Ethereum Mining with GTX 1070 32 MH/s 70% Power Limit TDP + Monero CPU Mining

ETH mining with 32 MH/s with Geforce GTX 1070 Palit Super Jetstream @ only 70% TDP by overclocking. Playback ist 2x speed. Activate subtitles to see comments.

GTX 1070 8GB Palit Super Jetstream
Intel i5-4670
250 GB Samsung SSD
Win 10 Pro 64bit

stable configuration with MSI Afterburner Tool:
Core Voltage: +0
Power Limit %: 70
Temp Limit locked at 72°C
Core Clock MHz: +0
Memory Clock: +950
Fan Speed: Auto
32 MH/s at Ethereum under 100 Watt of GPU power

Monero Mining with 3 out of 4 CPUs doesn`t affect ETH mining

@2:57: TDP set to 75%
@3:47: TDP set back to 70%
@5:00: Settings reseted to default
@5:30: Memory Clock set to +950
@6:30: TDP set to 70%
@7:15: Monero stopped Monero CPU miner
@8:15: Power Limit set to 80%
@8:35: Power Limit set to 90%
@9:00: Power Limit set to 70%
@9:45: Clodes MSI Afterburner Tool

I don`t know why at the end the power usage fluctuating from 155 to 220 Watt. If someone knows, please tell me.
  • Khinx Urfa Vegas

    can someone give me any idea if how much one will earn per day mining with this 50-60mh/s

  • Shinsei i

    just wanna ask Im having CUDA error after i tweak my memory clock to +800your mining rig is similar to mine. GTX 1070 8GB Palit Super Jetstreamhave you encounter this problems.?

  • Leandro Barbosa

    I'm mining ETH while i'm sleeping.. My OC is: Power Limit: 60% / Core Clock: +140 / Memory Clock: +800. The temperature it's 55ºC all the time at 35% Fans (Asus Strix GTX 1070) and GPU Clock: 1450MHZ / Memory Clock: 4608MHZ / 781mV. Is it safe? Thanks.

  • Mika Tarkela

    My screen got all weird colors flickering when I applied these settings and started mining :/ had to shut down my pc

  • Dydy Dydy

    I'm use 50 pl try no diffrent. MSI 1070 micron menory + 1050ti 1100 h/s 1070 core +0 memory +630.

  • Rommel Castro

    Hello, How does the OC affect useful life of the card? or when i make the OC , i see the Temp down, but the Volt also down , can this help to the useful life?, thanks RC

  • wen li ritchie lee

    What is the memory clock for??

  • KrazY Fun

    Yo can you guys help me? I can't get my GTX 1060 6gb to go above +700mhz on memory clock. if I go past that it would go unstable. As of now my mh/s is @ 23.5-23.7mh/s. Any tips? both cards have samsung memory. One is PNY XLR8 and the other is the normal PNY GTX 1060. Thanks!

  • Robert Robak

    you can try undervolting 850mv ctr+f

  • xinxilas xin

    All running good until now? I started with 3 1070, im curious if 1070 have a good lifespan while mining. I heard on forums some old AMD running at least 3 years and still alive, but not many stories about 1070, so are they still alive after 8 months?

  • wen li ritchie lee

    Is my 37mhs too much? For my gtx 1070 armour i set power limit 77%Temp limit 72°Core clock 0Memory at +90Fan auto. (Will auto setting eat more electric).Is above setting overclocking my Gpus? I put it under the aircond and its super hot still.

  • Igor Chesnokov

    what type of memory (micron, samsung, hynix)?

  • igal Zevulun

    me to check 1070 vs rx 580 mining eth or xmr/other coins..i tinhk is same +- mh/s 31 the 1070 also 60~90 watt ? vs 580rx ? with same mh/ with 100~140 watt

  • Stock123 Future123

    hey u crap...look all are rejected hashes.....dont mislead here

  • Anewbies

    are these cards still in good condition?

  • Dimitrije Petrović

    Guys can u help me? Does memory cloock speed chenge something for mining l wach for Gainward GeForce® GTX 1070 Memory Clockspeed : 4000Mhz (DDR 8G), does it chenge something for mining performance? And does have any differenc chenge betwin Memory Clockspeed : 4000Mhz and 8008Mhz? Thanks.

  • Mitchell Surendorff

    Galax 1070 Exoc - 50% power, +700 mem, getting 31.7mh, 55deg, 165w System power

  • qwery

    just got an rx 580 (hynix) and I get 31/32 MH/s stable with the bios mod, underclocking the core by -250 and overclocking the memory by +300

  • Stephen Tackett

    Mine got to 37....and went all white...and I heard a voice say..'GO BACK..IT'S NOT YOUR TIME....TELL THEM I AM REAL".....And then I suddendly came back to life at 29...

  • Mario Passendorf

    Probably Samsung memory chips , my GTX 1070 got Micron and max memory oc is 4450MHz

  • Mario Passendorf

    1800MHz on gPU while mining ETH is a pure waste of electricity , lower gpu clocks when mining ETH !!!!b.t.w Do not sell all your ETH or DASH coins good news from Wall Street this cryptos going much over 1000$ within 2-3 Months

  • Science and knowledge

    Thank you my brother for this great creativity and explanation, I just want to know whether this graphic card is valid or not? Is it high temperature or not? And what is the amount that you deal with in a day? From Ethereum Mining

  • The next Kanzler

    Hmm komisch bekomme nur so ca 25-26 Mh/s mit meiner Asus 1070 :/ habe auch das -U in der .bat Datei eingestellt :/ Kann mir da wer helfen? Die GPU auslaslastung schwankt auch extrem sollte die nicht konstant bei 100% sein?

  • antonio bradiano

    so if I accidently took my power limit to 120 % and screen went white wasnt over heating. would my graphics card be ok? and if so or not. Are there any software out to check to see if graphic cards are still ok?

  • downpaymentblues44

    why is it that i'm getting a much better hash rate WITHOUT MSI afterburner for a 6 gpu rig (nvdia cards). when i use MSI with similar settings i'm getting unstable total hash rate from 60 - 180 and CPU utilization constantly hits 100%...when i close down MSI im getting much more stability from 172-180 at all times and equivalent power usage as i would with MSI...

  • Zan Risk

    Getting 62.6 mh/s on my 2x GTX 1070 Palit Super Jetstream @ 55% Power Limit

  • Angga Priardika

    i have gtx 1070 micron memory , but im only get 1.5 - 2.5 mh/s :((( , can someone help me ? for now im just mining zcash and got 440-460 sol/s


    i can only get 31.02 mhs with my aorus xtreme gaming 1070

  • Filip Rasic

    I wanna buy a rig with 6x palit 1070 gpus Are they good, never heard of palit?

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