    So do you think buying Antminer X3 would be a good option to mine Monero. Let me know ASAP

  • mknzm

    Vosk you're a nice guy but we need to be blunt, gamers who sling shit at crypto/mining need to get real, pull their heads out of their privileged neon-lit asses and look outside of their escapist fantasy. Let's look beyond the importance of cryptocurrency in today's absurd financial world and instead into their own back yards. Mostly the ones complaining about GPU mining are also the ones who keep buying into unfinished watered-down games, from publishers that treat their developers like trash, and squeeze money out of their customers with endless microtransactions that slowly permeate every aspect, even in single-player games these days. Don't get me started about complete ignorance to the fact that consoles, PC components and games are sold in areas like eastern Europe or South America at EU/US prices, locking out or severely limiting millions of gamers' access to this market. All practices which are ignored, or even defended, by both snuggly leftbook pseudosocialists who only care about idpol and cultural appropriation, and mentally obtuse, basement-dwelling 'muh free markets' reactionary "libertarians". Sure, these types are not the majority of gamers at all, but on the internet they're certainly the most vocal. The gaming community at large, from mainstream groups to 'alt' /v/ type ones is plagued with self-indulging ignorance and/or complacency to the faults of the industry, and that's what's killing gaming, not fucking miners.Sincerely, a gamer.

  • Tauseef Afzal

    Hi, I wanna see your content on as well, please start putting your content on as they are true decentralized video content website

  • The Fuddler

    Have you heard about Bitmain's equihash asic rumours?

  • Oksana Blinova

    Рerspective Тelegram сhannеl where АIRDROРS аre рublished еverу dау @airdrop_yes AIRDRОP - freе distributi0n оf toкens to еverуone from different ICО! Giving onlу 5-7 minutеs per daу оn rеgistration in diffеrent АIRDRОР it is pоssiblе tо еаrn 2ОО-4ОО d0llars реr dау!

  • Filip M.

    If you mine Equihash, you should go with BTCP ;)

  • Doug Cancellara

    Hi, I am holding Monero for the Fork, Do you feel the price will rise by April 30?

  • Toni Z

    Bitmain Is Shinra Corp, Never forget what happened to Corel Valley!

  • Mike Moskowitz

    Vosk. Gentlemens bet. My opinion is that the MoneroV algorithm will not solve the "asic crisis". Proof of work on a decentralized blockchain has been the best most disruptive technology the world has seen since the internet. While I understand your view that things were so much better before the asic, you can't turn back history or mans will to profit and capitalize. Old people say things were so much better before TV's and Computers. Why do you think they delayed the fork? The asic still outperformed the GPU's on the forked blockchain, that's why. Now you have algo guys trying to outsmart each other. It's not that simple, and Fluffy is learning that now. The basic architecture of the chips can mine many versions of crypto night, with minimal reprogramming of the controller board. And think if we did not have the asic. Many projects would be shit out of luck with no hash rate behind them. You can't say that Nvidia and AMD could even keep up with whats needed. They can't supply gpu's at retail now because the middlemen are making more than the miners. No, this is a natural, painful progression. We all know the secret ingredients to mining. Wicked cheap power, and a cheap industrial facility. Lotsa of investment dollars. And some luck and a serious amount of patience. You know you are at a disadvantage operating in the shed with your power, compared to the rich Chinese with 4,000 machines.And then you hear the new savior, proof of stake. Well, proof of stake will work horribly for most and well for a select few. Proof of stake only works if you truly believe in the project and it's longevity. Miners, on the other hand, are motivated mostly by profit. And they can take the profit and do what they want. If the market dips like its doing now, staking will FALL APART.Lets watch Zencash and see what happens to the secure node count over the next couple months:

  • Kelvin Aung

    VoskCoin Great videos man love all the information you put out. But profits are nice and all but im worried about taxes. I stated mining using nicehash this year and use coinbase as my wallet. How are you supposed to file it. I was under the impression you didnt need to file it until it was sold for dollars. But after a bit of digging I was wrong completely about that. Can you go over how you have filed yours in the past. Ive tried to look it up online but ended up with more questions then answers.

  • Polemik kullanışlı bitcoin mining adresi.mobil uygulaması da var. dilediğiniz gibi kazabilirsiniz.

  • Adi Adiii

    your in denial if you think asic will not overcome this problems....only thing bitmain(or other) has to do to fight the forks or whatever is to install full linux capable control boards, or universal boards that you can install whatever OS you want and give you drivers for the asici do not agree asic also the big picture is big$ investors will buy most of them and bring profits down and regular people like you and me will have no choice to unplug.

  • Harley Me

    asics are fine because they are LIMITED.. they only do 1 algorythm so 33GH on my usb gekkoscience mining BITCOIN :-\ is actually worst then mining XMR with my crap i5 2800 cpu and gtx 750 card (max 300 hash/s) lol I think they're a godsend, theyre so simple to limit, now xmr will come down in difficulty and I'll sell this asic for anoth gtx 750 LOL ps. the secret is power to hashing ratio.. even though my 750 puts out tiny hashrate.. its more effecient energy wise.. at just under 35 watts not overclocked

  • Linus Testicle Tips

    lots of ASIC kicked out of Monero with new hard fork they probably will come back but :D

  • unix 60959

    people skimp on the thermal design

  • KaiViti1985

    I talked a cryptonight programmer, he said no way in hell they're going to allow fpga mining either, so there goes that.

  • Richard Myers

    What are the thoughts of mixing cards?1. a three card system2. a six card system 3 and 33. a six card without mixing cards.I am trying to decide the best gpu set up, all suggestions are greatly appreciated.Gigabyte AORUS EditionGeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB and /or PNY GeForce GTX 1080 TiGraphic Card 11 GB GDDR5Xand/orNvidia Titan XP Pascal SLI 12GBGraphic CardThank youRichard

  • Bryan Cabalo

  • Ajay2019 Cross

    So leave the power with Amd and Nivida smh makes no senes due to mining GPU prices have shot up to companies who dont even give a damn about crypto! Makes no sense mining is not a damn hobby it should be a business not a bedroom project..

  • Hikmat HaEr

    Cypto mining. Legit guys WD via faucethub

  • Clemens van der Walt

    Love your insights and honesty dude.Very informative video. Honesty gets you subs. hits subscribe

  • Vikramjit Singh

    Hey VOSK, What would you suggest mining with z9 at this time? in November 2018

  • Donald Porter

    SQUEEZE PLAY: 90% of XDN hashrate comes from merge mining with Monero. The number of miners is falling steadily as everyone upgrades for the fork opening up a HUGE opportunity to mine XDN! Simple logic, check the pool stats at

  • Anatoliy Zhygarev

    Hey Vosk! Is the space where you don`t have miners in house?

  • Leo Przybylski

    8:39 That spike in difficulty you're seeing now is the ASIC's companies are already running their own miners before they go to market. The problem with ASIC miners and difficulty is not the ones that make it to market because those have actually already been mining. No, it's that after they make it to market, the ASIC companies turn on another set of miners back at the shop the drive the difficulty down further. If just the people purchasing these miners were the ones running them, that would probably be fine. It's that there's a whole lot of other miners the ASIC companies are running on their own and we have no visibility there.

  • gamepilation

    gamers hate Miners , Miners hate ASIC's

  • Make-U-rich

    Hahaha i hope they crush the GPU mining. And we can get cheap GPU finally for gaming. And your tears will be excellent liquid cooling for my cheap overclocked GPUs. XD

  • karma police

    does anyone know when these asics wont work on Monero anymore?

  • Coffee With Crypto

    Hi, please analyse the monero's v fork. Is it profitable to mine this finite hard fork.

  • Unapologetic Apologist

    Got the server in the bathroom call it the Hillary Clinton

  • Emanuel Marinescu

    luv u bro i am agamer to but not so many h of gp yet i luv your so sincere keep it up

  • Chris

    I dont buy asic being the devil. You guys act like there aren't already also mega GPU farms that also control mega amounts of bitcoin. Not to mention asic will become necessary at some point as bitcoin becomes more popular and grows and the need for even more processing power is required. Wish I could make my own chips like Russia does. Tweaking the algorithm hits consumers not mega companies like bitmain that will simply make a new machine to mine the new algorithm. While everyone who already paid for the machines that no longer work are just shit out of luck.

  • overlycreative1

    A really good video Drew, tonight I searched the want ads for Crypto miners and didn't find any offers for employment except in some off the wall ex soviet bloc countries. Considering the alternatives, I'm placing my bets on your good thoughts. All good.

  • 9-30am

    Can I just keep mining Monero and once the hard fork happens, I don't have to switch any pools or anything, correct?

  • mychainpool mychainpool

    If anyone want to mine with 0 fee, come to our pool

  • Julian How

    No hate for asic, no love for them either. They should have stayed on the bitcoin/bcash network. More asic, faster inflation, asic manufacturer get richer, you become poorer. You make $1000 they make $10000. You buy a Toyota they bought a Ferrari. You're still as poor as when you started.

  • floorpizza

    Completely agree, Vosk. Having the huge ASIC farmers controlling the vast amount of crypto is a very bad thing. It's not the hardware that's the problem, it's the huge farms that are built with them that end up mining the majority of a coin. Love your channel, man, keep telling it like you see it.Also really love how you responded to the hate with class... you didn't stoop to their level. Great stuff.

  • shyamu poudel

    I wanna mine Electroneum. And am new to this ⛏ mining thing.... how much should I invest to get at least of 500 etn a day ... please give details

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