FPGA Mining Is Back! Crushes GPU Mining with $20-57 a Day per Card

I want to give a shoutout to NotSoFast for tweeting about the FPGA's and also want to mention that my preorder is not like the preorder days of 2014 (i.e. Titans, ButterflyLabs, etc.). These FPGA cards are used in serious industries (big data, machine learning, AI, analytics, etc.) and these resellers are running global businesses providing cards like these to all sorts of companies and developers so don't be scared off by the lead time. The biggest risk here is if we can't get the bitstreams to mine in which case I'm already starting to research this area because it interests me so who knows I might have to round up some folks to help me develop our own bitstreams. I'll make future updates on how the FPGA progresses.

Here's a link to the bitcointalk thread - very interesting read!


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  • Michael Patterson

    I subbed, thanks techman34!

  • delvis11

    What I don't get is why would this developer do this??.. If he can corner the market himself why not do it??.. Why release the work for others to use??.. The money must be in the dev fee and there lies the rub. This doesn't make any sense at the $$ numbers he is suggesting.

  • Cian Dafe

    Great video bro ! Thanks for the heads up.Hoping to use this to mine 0xbitcoin ( new ethereum POW token ) Does it supports keccack 256 ?

  • Lex Nikols

    where is a prove? there is only a chatter)))))

  • Tom S

    If you need any help send me a ping on the forum (senseless)

  • ezzeddine grissa

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  • East Star

    Great Video very informative and very useful not to miss...Can u also make video on FPGA's for Crypto Mining for people like me Who don't know anything about programming. Basically how to connect FPGA's to PC using Win 7 and configuring it for Crypto Mining .

  • caio zito

    Hello friend I'm delighted with this video card I know her what she is rrsrsplease tell me the name of this product, I was curious and I will research a lot about this board ♥

  • Sensory Overload

    this might be the best video on the whole web.

  • Odd's Wands

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  • Antoine Solomon

    4K per card??? Ouch

  • Crypto Currency

    Quick update - I originally ordered from Digikey, but they seem to have removed the SKU. I will try to find out more details. In the meantime, order at an even better price through FPGA.land => https://fpga.land/ if they are still in stock.

  • Filip Roguski

    This will only increase the difficulty of mining, so ROI FPGA will not be as shown. Just mining will become even less profitable ...

  • Thebeautyofaviation

    https://altex.exchange/register&ref=5101 sign up the best exchange

  • SilentNights

    Why using this kind of media to get viewers? why the fud? why thing crushing another things? guys like you are destroying the crypto echosystem.. keep mining educational.. keep it serious! we dont care about your likes or your views.. be decent

  • MelioraCogito

    You arrows are pointed in the wrong direction if you're trying to show a progression in advancement of crypto-mining computational power.I realize you might think using a fancy "less than" sign — a < b, — is cute or clever, but that's not a sign to be used in a progression – as in a ⇾ b ⇾ c ⇾ d. "<" does not imply a came before b, it implies a is smaller (or less) than b. And that is not the comparison you're making at the beginning of your video.

  • Inachu Ikimasho

    2:12 of video sayng same thing over and over.

  • Alvin Hollinger III

    Are you currently FPGA mining?

  • İlker Beko

    how can we buy this system?

  • 智遠李

    Any performance index about Ethereum runing in Xilinx VCU1525

  • Tioman Island

    Talking too slow.....

  • aluh

    Of course ASIC and FPGA are underrated...programming is way harder since both use HDL instead of common languages thus program then is more complicated and less intuitive, also ASICS are extremely and excruciantingly expensive since they are customized in every aspect.

  • Michael Xia

    https://fpga.guide/ I found this guide helpful in case anyone else is interested.

  • Feyjey Wawtuh Productions

    Everyone wants pre configured, plug and mine asic's and GPU rigs that require no programming knowledge at all. Nobody wants to learn how to code in VHDL and write their own miners for these FPGA's. The numbers are real, you just need to put in some time and effort. The bitcointalk post in question also states that somebody was able to achieve 64KH/s on cryptonight V7 on 1 of these cards. The point is, as this knowledge becomes more wide spread and the technology becomes more user friendly, the profitability goes down as the difficulty goes up. You either have the knowledge to get in on the leading edge or have to wait in line to get the same profits as the next jackoff. Take your pick.

  • Magomed Barhamatov

    Hello. Is it really to mine 1900 mh/s Ethash?

  • Jeremy McGregor

    there's a group buy on the VCU1525 + water block cooler. https://news.fpga.guide/vcu1525-group-buy/

  • Greg James

    Okay, so the only coins supported are ones that are future RIP

  • Rich4ATC

    Bull $hit .. most of ur talk is trash

  • Hardau Daniel

    A mining farm . It holds over 45 cryptomones including USD. It offers a registration bonus, has 3 mining farms, namely China, Russia and USA, and New York has its central office. A link to this page is here https://bithash.cloud/Welcome/Partner/20161

  • dank0banank0

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVUCwmSyD6E Its all Bitman

  • No More Commuting

    I'd be keen, but I can't rewrite the bitstream, and many algos won't work with it. If you've got the $$$ then it's not a terrible idea, but you're probably better off to pay a semiconductor plant to make a 1 off ASIC for a specific algo and then not sell it, then mine the crap out of it without letting on that you've got an ASIC. I found a way of doing that for about 20k and it's probably more reliable than this.http://www.sigenics.com/page/Asic-Cost-Calculator

  • Jacob Powers

    no, fpga is the most flexible and least powerful, you can set it to be a cpu but the performance would be bad, or a gpu, or a dsp, or a bitcoin miner.

  • DerekSpeare

    4300 Euros...come on man...

  • bitcoin miner

    Crypto Currency how to buy this card?

  • Ieat utube

    I saw an article a few years ago citing Microsoft and Google as saying they wanted to transition their current CPU stocks to FPGAs back when that was an obscure term largely because BTC had a comparatively small grasp of our collective attention. I don't see why we couldn't have a processor with modular FGPA for running common Windows software packages on a standard Intel CPU/GPU. I doubt this would add substantially more complexity to the chip itself than current APU/CPU combos. Regardless, the article about Google and MS in relation to FPGA was focused exclusively on using this technology for applications like AI and speech to text mainly in order to save power on cooling and processing while also being adaptable (rather than replaceable) as the needs of technology changed (eg AI algorithms needing specialized optimizations, with a CPU this might be slow, with an ASIC it would require a total chip replacement).

  • Shawn's Silver Stacking

    While i do appreciate your information, I can definitely say..... NO!, and so many other big NO, NO, NO, NO, NOs........ Too expensive and fuck any dev fee it messes up the cards and slows down your profits. Id rather have them charge me up front for the mining programs. Paying dev fees for life is not at all advantageous for us miners. Sick of all fees period everyone getting rich off of the backs of miners where we have all the hard work buying, putting everything together then paying all the electricity bills and deal with extreme heat issues and its a 24/7 oversee of our operations.

  • Andrew Gorsic

    its only 10x now! once everyone is doing it your back to today's profitability

  • Wot_replay 20

    hello how much eth mining hashrate pleae?

  • Astra TR3B

    if I have 32K I will never mine :)

  • Mario Passendorf

    Do not forget , Do not sell yor mined ETH for lower than 600USD.

  • FilaretGabriel

    He didnt show up with the next video ... the guy is making big money . Muderfucker !!!

  • Curlen M

    That's a lotta scratch to spend up front

  • Olle Welin

    So the crunching Core Algorithm changed otherwise FPGA would not been need if the Core Algorithm was fix. FPGA is reconfigurable Logic and ASIC is fix Logic.

  • Roy R

    Good info brother, much appreciated.

  • King Bennon

    Are this things not $24,000

  • Inachu Ikimasho

    those other noiseless 40THS videos..... looks like a scam.

  • Julien SC

    You cannot miss this https://medium.com/@julien.s.caro/forget-about-your-rigs-fpga-mining-is-the-new-king-in-town-e136dec51e28

  • Let's Do Smart & Always Positive

    Bro, how do you record videos ?

  • igal Zevulun

    where can buy it ? what is price or when release date ?

  • Hardau Daniel

    Online Stock Exchange: A website where you can buy digital shares, the price of one share starts at $ 3. Once bought, the shares can be sold at a slightly higher price than the price you bought. monthly dividends, which may be higher or lower, depending on how the value of an action increases or decreases. A link to the page you find here. https://online-stock-exchange.com/r/301459

  • afayob

    u mention about gettin the z9 mini, please post and update, on what do we mine ok, am also gettin one.nice vid man.

  • Herbert Potdevin

    While I installed 1 (ONE) GPU RX 570 alone it went up to 30.38 Mh/s no prob. Then same GPU installed together with others for a total of 10 this same card (and all others) were able to hash only aprox 14.67 Mh/s. (at less than 43% or so lower) Any body knows why such a drop? Is there anything to do with the power supply? Or is it setup in software? Is there any limitation?? MB H110 Pro BTC+. PS EVGA 1600 platinum.

  • Trondyne

    How can a CPU be the "most flexible" for mining when it can't run anything other than Cryptonight?

  • Tower of Insolence

    It is /ˈkɛtʃæk, -ɑːk/, not /ˈkɛkæk, -ɑːk/ ;), which is SHA-3 now.

  • Dan H

    What a waste of electricity

  • Andrew Sterling

    Hi, On June 19th, I purchased the XILINX 1525 with mods and DIMMs from the 1st bulk order on a bitcointalk thread. I have the receipt to prove it and I'm sure FPGA.land/Squirrels Research will back me up. It will arrive sometime in August and then I can ship it out. I really wanted to run this card, as projections are $20-$50 per day. Unfortunately, I need to sell it to pay off some debt. I'm asking $6,000 to cover taxes, shipping, fees, etc. I know that may seem high but as far as I have researched, Batch 2 is not even close to ready, and people could be waiting until next year sometime. I will accept ZEN, BTC, ETH and possibly PayPal.PM me if interested. I'm open to reasonable offers. Highest offer gets it.Thanks!

  • Ivan Sherman

    I’ve been an early adopter since 2011, I even remember the old days of soldering our own power PCI n PCIe risers for LTC during the shortage. Now, THIS HERE frightens me. People think profit n ROI is everything or the best for the community. It’s not. Fast monsters like these, like ASICS, did create n open the door for “get in-cash out fast” people with deep pockets making the price and market share of coins rise in a parabolic line which’s always creates a bubble like 2013, 2017 n other years. The community needs gradually responsable upgrades. This is gonna be a cycle hard to break.

  • Thiago Dilago

    Hey, did you got the card? Whats the update?

  • Dusan Kosovic

    Hi i watch your video and i like it, i am very interested to this card.can you tell me how mutch did you get per day with it.does it have software also and how mutch is it ROI for it.thanks man,please give me some more information.

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