Best 6PCI-E Motherboards For Mining Rigs. смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве hd 720 лицензия

Today i show you what 6-7 GPU motherboards you can use, but just check out the others at while you support the channel while buying your hardware on Amazon

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  • Miguel Ramirez Sarabia

    Hi, hey i'm having some problems, i have 1 rx 480 gtr 8 gb, 1 rx 580 gts and 2 rx 580 gtr black edition,all xfx radeon , the thing is that msiafterburner is not showing core clock and anything when the 4 gpu are connected , when i connect 3 msiafterburning works good, can you help me with this i will apreciate a lot

  • Meu Canal Bitcoin

    Asrock H97-pro4 motherboard supports 6 video cards ??????.Can you please help me? I need this information.

  • Johnny Utah

    MSI Z97 GAMING 5, working "STABLE ON MINING" only after update the bios of motherboard.. Already used on 6 GPU :)

  • lazy boi

    how is the z270 prime for 1151 cpu's is it good ? will it run all 6 cards ?cpu g4560gpu rx 470's mobo z270 prime

  • Dagobert Duck

    Thank you for that video, it's very helpful... A new motherboard comes out, it has maybe a high price because it's the flagship MB, but maybe it's the first MB with 14nm CPU and DDR4 what can support 6 gpu... It's the new Biostar RACING X370GT7, for the new AM4 Ryzen CPU....


    hi "BuriedONE Blockchain", first thanks, i hv ryzen 1600 + asus prime x370, can i go for 6 gtx 1070s.Will my mb detect and support them without any issue? plz answer cause some people are reporting that there ryzen builds can detect more than 3-4 gpus.

  • Comic Chanel

    MSI Z97 GAMING 5 For minig 7 Gpu best overall

  • DrifterDavid

    I really like the biostar tb350-bt I've got it on 2 rigs at the house and basically just select mining in the bios and it recognizes multiple gpu's without doing much else besides driver install. And I paid about 80 bucks. Actually used it for some gaming too and works great.

  • Gabriel Omaña

    Hi BuriedONE, and for SOC 1151?

  • John Doe

    Can the Asus z370 pro tuf gaming run 6x GPUs ?

  • Pwned Factory

    I try on msi z170a pro(105€) next week... they have 2pcie x16 and 4pcie x1

  • Drew Who

    Can the Gigabyte Gaming 7 support 6 GPUs ? I currently have 5 and I'm mining Zcash. When I install a 6th card it's just stuck in a boot loop on start up. I tried updating BIOS but I don't know if I did it correctly. Do I have to extract the Zip first or leave is as a Zip. I extracted it first. Thanks for any help

  • Smart Crypto Trader Club

    How big is the Difference between 4GB's vs 8GB's mh/s ? and about which motherboard to go for right now as most of Good /famous for mining are out of stock , please tell me so i can go a buy them :) Thanks :)

  • Techtrick book

    i have asrock h81 pro btc r 2.0 , when i install 2nd gpu geforce 1050ti its says not enough memory error code 12, any solution?

  • subiesubie 5 dolla

    nice you're getting more view's :) happy for u man! o/

  • Amjad Abdeen

    What about a ASUS PRIME B250-PLU, Socket 1151 for 6 GTX 1080TI's any idea ?

  • Dan Mathewson

    I use the AsRock H81 Pro BTC boards in my 6 card rigs. 6 PCIe slots, LGA1150, DDR3 1600. They're no good for gaming but they rock for mining and they're only $100.

  • Almir Fiorio

    I have a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 R5 card, but I can not connect the video cards on the Riser Adapter 1x to 16x, can you help me?My adapter

  • DailyDaze

    BIOSTAR TB85 LGA 1150 - Running 6gpu's never had an issue with it and its MADE to mine, gonna order 10 more of these things!

  • Ricardo Montes

    nice but you need to check out 7 yes 7 pciex slots on this MB man it so good P9X79-E WSOverviewSpecificationsGallerySupport

  • arun satyarth

    The MSI Z series motherboards are such a looker. I have a MSI Z87 GD65 motherboard and its so sexy I could jerk off to it....

  • TrilogiaiLusion

    Hi, what do you think of the Z97 MPOWER MAX AC? PCI-e x7 ... can this board be used in mining? Is effective? Thank ..

  • HighPoint

    if We bought a h81 btc, does we need a pcie 16 x adapter because i only see 2 pcie 16 x for gpu...

  • karen Liu

    Thanks for the video. Any update with 1151? I can't seem to find old boards in my area.

  • Steven Matthew Lucas

    Best Motherboards from da Motherland... Yeah Man!

  • reboot1984

    Hi sir. Excuse me for my english. What you think the g1 380x and what card you Buy today

  • puremadly

    Is it asrock 890gx extreme 4 r2.0 possible to mine?

  • Vicky Affandi

    How about g1 snipper a88x?? Good or no for minning?

  • Cryptomined

    AsRock H97 Pro4 just has 4 PCI-E Slots, the other 2 are only PCI slots... There are literally 100's of boards that are good.. there are even a dozen or so Z170 boards that are usable with 6 PCI-E slots.There are the top 10 boards used with EthOS:H81 Pro BTC970A-DS3PH97 Anniversary Z97 GAMING 5 (MS-7917) 990FXA-UD3 Hi-Fi H81S2 970A-G46 (MS-7693) B85 Anniversary H81M-K H61 Pro BTC

  • Mehran Ali

    can i use z97 gaming 7 mother board for rig??please tell me which graphic card is best for ethereum mining..please i m begginer..

  • Shiza Rukasu

    I think asrock h97 pro4 supports only 4 cards

  • T S

    Do you know if it is alright to mix rx 480s with rx 580s in the same rig?

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