GTX 275,

Thermal Paste replacement
  • KyleJesus

    This really helped me clean my 260 ocx. Still holding on to it.

  • ShadowxMakerZ

    :) ty for the card unhooding very detailed.

  • Izak80

    @jmcu6969 Is it recomended that i change the thermal pads aswell? Why i ask is that you only removed an reapplied the thermal paste not the pads.

  • WeBuild4Life

    Hhahahah one year later i am back to this video. My card was hitting 105*C playing a game so i came back as a refresher. Now it is only 70 :D!

  • Richie Gillum

    thx man, prepping an old 275 for another 100000 miles! lol :P

  • jmcu

    It is recommended to replace the pads as well, I didn't replace because the pads that were on there were pretty fresh.

  • jmcu

    @Wowpvpkid On this card I just added the lines without a spred. The paste I used is pretty thick (ceramique - thermal paste). It is just a little too much paste. My other cards and cpu I use the spred technique. ( Phobya HeGrease) It is a much thinner TIM and spreds like butter.

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