IS MINING PROFITABLE IN 2018 (Nicehash Bitcoin Mining AMD & Nvidia)

IS MINING PROFITABLE IN 2018 (Nicehash Bitcoin Mining AMD & Nvidia)

My setup:

GTX 980 Ti (~3.30 euro per day)
Core i7 8700K (~1.30 euro per day)

Thank you very much for watching!

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  • JAX

    Hey. How is it doing now?Because my GTX 970 OC is producing 4+ euros az the moment on the 8th of January, which is pretty good for a card like this.

  • Instrument Of Pain

    hi there, how much does your i7 8700k make per day on nicehash, can't see any stats for it. thanks

  • Chiraaz Imami

    how much do you make with your 980 ti at this moment?

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