Building a SWEET $1000 Ryzen Gaming PC!

Building a SWEET $1000 Ryzen Gaming PC!
⇨ Sponsor Link - Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4:
PARTS: ~$1050 1600X Version:
PARTS: ~$1000 1600 Version:

► Parts List (as shown):
AMD Ryzen 5 16​00X 6-Core 12-Thread​ AM4 CPU -
Cooler Master MasterAir Pro 4 CPU Cooler -
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 RAM 3000MHz -
MSI GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Gaming X -
Asus PRIME B350-PLUS ATX AM4 Motherboard -
SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB Solid State Drive -
NZXT S340 (Black/Red) ATX Mid Tower Case -
Cooler Master 650W 80+ Gold Fully-Modular ATX PSU -

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Twitter: @paulhardware

► Edited by Joe Aguilar - ShaostylePostProductions

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Audio file(s) provided by AudioMicro
  • Luigi Rebollos

    Love this build. However, not a big fan of the case.

  • Paul's Hardware

    Everyone think happy thoughts and feels so that my copyright claim dispute goes through! I used a track from AudioMicro (legitimately) called "So Sexy" at the very end (starting at 13:29). It was published on AudioMicro in 2013, but in 2014 a Korean Rapper (that's a thing?) called Crucial Star used the same track as the background music in a "rap song" (I'm using the term "song" loosely) called "I'm the One". The parent company Grandline Entertainment has now claimed my video based on the track that their shitty musician didn't even create. That's YouTube!

  • PrinceY

    I saw the case, I was like "nopenopenopenope"

  • Marwan Abd El-Ghany

    8:15 please what alternative should i use if i don't have this?

  • Rohit kariha

    i have build this pc by seeing your video and it won't boot


    this mortheboard suport 3000 MHz ram native o only oc ?

  • Richard Urbanec

    2018, my $1000 Ryzen build:CPU Ryzen 5 2600XMobo MSI B350 gaming plusRAM: Patriot 16 GB RAM DDR4 3400 MHzGPU - MSI 1050Ti 4 GB OCSSD: WD 240 GB (I could have used the 120 GB SSD I got as a gift for buying the gpu, but well, I think 120 GB won't be enough for me as this is NOT just a gaming PC, but also a programming workstation)HDD: Seagate barracuda 2 TB 7200 RPMPSU: Some 50 bucks PSU of 85+% efficiencyCase: Zalman Z1 Neo

  • Khalid Hawas

    Gpu prices are doubled lol rip

  • UseR

    700 for the GPU alone

  • Yadvendra Meena

    Isn't 500 or even 450 watt enoug? 🤔

  • Herodot Părintele istoriei

    This PC is more than 1700$ in my country, I think :(

  • Arjan Cheng

    I'm a new subscriber and I must say your builds are very entertaining, amusing and humorous, but more importantly INFORMATIVE, thanks a lot sir.

  • Uncle-Gamer Martinx

    Awesome case Paul...

  • matej braje

    Only ryzen 5 and gtx 1070 is 1000$ in my country xd

  • IronHansSmithy

    I bought the prime b350 as a refreshed item on Amazon (literally all it said was that the outbox was slightly damaged) and it never came with that CPU mounts so I can't put my CPU cooler ontop of my processor and I have no clue what to do about it, where can I get that part from?!


    First video that I watched from him and my first thought was “is that Ean from Alvin and the chipmunks

  • PWAK

    should i go for ryzen 1600 or i5 8400 for gaming and recording?

  • Todd Carver

    Hey Paul, I've been recently browsing YouTube for PC builds and I happen to find yours (I looked at other channels too but thought you were the right person). I'm going to build my first PC soon and wonder what frames this rig can put out. I'm a noob at this. I don't know exactly what I need to put together a PC. If you could leave a list of what is needed that would be appreciated.

  • Paul Reinert


  • Benny FLG

    Can you turn off the leds on the mobo?

  • tactical lick clan

    im using this build as a template so what i did was i changed the case and went to a hard drive and i also changed the case and i got it down to 950 so im happy about it and im gonna build it when i get the money

  • max steele

    Exact built will cost me almost 1500+ usd. For 1000 usd i can only go for ryzen 5 2400 , 8 gb ram, 1060 3gb , power =550 bronze , asus b350 mb.

  • Oleh Petryshyn

    why you use an 3000 ghz ram if that ryzen and b350 plus support just 2666(and go to 3000 with oc)?

  • The Lamp

    Are gpus still crazy expensive?

  • Chairon DeCeleste

    And don't remove all 4 screws around the cpu socket at once @ backplate woes :D

  • Dawid Rabix

    What about HDD is there enough space to put it inside?

  • thresher09

    The gpu alone cost 637$ :(

  • Aldwin Estorco

    how much do you think this build today? considering the price of gpu now hmm

  • DeterminedGarabage

    How do you build a gaming PC on YouTube and not have benchmarks lol

  • Will MacG

    i cided to do one like this year should be cool thanks Paul

  • McRom37

    thats is gonna be bad, Fat_Head👦🏽💻 NO M.2 NVme SSD, for the Boot up

  • Arnold Tóth Isaszegi

    cost like 2000 now :(

  • Gabe Privett

    I am the 780,501 sub

  • Sean FuckingPablo

    Can this pc fit a phanteks eclipse p300 case???

  • surade

    Me looking at this now when it would cost 1600 plus

  • Chester Pulido

    Around 1500 dollars in japan right now

  • J.Alexe 7

    This PC Build costs $1600 in 2018

  • Jake Ashworth

    I’ve had the same issue with the three extra stand offs but I can’t get them or the motherboard out. What should I do. I feel like,p my only option is to keep going and hope for the best. What will happen will it not work ?

  • Eli Mogenson

    Looking back at these older build videos is just depressing, considering how much this would cost today.

  • schlaznger

    4-16-18 this build costs $1311.82 not including the cooler for the cpu as it shows it's unavalible.

  • vegas wajeel

    How much is this build on 29 Sep 2018?

  • Hicham Gouchida

    Give me the gtx 1070 please

  • leftabitcharlie

    Today (mid-July 2018) this build is 1379 USD from amazon.

  • xXx_69_HaX0rDaN0uSkoupahsWaGdarud3w33dstorm_69_xXx

    When you could build a computer with a good CPU and a 1070 for 1000$


    Because of my Budget can I build this with a GTX 1060 6GB with the stock AMD ryzen 5 cooler?

  • real trends_

    Whats better 1060 3 gb or RX 570 cause all I will be doing is streaming, gaming and video editing

  • Tomáš Fidranský

    Pretty sad I would get this build for almost 1600 usd in august 2018, even tho there are like 4x - 5x lower salaries in my country

  • Yader Trundle

    Ryzen 2600 or 1600x?

  • JX cheung

    I’m really really desperate for help! I buy Corsair Vengeance Rgb ddr4 3000mhz 4x8 gb. I’m using Asus prime b350 plus motherboard. I want to know whether I can run the Ram stable in 3000mhz or 2933?


    fuck for me to build this its going to cost me &1488. crap! need a PC for around 1000

  • brandon g

    In May 2018 this build will cost about 1600.

  • Spookyboy2000

    I am gonna buy this pc but chanche it a little and its a bit more than $1000

  • PedroJR

    you didn't even show the gaming performance and how good it is for PC

  • Captian NOVA

    Can I Use Elgato HD60pro with Msi gtx 1050 ti oc 4gt on asus B350 Plus?

  • Max Haddon

    Would this be good for 1440p Overwatch??

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