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First RavenCoin defied ASICs with x16r- and now PigeonCoin is at it again with x16s. But is it really worth mining?

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Is It Worth Mining PigeonCoin?
  • Eóin Moloney

    Hive.os does support Cryptonote 7. You just use a different miner. XMR-STAK miner instead of ccminer.

  • ivan belyy

    PGN coin miner

  • DragonBallForever

    Mining PGN as well ofc need hold as price isn t as it can be for sure road map and new webpage on way I see PGN fairly realistic 120 satoshi price post was made by toxic RVN coin fanboy they are atacking PGN all time on discord. First off all they not ask donate 500k PGN like it was whit RVN when DEV say they will never found listening if comunity won t pay. on PGN dev give 500K PGN to buy for any one who want stock it they need 0.5BTC for Cryptobridge payment, DEV never ask to donate PGN for listening they put already mined PGN in early phase for sale to get listed. and PGN is already listed on CB whit price shot to 80 sat whit 3rd bigest volume on CB

  • narutojas

    what happened PigeonCoin

  • SkengeLicious

    Great video Seth, keep up the good work! as to answer your question, Monero ofc ;)

  • curryCKS

    I started mining PGN a few days ago just for fun and stockpile a bunch of coins really fast. Purely speculative at this point and if it tanks then i only lost a few days of mining, but if it gets listed on and exchange then i may make a pretty penny.

  • Captain Rylen

    I prefer ravencoin. Pigeon coin might be good someday, but what they are proposing on this coin i believe have been done on some other coins... What i like about Ravencoin is it has a million dollar funding from overstock. Of course there is also Whale G. Soros who invest in overstock right after. Hmm might be bad or good depending how you look at it.. Raven i guess trying to accomplish faster block time and so more. A fork of code from btc.. Maybe and that a maybe it might shine or it maybe another shit coin.. who knows.. For now im riding this ravencoin.. Its a long term ride..As mining is to be more profitable.

  • Rimvydas zkas

    Mining pool for PIGEON COIN pigeon mining pool

  • Def Qon

    interesting when chicken coin is coming out

  • ryan williams

    Your channel is hilarious and informative.

  • trilingualkid

    Fuck Asic...if you buy Asic then fuck you too. Way to support the damn Chinese you dummy! Hope they steal all your cash.

  • Seth Estrada

    Are you already mining an ASIC resistant coin? Which is your favorite?

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