Gigabyte H110 Skylake Motherboard - Unboxing & Overview - GA-H110M-A

This is a quick unboxing and overview of a very nice Gigabyte H110 Skylake Motherboard.

This is a Micro ATX board, it will fit into just about any case, large and small, that takes the ATX form factor.

This board supports DDR4 RAM and is a great choice if you're building an inexpensive computer, either for general computing tasks or for modest gaming.

It pairs well with either the Intel Pentium G4400 or the Intel Core i3-6100 CPU.

Gigabyte GA-H110M-A - DDR4 - -

Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2PV - DDR3 - -

Intel Pentium G4400 - -

Intel Core i3-6100 - -

Intel Core i5-6500 - -

8GB DDR4 (2x4GB) - -

16GB DDR4 (2x8GB) - -

Basic Wi-Fi USB Adapter - -

1-to-2 Sleeved PWM Fan Splitter - -


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  • jerimiah reynoso

    you didnt explain the graphics card slot idk what kind of graphics card i have to get :(

  • Suyash Satpute

    Can i use i5 7500 in h110 m

  • brown9708

    don't buy this board, most of them are defective. they boot - loop

  • DariusForTh3Win

    I got an i3 8100,can i buy a h110m sh2 motherboard?

  • Mehboob Hussain

    H110M-D H110M-K or H110M-H

  • Tushar Kuware

    Which one is best i3 7100 or pentium g4560 for using programming language

  • Gangweed

    Can I run an i7 with this??

  • kodibuilds

    How about unknown ram

  • terry moogan

    Thank you for not swearing , my child watched this and found it very informative , unlike those idiots dropping fs and cs at every other word.

  • wicked sixth

    which is better Gigabyte GA-H110M-H VS MSI-H110M PRO-VH PLUS ?????

  • Meng Moua

    just picked one up for $16!

  • Shadow Blade

    u call 16mins quick? man u crazy

  • Fandango Lolo

    I am running a i5 7400 on this board and it runs great. Great channel, keep up the good work.

  • Deyu Andrei

    doesnt it have the bolts for mounting the motherboard to case? or a new case comes with the bolts?

  • Mohd Akhtar

    Can you please review I3 7100 with gigabyte h110m-h and gt 710 2gb card?

  • Andaya Jezreel

    Is it ok to go on it? With i5 6500?

  • M E M E

    Can I play Overwatch and Playerunknown Battleground without a graphic card?

  • Krsto Kai

    can i7 go in that,i7 7700k?

  • Manuel Perez

    it's lenovo... anyways nice review. :)

  • Kennedy Kenz

    One of the best tech. 👌

  • sarita kumari

    GeForce gtx 1060 6gb graphics card support or not

  • Elann Suvat

    You deserve more subscribers and views. Excellent, comprehensive review. You're now one of my go-to channels for tech.

  • Funk You

    Gigabyte GA-H110M-H vs Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3H Which is best???

  • Punk_ Unicorn

    do you get the screws ? I heard you don't get the standoffs and screws... is this true?

  • Gamer Tech

    Can you use El Gato HD Pro on this motherboard? i have this motherboard but just wanted to check before i buy the el gato hdpro60

  • rave master

    can I update this to use kaby lake I heard that you need skylake processor to update the bios

  • Andrew Pereyra

    which power supply fits

  • SGT_Twinkie Cake

    Can it support ddr 2? @tech deals

  • Garrett Hoving

    I can agree with other comments great video. I am looking to upgrade my 8-9 yr old system, its pretty bad. 4gb's of ddr2, unexperienced me threw a gt 710 in there because it was cheap on amazon. And a dual core 2.9 ghz processer...... ouch. But when i earn some more money (im only 14 and a half) looking to upgrade to a more current system. I got away with putting 8gb of ddr4-2400 2x4 in a $350 system, and a gt 1030. With this motherboard and the pentium g4400, not to mention a 80+ bronze modular power supply. THANKS PC PARTPICKER!!!!!!

  • Genius

    Can i use this with an i7 7700k?

  • INSPIRED red

    H110m s2 is this good

  • Usam

    I just bought today ( August 4, 2017 )I have, ( please comment, I need opinions )H110M-A Motherboard600 Watts PSUIntel Core i3-7100GeForce GT 10308 GB RAMDDR51TBmy case is an AERO-1000 ( a huge one )really nice review btw, I learned a lot.

  • Dabbi GZ TM

    does it work with Intel I5 2500K?

  • latrell llana

    can i use this board in i3-7100/

  • Ryan Lin

    I am buying it todaydoes i7 6700 work?

  • Madan GC

    does this motherboard supports intel pentium g4560 ??

  • Muhammad Saadullah

    Can i use 2666mhz or higher clocked ram idont care if it auto under clock to 2100mhz I just want to buy a good ram for future proofing

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