Elastos (ELA) Review - Better than NEO and Bitcoin?

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Elastos ELA Review and Price Prediction. Smart Web powered by blockchain. Operating system of the future. Elastos / ELA review - OS for Blockchain & the new internet. Elastos Operating system part 1 - the elastos neo stellar connection. The most promising cryptocurrency of 2018. Elastos ICO - blockchain driven smart web. Elastos January sale - clarification from CEO Rong Chen. Elastos - the aircraft carrier of blockchain?

To appease money-hungry lawyers and irresponsible people, it should be known that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I am merely educating and entertaining. What you do with your own money is your own responsibility. Seek the counsel of an intelligent financial advisor (good luck finding one) before investing yours or anyone else’s money. I Love Crypto!!!

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  • Brian McKee

    Month to late on this review manIts already up 100%

  • Steve Mascari

    Elastos is a POWE HOUSE

  • Yasuyuki Aono

    just buy bitcoin is enough!!

  • Thomas Jang

    lol randal , u keep on copy others people pick ,last was from ian now u copied chicos pick ,what a lame

  • bboyLT

    pretty late dude.. this coin was hot a month ago, and its going on binance ..

  • Pepe Ciccia

    I well understand Elastos Chen Ruan Han Seng and almost of geniuses. I understand it their baby for over 17 years.I never said anything negative about it. I just committed on the program. I don’t mean to upset you for any reason at all and forgive me if you felt that. I was merely making comment.So many new alt crypto currency on the market diluting the crypto market. Every one says that everything they reviewe are the next big deal.My apologies none intended 🙏

  • Drexl Krypto

    Why didn’t you wait a couple days after it hit binance before releasing this video...

  • James Hall

    Did you just say the guy who created windows "Vista" knows what he is doing? Hahahaha, made my day.

  • Crypto Numb Nuts

    why is it you feel the need to put some random girl with a bikini on in the thumbnail......really what does a girl in a bikini have to do with Elastos

  • PhilmyBush

    Sounds awesome. Thanks for bring this to our attention; however, rule number...'All time high..."

  • jep thedepp

    prestigecryptoprince is also hypeing this fraud.

  • Pepe Ciccia

    I think your a little objective. Think of all these current pies in the skies.... you’re looking at a shiny toy. But under the hood there’s probably a lot missing z just saying.

  • Michael Neugebauer

    just bought 5,44 Elastos for my last money :/ 77,77 dollar per ELA ... my lucky number is 7 ... i HOPE it gives us all luck and this gets the new platform... if not... doh :/

  • Daniel Hoffmann

    Hey randellRevisted them please:)Its world disrupting and prices will reflect it starting June 10th

  • jamk916

    You are almost always late..you are amature.

  • hedz8

    Randall dont hate on ETN smh they making big moves watch boyyy

  • daezjn

    bought ELA early Feb at $42 and now it's $71 :) glad I'm in! BTW you are so freaking hilarious!

  • KBrown92604

    Hmm.... would 2.5 of these be a good investment?

  • Yasuyuki Aono


  • Roman Klamecki

    So glad You made a video on this one, i found it today but their site doesnt work for me for some reaosn - " System Error. You can contact us by email: contact@elastos.org ." Only white paper worked so i decided not to read it, well ima do so and gonna make a big reaserch on this bad boy, cause its intresting af!

  • photinoman

    circulating supply is about ~13M actually.

  • Jacob Broughton

    Awesome review Crypto Love! Love your videos. Hey just curious, think you could take a look at a couple projects? Muirfield IP and Fr8 Network, i'm extremely curious to hear your thoughts on these as I find them quite interesting. Thanks man!

  • Yitzra Bisha

    Great video (no rothchild bashing - whew)

  • Pepe Ciccia

    So where’s it ranked?

  • Zol z

    If ELA can take iota's current cmc spot (which i believe it will hands down) and assuming the current supply is about 6.5mil that would give it a price of $700-800 lol so yeah....im in

  • BlockchainBrad

    Thanks Randall! I really appreciate your discussion of Elastos. It is technologically very powerful.

  • João Carlos Johanson

    If Vitalik was here, possibly he would say: Everybody, grow up o.O and: "Maybe almost all crypto currencies will go close to zero in some time". I think it's a lot of differents similar trying to solve problems currencies , a not cool game. Finally, BTC will prevail over all, cuz the comunity, the devs, the hard tests, the security, the side chains solving problems, etc Some different proposal currencies will prevail, but majority will die, among the 1500. Only time will show who's right I though. Editing, cuz maybe I was soo radical: Looks a good project, but paper accept anything. Let's see where it go... But I though Ark is also an interesting project connecting all differents BlockChains and all the Ecossystem, and now they're with a great Market Man.

  • K D

    Can only listen to this prick for 30 seconds max

  • Jorma 505

    Cryptoreviews are probably the only videos where I couldnt give less about the girl on the thumbnail, I guess I got my priorities right lol.

  • ANT

    Is it better than Lisk?

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