Gaming on a Laptop using an External GPU

In this experimental video I try connecting a desktop graphics card to a laptop... the results were certainly interesting.


I've been wanting to try this out for a while, so a big thanks to BangGood for sending me the adapter (ebay link above, banggood link below).
  • Kartik Abhyankar

    Is it compatible with Dell Inspiron 3521

  • Gary

    hello, can I still use WIFI if I remove the wifi device?

  • Dylan Enricho Le Roux

    I have kind of a long question. Lol. I have a Dell XPS 17-L702X laptop that has a i7-2nd gen cpu, GeForce GTX 555M gpu and 16gb of ram running windows 10 pro. It's a great machine but it's struggling with modern gaming. My question is if I do add a gpu to my motherboard via the pci-express riser card adapter, would the gigs of the gpu be added to my 3gb dedicated onboard gpu or would it be a stand alone figure? Also would the work together as one unit or will the GB of the external Gpu only be picked up by games? I would like to know because Im interested in doing one of your DIY builds turning my laptop into a desktop but I'd like to add the gpu.. Looking forward to your reply or anyone that can answer my questions. Id appreciate

  • Carl Johnson

    That is not atx psu though?

  • Rangel Costes

    You should make a case for this

  • Ryan Chen

    Is there some way I can do this without taking apart my computer, in other words, line them up to a thunderbolt 2 or hdmi input on my computer. I want to do this so I don't need to spend 200 dollars on a graphics card box.

  • Nasr Koba

    can i ask u a favour? will this gpu(i7 7700hq) will handle gtx 1080ti? in laptop

  • flyingbazooka

    What kind of graphics card is it

  • Davit V

    Who else is watching in 2018, when Type C Thunderbolt 3 does it all?


    His laptop was booting and he is playing games on which pc see on 2:42 his laptop was booting , is he manupulating us. Chutia bana ra hai bc

  • Eric Trenkel

    Banggood link is dead.

  • Angel LaHash

    How far can you push this, ie can you use two Graphics card with SLI/Crossover Link

  • RadioactivityGaming


  • Maddogjez

    Whats the game, with the shark, Tomb Raider? Nice setup for sure!

  • Kaizerr9311 Poos4eva

    Please answer ASAP can you use the laptop graphic card and the pc graphic card together to play gamesAnd if the graphic card is not the same can you still use both

  • Menma XP

    U can play online game???

  • Blank

    can i ask? what kind of power supply did you use to power up a Graphics card?

  • Abhilash prince

    And what was that laptop screen showing win 7 logo and tomb rider is loaded ? in other screen?????

  • bismark5566

    @DIY perksGood morning sir I have 8years old laptop powered by i3 core.Will this external gpu work for me?And i dont understand why when im running simple games my device shotdown. Fan sound so loud and then itvwill die. Thank you to anyone that will answer.

  • ocaiera ??? err....

  • crazeeavery XVII

    Humm, I watched your other video turning old laptops into a media PC and I'm thinking about doing it. I wonder if I make or get a big enough case if I could use this to upgrade the gpu? Making it a light gaming rig and media server.

  • Forseliz

    Does the adapter that you use come with all the required wires/power supply etc? Also, just to check, it makes no difference if I use a laptop screen instead of an actual desktop?

  • DJ Ustan

    I see windows loading while game is on. Is this a fake video?

  • angel me

    I got a question. Are all the video outputs on the GPU work when the GPU is mounted on the device? Can you use multi monitors? (not for gaming, I want to connect 2 extra screen other than my laptop). Thank you in advance.

  • Ayatulloh Ahad Robanie

    what motherboard or BIOS supported with external GPU? thanks your answer

  • 陈睿之

    does it work with m.2 ssd slot

  • Jakob

    very limited info on the items in the video not even spec on the card... you can do better Matt.

  • Russ Orler

    This is the perfect thing for my DiY project. My laptop is falling apart and i am gonna make it into a super pc. I will see if i can capture the whole process and post it. It will be amazing. I just know it

  • Jaime Reusche

    Used this on an old Acer Aspire V3-571G with an Nvidia GTX970, worked well for one week, last night it went dead; the GPU felt hot but the fans had been running. Won't turn on again, don't know if it is the hub that was defective or the GPU, but it was not the power unit (650M Gold certified). Reached out to Nvidia and the merchant for the hub, still waiting for replies. Anyone had anything like this happen?? Thanks

  • CabinDoor

    This was back when you were a noob and thought it was a good idea to have loud, intrusive BG music. It's a pleague on youtube, and I don't understand how it came about. Thank god it died down and is seen as amateurish and/or douchy now.

  • guru gara

    my laptop specsnvidia 820m 2gbi7 5th gen 2.4ghz8gb RAMif i want to play high end games i need this external for gaming since my problem is only my GPUthanks brotha!!

  • Motgy

    1:23 '"product of china"

  • Matthew Richmond

    might i ask where you got that psu? I have been looking for one and cant seem to find one with a 20/24 pin.

  • M. R. A.

    I have a risk laptop cause vga and just can boot into bios. Can this thing be a solution for my problem?

  • Ze Xm

    Wat power supply should I use with a gtx 1050 or gt 1030 plz reply anyone??


    Can I connect This graphics card to my dell vostro 2520 laptop please response

  • Cola Nuka

    I love the old Tomb Raider. Lara with short is the best :))

  • Foxmilan

    i have a asus laptop with 8gb rami7 what card should i buy to improve so i can play games like pubg or rust on medium settings..i am also a bit on a budget..

  • MrShadowZerro

    good question for you, does the adapter work for macbook pro? 2014 Mid 15inches???

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