Asus Z270 P motherboard trouble free setup guide for 8 GPU mining rig

Below is a complete guide to BIOS hardware setup.

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Important: Don't skip any steps!

This is a HARDWARE guide only. I provide some basic OS guidelines after this and it's important to follow these too.

If you have any issues ( slow hashing rate etc. ) with Windows using it's own driver instead of the driver from the nVidia site, use the driver deletion utility to remove all driver traces and perform a clean nVidia driver install.


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DO NOT install any HDD/SSD/USB boot device before completing all steps. An OS/drivers are not neccesary for initial hardware BIOS configuration.

Use on-board CPU IGP graphics display output only throughout hardware BIOS configuration and whilst configuring and using the OS.

DO NOT connect a display to any separate GPU.

DO NOT connect GPUs to any PCIe slots, m.2 to PCIe adaptors or PCIe riser cables before completing the steps.

DO NOT install any GPU before completing the BIOS and OS setup.


ASUS Prime Z270 hardware preparation guide:

1) Install CPU
2) Install RAM
3) Connect PSU
4) Connect LAN cable
5) Connect KB/mouse
6) Connect display to CPU IGP
7) Connect PSU to power outlet and power on
8) Update BIOS with ASUS BIOS updater
9) Restart

Steps covered in video:

10) Load Optimised Defaults
11) Set PCIe to GEN2
12) Enable Allow 4G Decoding
13) Set m.2 slot to PCIe for GPU 7 and 8 (P)/8 and 9 (A/AR)
14) Disable Audio
15) Disable Serial Port
16) Disable unused USB ports (not KB, Mouse, USB OS)
17) Disable unused SATA ports (not OS SATA)
18) *Change boot graphics from Automatic/PCIe to CPU IGP*
19) Save settings and exit
20) Restart, check settings are retained.


Complete above steps before connecting your boot device.

Install Windows after the BIOS settings and before adding any GPU.

DO NOT install OS in Legacy MBR mode, it's not compatible with Above 4G Decoding. Install OS with UEFI/GPT only.

Update Windows fully and reboot to check for more updates. Repeat until Windows reports it's fully updated.

Obtain latest nVidia (and/or AMD) drivers from the web site BEFORE adding any GPUs.

Install and detect 1 GPU, reboot, check Windows GPU detection has added the Display and Sound device before installing another GPU.

If your mining OS is Windows 10 it may be necessary to completely remove Windows display drivers with a driver deletion utility (I didn't need to). Windows drivers aren't for mining, use the drivers downloaded directly from the nVidia website only.

Clean install, remove all old driver traces. Happy mining! :-)
  • Mithoosy

    Hello ! Your steps were really helpfull to me, thanks a lot ! Unfortunately, when I added my 5th GPU, Windows won't start ... I dunno why, if someone got an idea, I take it :)

  • Ericson Sevilla

    hello sir I'm using this board for mining, and planning to put 5gpu evga 970 4gb,my question where should i put my display monitor is it onboard or on one of the gpu? because i tried that one in asus h270m-prime and the mobo get fryed and need to RMA.. can you help me what should i do?

  • rig karbantartás

    Köszönöm! ez alapján minden rendben ment!

  • Angelo Pinto

    Great!Thanks Crypto Swift!

  • Tarquin Ukarnis

    This works. I had 3 gpus would not recognize any more. Now it does Thanks for help.

  • Biswarup Modak

    Thanks a Lot. I have followed step by step as your instruction and ultimate comes Miracle, - my 5th GPU's non-recognising problem has been solved and also my mininer runs smooth & fast.. Before the changing bios my machine was hangup again and again but now no hangup, if any problem come it restarting itself and start mining easily very smooth.

  • ryan r

    You sir are a legend

  • kinka97

    Followed your instructions. Fined tuned mine, too. Thanks for your video.

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