How to Configure XMR Stak Version 2.3.0 - Basic Setup


Crypto Sewer Presents - How to Configure XMR Stak! This is a very basic tutorial on how to get your XMR Stak Miner up and running. Please subscribe and comment to let us know what you want to see next!
  • Diy in the Ghetto

    hello i have a question. What about for GPU mining sense this is for CPU?also how can we do the http hash rate monitoring?

  • sent4dc

    There's no need to turn off real time protection in Windows Defender. Just add an exclusion to the folder where you put it in and it will do just fine (and won't disable virus protection for your entire system.)

  • MasterAdvantage 97

    I am mining Moneros with this program but the amount of Moneros on my wallet does not grow while mining, is it normal?

  • Edwanny Nivar

    whats a good pool to use? I need the pool address if anyone has one.

  • pyxxl.

    Download link:

  • cubement

    Can I preconfigure the XMR for family and friends so they don't have to answer any of the questions after it has been downloaded? Can I remotely monitor my family and friends too? Thanks.

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