Dual NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ethereum Dual Mining Rigs смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве hd 720 лицензия

Ethereum plus Sia coin simultaneous mining on Asus GTX 1070 Turbo graphics cards.
  • Marco Mendoza

    How much power to the wall is your dual minig setup consuming? watts = ?

  • Ghrubo

    Can you share your settings from MSI? greetings!

  • Jonne Vidz

    My gtx 1070 does 30mh/s, you should try to lower the power limit to 70% and push the overclock a little bit more!

  • Shehroz Sohail

    hi I need some suggestions that I wanna buy hardware could anyone please suggest me which gpu is best Then gigabyte gtx 1060 6gb vs 1070 8gbZotac 1070 mini or 1070 amp is better And Zotac vs gigabyte Which is better

  • Fernando Silva

    Hello, What core/memory values and dcri did you used?

  • Kevin Do bs

    Hey bro I have five gtx 1070 are u using windows 10. Windows shows 5 cards but will only mine with 4 it's messed up, can you send me a list of your hardware? Thanks bro

  • John Adam

    What mining rig (case) you are using, is it available online ?Its looking really cool!

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