How to Build a Z170 Gaming PC from Start-to-Finish Featuring ASUS Z170

Learn to build a killer ASUS Z170 Gaming PC from start-to-finish in this epic tutorial. Featuring the ASUS Z170-A Motherboard. Chapter breakdown and Parts List below:

01:02 The Chassis
04:27 Case Fans
5:48 CPU Cooler
8:14 LED Strips
9:25 Power Supply
12:13 Custom Sleeved Cables
14:16 SSD
16:22 M.2 SSD
19:30 RAM
22:41 HDD
24:05 Motherboard
29:26 Graphics Card
32:18 Optional Accessories
37:04 Useful PC Building Tools

39:52 Installing the CPU
42:00 Installing the Memory
43:23 Installing the M.2 SSD
44:30 Installing Case Fans
52:35 Installing the radiator fans
56:59 Mounting the radiator
59:31 Mounting the PSU
1:03:14 Installing the motherboard and I/O Shield
1:07:46 Installing the CPU Cooler
1:09:55 Installing the Storage Drives
1:12:53 Routing and Cable Management
1:18:32 Installing the GPU
1:20:43 Conclusion

Build list

Accessories or optional items for the build.
Kingston HyperX Predator M.2 SSD
Kingston HyperX Savage 2.5” SSD
Custom PSU Cables

For more information head over to:


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  • Kevin Kacala

    I Build it 2 years ago, & My Brother LOVES IT!!!!! SkyLake Rocks!!!AmaZing & Thanks for the Video!!!! Time Now to build a New One! GodSpeed!!!!! :) :) :)

  • Max payne3

    hi i have built a core i3 6100 mobo B150 lga 1151 pc and everything is fine but i cant find my HDD in bios and i also dont know to enable hdd because there's no boot option so please help me..thanks

  • Aryan qabir

    can you guys make a review of asus z170-A motherboared !

  • Ravn

    new drinking game, every time he says "go ahead", you take a shot.

  • Kevin Y

    anyone have issues with this MOBO and the i5 6600k. The cpu keeps going up to 100% on any application. Youtube videos shutters

  • Money Decena

    JJ... need your helpHi my friend... I'm having a problem with a am3 gaming aura motherboar... the problems is simple... the boar is not able o load my western digital black from time to time. if I disconect the pc and change the cables them the boar is able to load the hard drive... but afther the boar is turn off... them it will do the same.. I did updated bios.. change sata cable and powel cord and dont know what to do... I lost the lable from the boar to register on and i'm not able to get in contac whit them... can you bring ligth to my life...? My maing drivers is a SSD Evo 120 gb

  • Gory Glory

    just got the z170 pro aura with a i7 6600k..Still benvhmatking it to see as I watch this.Paired it with a M.2 Plextor and WD 7200 rpm for storage plus the fury hyper x.Nice detailed vid..

  • Auston S

    You talk way to fucking much I don't give a fuck how it works just show me how to put it in

  • Spencer Tycksen

    Nice vid. But all I could hear after a while was "go ahead and... go ahead and... go ahead and..."

  • Adrian 1991

    Wrong direction of radiator vents, if you keep like that not gonna cool anything hot air will be introduced into the PC!!! u have to change cpu radiator fans direction to pull out air not pull into the case hot air.

  • YTP Lordt

    Insert Bill Lumberg Office Space meme here

  • Stopher Bforbum

    Hi ! I've recently installed a 6700k Skylake (1151) on an Asus Pro Gaming Aura Mobo, the thing is that it freaked me out a little or alot because when i pulled the lever back or tightened it, it made this horrible crackling sound or somewhat crunching noise, it is safe to say that it all worked out just fine when i booted up the first time and bare in mind that it was a "oneshot" Good-to-go build, but that noise, i've never heard anything like it nor do i know why it did this, could you please enlighten me or tell me what's up?

  • Yarskie

    You jump over CPU specs ? tell me please ?

  • mr maarten

    i got the z170 motherboard , when the pc is on is it normal that its flashing a red light ? is there a way to change te colour or turn it off ? thanks in advance

  • 1idd0kun

    Wait, did he mount the PSU with the fan looking upwards? The shroud doesn't seem to have any holes for the PSU to breath up there. What a rookie mistake.

  • Elias Sundberg Käll

    I built almost the same pc, but with better gpu and ssd. h440 as case.

  • shad manigat

    hi what's is the utility of the USB type-c on a desktop????for a external GPU? it's possible?

  • grg panop

    hi there. can i put this motherboard in obsidian 450d with h80i v2 at the rear

  • DSM Dallas

    Why not just plug in the CPU power cable onto the board and feed the power cable to the PSU. MODULAR LOLAlso that I/O back plate is super cheap looking. Glad we dont see that anymore.

  • John Trachsel

    i cant detect mydigitalssd 250gb ssd installed in the nvme drive :(

  • BorossAngkor

    I just got an Asus Z170 motherboard it is not booting up and no display outputs. Anyone else know what can cause it?

  • SAAS

    this guy just talks and talks and talks and talks and talks...and please just go ahead...and dont forget before going ahead to make sure everything is lined up and then go ahead. At that point you are good to go, go ahead. Now we are going to install the power supply ao go ahead, put this screw in and before the second screw go ahead. Now the third step is go ahead and remove the side panel and then go ahead and touch your balls. Go ahead touch the left testicle and make the right one jealous.

  • Venka Dx

    every guy doesnt show the cable connection part :/

  • John Batchler

    That is water cooling does it add weight to the the system ? Does the coolant u use is it beneficial or is it a a Prestone coolant fir radiator

  • Ghoste

    Is this a build video or an advertisement??

  • Sir. Fun

    where is part 2 (setting it up with windows etc...)?

  • Hoovy Weapons Guy

    Holy shit 45 min of trash content just build the goddamn PC !!

  • S.P.K SR.

    My z170 had a sticker on the sata port that said "os drive" i noticed yours Did not have that. Do you recommend i use a particular spot for my boot drive

  • TJ

    the orientation of those fans is totally wrong, is he high?

  • Omar Atega

    I wish the videos showed how to connect each wiring to the motherboard. I would really help.

  • Tebbit123

    how did he connenct 3 pin fans to kraken x61 ?????? wouldn't they just run at full speed ? cuz they only take 4 pin fan???

  • shad manigat

    hi where can i buy or order a asus mother board directly without Amazon??

  • AKA-.-

    I'm struggling with the z270-a io shield how does he do it

  • Joe Blogs

    is it just me or is he going to starve his power supply of much needed airflow, like he has a vent at the bottom for it, but places it in upside down?

  • Ramon

    Go ahead and like this comment

  • Ruth Wilson

    All that talk,and you didn't explain the motherboard connections. You love to hear yourself talk.

  • Jordan family

    Will ddr3 1333 work on this board

  • Stank Worm

    How many pins for the ddr4? 240? 260? Can't seem to find D that info anywhere.

  • Adam DeHaven

    Do you have a link for the USB 3.1 UPD Panel? I can't find them available for purchase

  • ProjectVita

    Where does the HD Audio input go on the mother board? I see no marking for it.

  • Sean Trench

    Skipped over all the steps on how to wire the board.

  • Chris Gomez

    where is the follow up video?? setting up bios, enabling raid, etc...

  • TheDrune

    Just got this motherboard installed last week, love the board itself, shame the Asus software suite kept causing blue screens on startup and had to uninstall them. Motherboard wants to put the cpu voltage up a bit high and I am not sure if that is normal for a 4.8 Ghz overclock.

  • Leo C

    Hi, i have the MoBo ASUS Sabertooth Z170S, i think is wonderfull but i habe a problem, there's no way to work with 64 GB RAM, it recognized just 32 Gb. The RAMs are compatible according to the ASUS QV list, (Corsair 4X16GB 2666 MHZ) but still not working, i probeed every single memory in every sloot and everything work fine. What should i do ? Thanks

  • Nightmare2night

    This chassi is horrible, it vibrates 24/7 and makes so much noise

  • Kemoi Même

    Asus, i strongly advise you to change some of your employees. I can't see anywhere how to start this asusthing once assembled. O.0.. Isn't the point of having a computer, to switch it on? Asus, you're on the wrong way, i know you wont heard at me lol. This is how romans and greeks lost their civilisation :).

  • Donnie Brasco

    you need to cut those nails and stop saying "go ahead" that much. you're welcome

  • Miselain

    As someone who is doing their first build with this MB, thanks a ton. This is extremely helpful.

  • Adam Carter

    "In Terms" counter @ 1 MILLION!!

  • Michael Horton

    thanksgreat presentation

  • Aardvark

    you made me fall asleep

  • WendigoHunter

    I just installed the Z170-A with a core i5 6500 and I'm getting no post the LED is green at the bottom but still getting no display.

  • Nive s

    is the z170-e okay for gaming?

  • Elizabeth Perez

    im Using a fractal design r5 case and it isnt powering on we tried plugging in allof thecords it came with to no avail. please help getting frustrated with this.

  • AppelhansRS

    ASUS - Never dress the face of the company with a darker shade of white than their surroundings. I have to double take to realize it's not dirty and boozey from last nights bad decisions. That and he has a big horizontal crease across the stomach - right at chassis and hand level. It gets more noticeable as time continues. People do subconsciously notice these things.

  • Kyle Boyer

    Where does the 1934 plug go?

  • AJ James

    go ahead and go ahead and go ahead and go ahead and

  • Synthematix

    mate ive watched most of your videos theyre very good! im seriously thinking about buying this motherboard with a 7700k cpu and 16gb ram

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