So with its recent price drop, does the GTX 1050Ti now make sense? How does it stack up against the card it replaced the GTX 960?

This Gigabyte GTX 1050Ti can be picked up new online for around about £130 so does it start to make sense at this lower price point?

The ZOTAC GTX 960 we have here today can be had for under £75

For the budget conscious gamer, both can appear appealing, one is the definitive word in low power high performance, and one is the king of the budget end from the previous generation... does it still stack up??

The PC we are running the game on consists of the following:

CPU: Intel Core i5 4590 @ 3.7Ghz
Motherboard: Gigabyte B85M-DS3H
Ram: 8GB DDR3
PSU: 500W EVGA 80+ White
Case: Corsair 88R

Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
  • Christopher Kato

    Is it worth it for a 960 for 60$?


    So some GTX 960's have more vram than GTX 970?ayy lmao

  • The flying parrot 528

    If i get lucky & find a 960 for $ 50 bucks, cant use it. My specs : HP compaq elite 8200 sff pc with i5-2400 / 8 gb ram / 2 ssd hd & msi gtx 1050 ti low profile all running on stock 240 psu. Thank god it runs only on pcie power : )

  • RGN - Rockstar Games News

    The answear iiiiiiiiiiisssssas.....Ohhhhhj yes

  • Retard

    well all i know that my gtx 1050ti runs perfectly bf1 on 60 fps and over, same goes for far cry primal.

  • Girish Sardey

    unfortunately a 960SLI is not as powerful as 660SLI, 118% increase in performance Vs 177% increase in performance with the 660SLI, And R9-380 crossfires well too 150% performance increase.

  • MartinE

    does i7 6800k boot up with 1600mhz ram?

  • a raccoon

    I find the volume of your voice a bit low, will it be okay if you change it a bit? I already have my speakers on max, so there's that. Personally, which would you prefer? The 960, or the 1050ti?

  • bluludaboi

    Sometimes gtx 960 does better

  • badis ghouila

    GTX 750 non ti 1gb vs R7 260x 2GB for the same price , what should i pick & what price i can't go above 45£ ?

  • Marcus Lagergren

    Hate to brake it for you... But GTX 1050 Ti replaced the GTX 950!

  • John Norton

    I like the maxwell cards. at the time they were a pretty big leap over the older keplers even though they were a little costly

  • ICE700

    Only on this channel from all youtube gtx1050ti have small fps.i don't believe you F7GOS

  • Toast Man

    maxwell cards overclock like a charm ^^ that lil 960 with 1500+/8000+ will beat any 1050 ti

  • Zawseh

    heya can u test both of these cards for war thunder please

  • TiNyBiRd

    Despite the benchmarks in this video, i think i wanna buy the 6gb 1060. This is because i've made a mistake in the past, where i bought a graphicscard that was close to entry-level. Since i wanted to play more demanding games at thge time, everything ran like shit. If i buy the 1060, i guess i will be somewhat future-proof.

  • Skylake08

    I paid £175 for my EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB around 1 and a half years ago bloody hell prices have shot down.Great video by the way!

  • Draven The Glorious Executioner

    How much is a rx 560 4 gb slower or better than these xd?

  • Andy Mcnally

    would love to see the 1050ti vs the 980m

  • TheBigManUno

    and you could always get lucky. my old 960 could reach 1500MHz OC. it was a fantastic little thing.

  • Fire- Agario

    i got a gtx 960 4gb new for £32 from ebay GREAT DEAL!!

  • The flying parrot 528

    Cool video : my understanding, the 1050 replaced the 950 & 1060 replaced the 960. Either way i like them all

  • Normal Person

    wtf 9ý0 shouldn't perform better than 1050 ti

  • Trajan Augustus

    When I got my i5-7600k it also came with the GTX 1050ti oc MSI card. I was going to upgrade it to a GTX1060 or RX470 but after playing several games I like the way it performs and will wait to see what comes out next year as a possible upgrade (if needed).

  • deadass B

    The 960 might be cheaper in the market, but the 1050ti takes about 62% less power than the 960, so the 1050ti has better gaming performance + less power consumption.

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