Bitmain Monero Miner Scandal! XMR ASIC Miner Worthless?!

This is my take on the Bitmain Monero ASIC Miner scandal. I am not a fan of Bitmain at all and feel this is a massive money grab! I would love to hear your opinions as well.

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  • buzzkillean

    Good job dude........what's up with the E3 though?

  • Bobby CryPtO

    There are many SHA256 coins and you forget to mention Baikal miners

  • excellentes

    informative video quite long but its compact, thank you this is valuable info

  • Tim Lwig

    If you want real profits suggest you buy nvidia stock, got $3000 of it right before the bitcoin boom expecting the gpus to sell out was well worth it

  • DanielRichards644

    for Cryptonight coins it's FORK OR DIE, no one is gonna support the coins that stay on the old algo.

  • DanielRichards644

    it's gonna be nice to see the difficulty drop after the fork.

  • Ahmed Zayed

    Respect dude (y)Best Vlog regarding the XMR/ASIC situation.

  • timeisha walker

    Claim your moneroV if you’re a monero holder Official websites: www.claim-monerov.orgNeed a video guide:

  • Kestutis Linkus

    Thanx man, this is what i searched for.

  • James Willbrandt

    He's crying because his dumb ass bought some of these and there worthless. stop crying and suck it up you fucked up.

  • AngryZombie808

    Fuck monero. Asic mining is the way to go. Cryptomining ain't charity, big fish gonna eat small fish just get over it.

  • Vasil Stramarko

    All minable cryptos should change their algorithms to get rid of this ASICS assholes. Thumbs up to Monero for keeping their crypto the way it was meant to be. The crypto should be as much distributed as possible. There is no use for crypto and its value distribution if it's in the hands of very few farms that have 70% of the hashrate. They are destroying bitcoin by turning mining into a monopoly and charging crazy miner's fees. The Chinese manifacturing doctrine is, big profits now and who cares for future value or continuity. Just like hungry ants destroying a garden.

  • Frederick Vesseur

    The Antminer X3 has turned out to be a money black hole that won't pay for itself.

  • (〉_〈) arrgh!

    Bitmain is dong the same thing with Etherium F3 miner. When Etherium goes PoS F3 will be useless, AGAIN.

  • didrom66

    Welcome into capitalist world ; this is paradoxical considering China has a communist gov. But in this case Bitmain is clearly a scammer as they knew Monero was going to fork. I will no longer trust them. It seems that an Antminer Asic F3 capable of mining ETH was announced.

  • Crypto Jedi

    What do you think? Is this a cash grab by Bitmain or do you support them?

  • Johann Fritz

    Bitmain suck. Do not trust them. Do not buy from them. Stay far away. I lost a lot of money due to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Colletti

    What's wrong with ASIC? A valid hash is a valid hash. Crazy when crypto heads get all luddite. You already can't reasonably mine XMR on a laptop anymore. What's the difference?

  • CodingWithCrypto

    Bitmain is the crypto version of Standard Oil lol

  • Arfian Trader

    dont buy a fuck monopoly market

  • Relocation Express

    Receieved two X3's today! I can not believe that I spent so much money for such a scam..Now: I am mining on Antpool and it is hashing, my only problem is that it is not accepting Manero wallet--- "Not support it tells me"... Any ideas? Can I switch pools? I tried switching pools, but nothing happens, it hashes at 0 and does not accomplish anything.

  • Armada1715

    Don't all crypto coins and mining equipment have the potential to become worthless?

  • TheSaltyJ

    Bitmain has the best business model ever... selling your product not causes a saturation of the market but rather increases demand...

  • (〉_〈) arrgh!

    Selling shovels has always been more profitable than digging for gold.

  • Adi Adiii

    monero won first fight , but GPU mining is a thing of a past, asics will take over with universal motherboards that can allow to install any OS

  • Either Or

    People dont reseach carefully then proceed to blame the market forces when they loose money. Typical

  • Harley Me

    like I said back in 2005.. keep the chinese nmining there own money... or they'll steal ours.... but nope.. they made the difficulty so high none of the other countries can compete.. someone PLEASE SHUT THEM DOWNas with the misinformation.. well ya. but if you dont block the site from your country... they'll suck you dry... they dont care about us.. just there money.... If i were in charge I'd fork every algo so we screw them like they screwed us...

  • Tomas Av.

    YOUR VIDEO IS STUPID!!!! blaming company for wanting to make profit. Like people who gonna buy it doesnt want to make profit.



  • MorgothCreator

    Look, when you buy everything that is expansive, for example a car, you need to be informed about that car, why does not apply with ASICS?Bitmain write clear and loud that is a big risk to buy it, to pass the fault in Bitmain yard is not very right.Look, is not a fault of Bitmain that is a monopoly, is fault of coin developers that does not fork to go to the ASIC resistant cryptography.Like all of us we want to make money, the same with Bitmain, or you think that what is applied to us does not apply to a company.Ask coin developers that maintain the cons on ASIC nonresistant why do not move to ASIC resistant ones, do not move because all developers eat a portion, have a big investment in ASIC's, even the developers want to make money and do not care about us, you need to see the bigger picture.You do not see that the bitcoin , bitcoin cash and other do fork from bitcoin and remain on the same cryptography? Why: because all developers that develop that coins are somehow implied with Bitmain and make money together, and because of problems with delays on bitcoin network in December this fuckers fork to several sha256 coins including bitcoin cash to absorb the loose of bitcoin to not go to ASIC resistant coins and to do the job in the same family.Us; us we are used to buy what they no longer use, it is not their fault, is our fault that we know this but we buy everything that they sell.So pay attention that nobody cares about you and me that have some miners to mine some coins, anybody cares about him and no else mater.So wake UP people because nobody will give you something free, all have a price even the stupidity.

  • Gam Vin

    If Bitmain is in their right mind why sell a mining equipment that will be worthless in the coming month?! If they already made tons of money from this mining equipment it is more right and appreciated if they recycle their waste.It is an insult to humanity receiving a waste and you pay for it.Who's to blame then?!I would say the naive ones are to blame.

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