Alienware Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - Unboxing and Review in 4K

Checking out the Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard with Brown Switches.
Get it here:


1. Iconic Alienware design with AlienFX 16.8M RGB 13 zone-based Lighting
2. Brown mechanical keys
3. 50million cycle life
4. 45g actuation force
5. 60g tactile force
6. 2mm actuation distance
7. 4mm total travel distance
8. Less than 5ms bounce time (during actuation speed of 0.4 m/s)
9. 1000 Hz (1ms) polling rate
10. Anti-Ghosting and N-key rollover on all keys
11. 15 programmable macro key functions with on-the-fly recording
12. All programmable keys
13. 3 adjustable leg angles
14. Multimedia keys
15. Optional Palm Rest (sold separately)
16. 256kB onboard memory
17. Dedicated volume roller
18. Braided nylon cable.

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  • Morpheus 44995

    Great video just ordered one

  • XxCudeDusPiexX

    my fav keyboard is still steelseries.

  • Ben Asquith

    People don't like alienware because they are owned by dell but people like Ferrari even though they are owned by fiat

  • Richard Goild

    Dude you gotta get an Alienware mouse🤔

  • bon bon

    wow! my computer runs very good in 4k and i didnt even know that


    Hello I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. I took a look at this in a shop (PC World) here in the UK but they don't have it on display for me to test. So I cannot return it if I'm not happy after buying it, so I don't want to risk buying it yet.I have a Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard last 7 years. It's quite noisy and the space bar by design is very rattly, it sounds like a guitar and it's not mechanical. I've never tried a mechanical keyboard and would like to buy one. I've seen a few keyboards on display like Razer and Corsair K70 where the space bar is even worse than my G11 it rattles like a metallic guitar, it's really annoying. I'm scared to blindly purchase a keyboard without knowing how noisy the keys are. The Corsair K55 space bar is silent but that's not mechanical. HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical is one of the only few that has a silent space bar but the light is all red so I don't like that.The keys seem silent on the alienware. But what about the space bar? Does that make a rattly noise when pressed? And does the volume roller also make a squeaky sound like a door that needs oiling? I ask this because I just saw the Corsair K70 earlier today and yesterday in 2 different stores Maplin and PC World. They make a squeak noise like a door when rolling it. Does this happen on the Alienware AW768?Finally what are the real differences between the MX Cherry Red and the Kailh brown switches. Are the Kailh brown inferior to Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown or are they similar? Also regarding Operating Systems compatibility. I read it doesn't work on Windows 8, 7, just 10. But does it work on Windows 8.1? And if not, are there any recent updates on whether this is supported on these operating systems? Many thanks.

  • Kevin Howard

    I bought the palm rest too. Is it comfortable on your wrist? (the kb not palm rest).

  • Vincent Jones

    please review sbode speaker ......really waiting for it

  • Tanuki Boy

    You have a very nice sounding voice

  • Kasukana_

    you do review and you dont know the switches?

  • Ma Name Jeff

    It looks like RAZERRRR BLACK WIDOW

  • BS YouTube

    wow so much like razer kb design

  • SpiritNinja


  • Sean Sinha

    Who is the idiot who designed the edges of this keyboard? I tried typing on it and the bezels are just overdesigned and poke your wrists on the side. Spend your money elsewhere. You can get a well-built keyboard with genuine Cherry MX switches for the same price.

  • Can we get 1k Subscribers with no video?

    Im buying one next week. your review got me even hyped!

  • Clout _boi23

    Will it work on ps4?

  • Juan Alorda

    they are not cherry switches

  • VidGameDunk

    "hmm this cables pretty sturdy"

  • CHIZZ'd

    Ugh what a waste of money

  • 1234 Bibibib

    i like alienware pc, but using razer for mouse and logitch for key board

  • Lol Hm

    It sound like you dont know what you are talking about

  • Pablo Costela Pérez

    Does it work on any computer or laptop?

  • Golden Nub

    r u the maker of pokemon ex fighters?

  • Peter Kwon

    I think blackwidow has better design tbh.

  • lebronchainz

    you should take review off the video caption. u didnt review shit bro

  • Deanbonian

    It has kailh switches not cherry

  • Joshua V

    Good video, little tip, if you care to listen. So, a recommendation of mine is to look up the things on the packaging. If you do your research, you will sound much more qualified to do these videos (not that you aren't). I want to hear about the products I want by someone who seems very knowledgeable, and I believe quite a few would agree. Good luck man, again thanks for the review.

  • K9ick

    i have it AND I DONT KNOW HOW TF TO PROGRAM THE DAMN COLORS!on the mouse and keyboard

  • b8etaaa

    i dont know if its just me, but too me it seems like guy isnt very experienced in mechanical keyboards.

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