Blast from the Past - Can the 750Ti still perform? XMR mining

Real quick video on how the EVGA SC 750Ti single fan edition can do on XMR. We will do a much more detailed deepdive on this and many other older cards on how they do with the new algoritms, giving people options for cheap cryptocurrency mining.

Stay tuned this week for a deep dive with the BBT Team!

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Very light overclock for a 200+ h XMR result!
  • Melpheos1er

    In term of power efficiency, they are good but in term of h/$, they are so so because you will need a full rig (8) to not even match ONE vega56 for the same power consumption. If you add the riser cost, in the end it's not that good

  • John Bob

    What thread, block, bfactor and bsleep settings did you use? I have a gigabyte gtx 750 ti 2gb and am having so much trouble getting it to work. You response would be greatly appreciated!

  • Captmorgan4101

    Carter Nice Vid man. I keep Telling you the Cryptonight Algo is the best with power efficiency. I cant wait til you get into Cast XMR with Vega and Polaris..

  • R R

    @BitsBeTrippinI love your videos and the way you present your information to the viewers. Your videos have been a great help to us and the mining community. I am also waiting for your vlog videos where you discuss about new potential coins and their technical specifications. I will love it if you can add DeepOnion - privacy cryptocurrency to your next vlog. I've been participating with DeepOnion for quite a long time and the experience with them has been exhilarating. They didn't went with the route of ICOs when they first launched their coin "ONION", instead they went with Airdrops and other reward mechanisms. The price itself has increased four fold in past few weeks and I believe this coin has a lot of potential to get into ranks with other privacy coins such as Monero, Dash, Zcash!

  • andre Saintp

    with this rig how much per day or week

  • Tomas Ben Melech

    I got six of these babies at hand maybe get them set up for monero

  • Rakly3

    RX460's with unlocked bios are actually even more cost effective (imo)Currently running 3x MSI of those at 35w 330h/s (XMR) with a 15w celeron.Also, at full load, I can't even hear them.They are certainly not the best, but they are perfect for small scale home mining at an affordable entry price for people new to Crypto/mining.Unlocking the bios did give me approx 25 h/s more PER card without increased power draw. (not overclocked)The return rate in mining is hyperbolic, not linear or exponential.

  • Aerohk

    I just found my old NVGA SC 750Ti, popped it in, overclocked to 3300MHz memory, left core untouched (defaults at 1305Mhz), got 261.8H/s using xmr-stak.

  • Gurgui 88

    Hi, im trying to set up Asus 19gpu mining board with 13 AMD RX470 overclocked mining cards in Windows 10 and they seem to work with a normal driver mining at about 21MH/s but when i try to update to the Crimson Mining driver the whole system crashes and i get the blue screen. Am i doing something wrong? Also the afterburner does not work with more then 8 cards? what else i can use to change the clock settings on more then 8 cards? Appreciate any help guys! Thanks

  • derty QWERTY

    Monero, with wattage shown, and average power usage, at the rate given.. youre making 45 to 55 dollars a month after power use, roughly. Not bad... so basically it pays for itself (maybe) in 1 year, easy. If the risk and all stays the same, of course itll go down so youll profit in the end more than likely, but not by a lot really. Profit is profit, add it in hah

  • joseird

    I'm mining monero with my RX460s at 40w for 415h/s XMR each

  • Atrabotkes Pamokos

    Hello, i have gtx 750ti 2gb when i starting miner i see cuda error - cannot allocate big buffer for dag. check readme.txt for possible solutions.How to fix this?

  • ImBlazinTWO

    Ryzen 1700 CPU is more effcient. mine gets 630h/s @ 90 watts total system. Plus easy to find and not expensive ~$200 usd. then slap whatever GPUS you want on board and you have a real mining rig.

  • Matija Kruhoberec

    I'm trying to buy a decent GPU for my E5700 old system and I just noticed that Miners have already claimed this card .-. Really??!?!??!

  • RafaN1 ##

    Looks good but how much $ you make whit this power?

  • Proteus Aerial

    What miner are you using for the 750ti's. I tried the BBT miner, but there was no option for Monero on nvidia cards?

  • Mike ™

    LOL 1 RX 570 4GB does 800+ H/s, that's = to 4 of those 750TIs man, AND for the same wattage as too... 1 card though, so it isn't taking up the whole rig.[Hash Rate Avg: 6428.8 H/s]825.7 H/s GPU0 RX 470 4GB Samsung | Mem Limit: 2100 = MAXED750.7 H/s GPU1 RX 570 4GB Elpida | Mem Limit: 1915822.7 H/s GPU2 RX 470 4GB Samsung | Mem Limit: 2100 = MAXED823.2 H/s GPU3 RX 570 4GB Hynix | Mem Limit: 2040825.9 H/s GPU4 RX 570 4GB Hynix | Mem Limit: 2040802.5 H/s GPU5 RX 570 4GB Elpida | Mem Limit: 2035823.2 H/s GPU6 RX 570 4GB Hynix | Mem Limit: 2040754.8 H/s GPU7 RX 580 4GB Elpida | Mem Limit: 1915Core clock is set evenly to 1200 per card, and those 2 cards with the 1915 Mem Clock were bad Elpida memory.You ALWAYS have a risk of getting those with Elpida only pretty much for AMD.Hynix isn't good for GTX 1060s at Ethereum though according to Bits Be Trippin', and a few other 1060 mining rig owners, but Hynix on AMD is golden <3Machine uses a total of 825 Watts with the 8 GPUs, and run under 50c each card, yep, next to the window with a box fan in it on low speed blowing that ice cold air from outside in.

  • 42thgamer

    I can get them for 40-60 euro

  • ANNABA23

    hello thanks for all the work you do at the level of miningvery beautiful videos that you madeI am a big fan of all your video always ahead of the scienceminingkarim de france mercie

  • Neil Miranda

    Man I am thinking of building a cheap rig too using this GPU, thx for the video.

  • marvelv212

    You can just buy a single Rx570 or something and pull 700+ hs/s. Cryptonight doesn't eat a lot of power.

  • Alex Boon

    Still rocking a ATi HD5970 @ 350 monero. Power consumption is 294W. Not worth it but funny that a card from last decade can still do anything. Got it for €35. Not reccomended for profit but a badass card anyway for €35. I also picked up a gtx 750 non ti 2GB for €35

  • 720 Trading

    Will the 1gb Card give the same performance ?

  • saleen235

    Do you have a tutorial video on this rig?

  • zett121

    you need 10 them for 1 vega 56 ;)

  • Webkinz Show

    Nobody likes bitcoin miners go kys so the market can go back to normal

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