Battlefield 1 - Core I7 7700K - GTX 1070 OC 8GB - Max Settings + FPS Counter - Full HD

Battlefield 1 on my Core i7 7700k and GIgabyte GTX 1070 OC 8GB running max settings.

Game running perfectly fine on this setup, also note this is just a gameplay to show you guys performance not my skills :p

As this is first time i am playing this game...

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RESOLUTION = 1920*1080 60HZ


Cpu = Intel Core I7-7700k Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 Ghz Lga 1151
Ram = ADATA 16GB Dual Channel Kit @2400mhz
Cpu Cooler = Cooler Master V8 GTS
Mb = Gigabyte Z270-HD3P
Vga = Gigabyte GTX 1070 OC 8GB
Mouse = G500s Laser Gaming Mouse
Psu = Gigabyte Superb 550 Watts
Case = Gigabyte Gz-G1 Plus
Cd/Dvd = 2 Lg Super Multi Drives
Hdd = Kingston Ssdnow V300 120, Wd Blue 320 Gb 7200 Rpm,Wd Green 1tb
Display = Samsung Syncmaster P2370hd
Os = Microsoft Windows 10 64bit
Controller = Xbox360 Controller For Windows



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  • Kaitter4

    Really? that looks terrible!!! vision degrees are "tunel vision" and..... you sucks playing BF1

  • Drummers Eve

    So pumped, Cyber. Im building this setup in the next month or so. Cant wait. Good vid.

  • LazzyJames

    How is the Cooler Master V8 GTS working out for you? I am putting together a Kaby Lake build.

  • Francisco Pires

    very hot to your pc you have to change that fries the cpu hehe :D

  • Sloww Moww

    So would a cyber power pc slc8420inc be able to run this? It is 2000$

  • Drummers Eve

    Strange..I'm getting around 88 FPS with the identical set up.

  • Luke Robinson

    I hop it will work for a gtx 970

  • HáDeS

    u need bigger resolution or higher refresh rate , this system is just waste if u play only on 1080

  • Shady

    id suck so many dicks to have my gpu be locked at 99% usage

  • AshWarrior

    Sei italiano? Ma non è mai sceso sotto i 60fps?

  • Kyle Johnson

    Hey I have the same setup, what are you using for the CPU and gpu info?

  • Aniket Sakpal

    Great video brother and yeah 1:34 was funny 😂😂😂 moment haha XD

  • JDavid Z

    Mid gameplay in 1080 other mid in 1440p

  • Hirschi406

    7:45 acts like hes going to get into tank. stabs tank and runs away instead lmao

  • Gökhan Yes

    we have the same cpu and graphic card same settings why is ur cpu working with 60+70 % while mine is working with 80-90

  • no60fps

    can i get the same fps with msi aegis 3 gtx 1070 gaming Xi7 7700 non K16 gb drr4 so dimm single chanel

  • u look starved.

    "Max Settings" yet Resolution Scaling is at 100% instead of 200%.

  • Francisco Pires

    You're crazy my Noctua NH12U cooler, cheaper than this, and it's only 59/62 cº and I7 6700K: D see bear

  • camilo tapia

    Help meee i have i7 7700k. Gtx 1070ti. 16gb ram ddr4 my fps in bf1: 40 - 90 fps...

  • Harshil Makwana

    hey i have 6700k do you think that i should upgrade to ryzen(maybe games need more cores)?

  • CasualSlav

    See? thats why I love BF1. So god damn well Optimized.

  • StronkComrade6800

    Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 8GB (DDR5 , 256 bit , 8208 MHz) 16 GB RAM (2400MHz , DDR4 )İntel i7-7700K Core i7 4.2 GHz ( Turbo Boost 4.8 GHz) HOW MANY FPS?

  • License to Chill

    You need an i7 now for battlefield I guess. My i5 just doesn't handle this game well. Time to save.

  • KojiStreams

    Hmm. I have the same setup. i7 7700k, 1070 OC, and 16gb RAM, but I feel as though it's lackluster. I'm barely scraping around 60-70 fps on any game I put on Ultra. It's very frustrating because it wasn't cheap, and it doesn't feel much better than my old GTX 960. Any tips?

  • manuel minassian

    i have the same setup and my GPU is not running at 99% can someone tell me why¿?

  • WARRIORa72

    I'm hopefuly getting a new rig soon with similar specs. But ain't no way I'm paying for a new monitor. So this would be perfect considering I play other intensive games and currently have a GTX 780

  • Diegoman 25

    I have the same specs pc and config in game, but I have 8 gb ram ddr4 2133mhz and get drop fps 50 fps

  • Deividas Sukackas

    its only DX11... why not DX12?

  • Av3nTad0R _ LG

    Looks like a GPU Bottleneck to me

  • Vadim

    Help me. I have a 7700k with CPU Cooler Master Hyper EVO 212 which has TDP - 180 watt. But temperature is usually about 90-95 C. Freq CPU 4500Mhz. What I should do to improve my problem? Also, BF1 with gtx 1070

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