RX470/480 HYNIX Memory BIOS Mod/Flash Tutorial For High Mining Speeds

Today i show you the way on how to mod and flash the BIOS of RX 470 and RX 480 cards to mine faster at speeds up to 31Mh/s!

This should work for all brands and types of RX470s and RX480s.

The website tutorial version: http://www.buriedone.com/hynix_mod.html

ATIFlash: https://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/2728/atiflash-2-74

Bios Editor if you mod manual:

GPU-Z to see what memory type you have:
  • wang kai

    Hi i got some issues here. Every time I adjust my memory clocks my hash-rate will drop to 5mh/s I don't know why. Im using RX 580 8g Sapphire

  • ceser atalay

    How about msi rx580 8gb armor modding ?

  • 林曈

    Thanks for this nice video. I tried this method to modify the timing strap of the memory (RX480 8GB Hynix), however, each time I flash the bios, the system couldn't recognize the card and cannot use it for mining. I have to restore the back up file and everything is working only at 22 MH/s. What is going wrong? I feel very flustrated. Appreciate any help.

  • Mary Wel

    Do we return the Bios switch to the other position? How to run the patch after rebooting? No display now.

  • BITCOIN 0295

    its the same for 8gb rx 470 hynix?

  • George f

    Once you do that and remove the GPU will the GPU remember the new settings? planning on modding in win10 then installing on ETHOS miner...

  • Mocanu Bogdan

    well this didnt work for me..went from the stock 20mh to 0 mh :)))))...good thing you do the backup and can revert back.This was done on xfx 8gb rx470 with the hynix memory.

  • Hadrien Ultimate Gaming

    Hi I have an rx480 4gb (sapphire rx480 nitro oc +)model and i wanted to flash i checked on my box and scratched the label to see if it was 8gb. It was , only problem is that I have a hynix memory and not samsung memory so i dont know if flashing will break my card even though my card is a 8gb model.Thanks for reading this hope you or someone can answer as fast as possible.

  • JD recycling

    So i did this on a MSI armor rx 470 8gb and i got 18MH in ethos, also for my timings i have a 2200 option when in here i only see a 2000, do i also change the 2200?

  • Excellence Distinction

    Great presentation well done and how can someone connect 1000 GPUs to one monitor?

  • Bhavani M

    I hereby request a VBIOS rom for the following graphics card.Brand: SapphireModel: RX 580 Nitro+Memory size: 8GBMemory manufacturer: HynixCustom settings: Want higher hashrate for XMR or Zcash if any other Cryptocurrency mining.

  • siow yi joe

    Hi does this biod mod work for rx580?

  • Fernando Ribeiro

    Hi There!Thanks for your videos, they are very helpful. I have a question though, since I feel that I still didn't get a stable and ideal combination of memory clock and core clock. My gpu's are MSI rx 570 x gaming 4Gb, Hynix memories. On afterburner I have 1050Mhz for core clock and 2025 Mhz for memory clock. I'm getting about 28 Mh on ETH + 3900 Mh on DCR on Claymore miner. But it doesn't seem very stable, because after a couple of hours I tend to have one random GPU that decreases to 25 Mh or less. Do you (or someone who read this and has the same cards and memories) have some values to compare with these?

  • Gen-X Crypto-Miner

    The new Polaris bios editor has an auto command, you no longer have to manually edit your straps

  • Henry De la paz

    u can make a video with process to XFX R9 280x plz

  • ArcticFox

    HELP ME PLS!!! i have 5 cards sapphire rx 470 4 gb turbo (hynix). BUT I HAVE 17 mh/s on etherium , after fleshing i have 21 mh/s maximum!!! what i doing wrong? last claymore , only etherium! not dual, last Crimson drivers and polaris editor 1.4 ... in bios i changed after 1500 mhz , tpd 85 tdc 125 max power limit 150.. in msi afterburner core 1216 memory 2000 , power limit +0. what i do wrong?? only 20 mh/s!!! if i make 2100 memmory - i get 20.700 mh/s (((((((

  • Shahbaz chaudhary

    Hello dear.I have galax gtx 1060 6gb cardsof hynix memory.on ethereum mining its gave only 19.5mhs on OC.can you tell me how can i increase it ?

  • Milos Jovanovic

    Also, did you edit the max TDP to 85? What is the original? Also, did u edit the amps (A) (idk if its amps), if so, why 125, wat?

  • Imran shah

    If i did everything correct then is it safe? Do Card will run for long period as it should work on stock bios? No harm in future? Currently im getting 26.7mhs after bios modification rx 470 reference card hynix. Will my work for long period?

  • Mahsa Rash

    forgot to run the atikmdag after restarting bro

  • sporks

    fuck, your why i can sell my 460 and get a 1070 lol

  • Mark Rex

    Link to hynix_mod.html not working

  • OmniKrauzer

    Anyone able to get a 31mhs BIOS MOD on Red Devils?

  • Gabriel Goncalves

    my memory says is hynix, but i can only use the samsung and elpida editors? im confused

  • crypto mining

    I have a gigabyte aorus rx570 4gb hynix is ​​what I can follow this tutorial, thank you for your reply

  • Shutter Eff3ct

    Guys remember to enable compute mode in driver settings if you are running latest AMD driver!

  • Maverick Winter

    If all my cards are sapphire nitro rx 470 4g can I use the same rx470tune.rom files for all? Or do them individually? Also my sapphire nitro rx 470 does not have a bios silent mod? What do I do now? Hynix Thanks

  • giorgi kanteladze

    hello !!! I need your help!! I have msi r9 380 Hynix and an can not to open bios with Polaris bios editor!!! help me if you can please :)

  • JAM

    I have 4 rx 470 OC's with hynix memory and I only get 16mhs each when mining ethereum!? Is that normal??

  • Marcin Kornas

    Hi. My rx470 8gb have no that switch. Is that means I can not modify bios.I know it is old card. It for experience.

  • andrija a

    Hey so i have the msi armor rx 470 8gb hynix and when i bios mod it and restart my pc then the card is recognized but wont be in use so how do i make the card work after bios mod it.

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