Ethereum Mining Rig with 2 GTX1070 - $140 per Month

Updated my Ethereum Mining rig, now have 2 GTX1070 video cards running getting a consistent hash rate of 63.8Mh/s.

Binance for Crypto Trading:

GTX1070 FE:
GPU Riser:
Antminer S9:
Insulated Duct:

Join Coinbase (FREE $10 BTC):

Profitability calc:


Snapchat: jeremysciarappa

Tips appreciated :)
BTC: 12XPL5KkH2g4sf3G3hFoD5VWi2axkdmzoT
ETH: 0x735cf4426893218979881620aaea28ea6b7a2f01
  • Ariel Mainieri

    140 per month? each gtx cost 600, and how much does they live ?

  • John Sherman

    What miner are you using

  • PlayerZERO

    the upper pci slot should be always the same or better. you should use the upper one

  • Kien Hweng Tai

    I'm watching this and Ethereum is over $US1100 at the moment ...

  • xNaXDy

    you know you can make like double that money by mining different algos, right?

  • Indonesia Cyber Scurity

    I am trading in forex with a capital of $ 5000. I get a net profit of $ 100- $ 200 per day. without having to pay for electricity and no level of distress.

  • Muhammad Essa

    what mining programme are you using?

  • Omgdannie2

    Awesome video! One of the few videos where the host doesn't try and put on a show and just gets the the point. Well done!

  • Lal Salam

    how many hours you mine daily? and what is the total cost of the equipment when you bought and now?

  • Nickel Tabs

    Great vid I use the same overclock settings I use and you can keep the ETH or take BTC

  • Murtaza Nasikwala

    Hi JMS Vlogs. I have $3000 to invest in a RIG. What config should I go with?

  • dextron Tow

    how much cost u electric

  • Terry Graham

    which software are you using to do Ethereum? A link would be helpful, please.

  • Radja Rizqi Ramadhan

    Your vga can be burn with that vga position

  • Shaun Prince

    I like your format and dialogue - very informative. Your opinions ad observations are helpful. Thank-you.

  • redsun1337

    i make 150 $ in just 7 days with 2x1070 ti!and ether its its the wrong algo 4 nvidia

  • MrBrain915

    Got 2 gtx 1070s mining on equahash, nice has says im pulling 3.80 daily. Is that average, or below average?

  • Will Wu

    HI,Best quality cheap price all series PCI-E riser wholesale go here link >

  • CiloFreak

    Nice video 👍🏻 can you tell me how many watts these 2 Gtx 1070 are using with your settings?

  • Marcel wol

    what software u use for the mining??


    You can mine with three GTX 1070 with a 500-550W PSU. You don't need a 850W PSU for only two 1070. If you set a 70% power limit for the best hashrate/power ratio, one card consumes about 95-105W.

  • adminmovie

    you know you can make way over $140 in couple of days by driving Uber. or work at McDonalds :D

  • Galaxy S7

    i would like to use gtx 106p graphic card, which varient gives more mhz to mine etherium 3gb or 6 gb?where can i find the information like graphic card vs its mhz to mine etherium

  • pierre jean

    you bought the worse gpu for mining ETH

  • Vladimir

    our electricity cost is 0.11usd/kwh i should get over 300 bucks per month maybe even 350 with slight OC... SHOULD I GET TWO 1070 gpus

  • Gutemberg esquizofrênico Carvalho

    Quanto é o gasto de consumo de energia

  • jincuteguy

    What are the Equihash based coins?

  • Mika Tarkela

    Specs of full rig? I'm trying to find out a good rig for mining and I'm thinking of 2 x 1070TI's but I have no idea how the other parts effect the mining so any suggestions are welcome!

  • Crome

    I have a problem, I just started mining with my 1070 almost a week ago using NiceHash. It says that I’ll be making $1.15 - $1.50 a day, is this right? I know the prices raise and lower a lot, but if I understand correctly, these cards are supposed to make $3 - $5 a day. Please help.

  • Aldo Becerra

    I already have a 1080, will it be more logical to slap a second 1080 or make the jump to the 1080ti? my eployer pays for my utilities so there is no cost for running

  • abdul gafur

    your camera is too close with your face, why is that? is that important to put your face on video?

  • Spykerhond

    the mine bug is gona bite you


    Get rich mining Ravencoin

  • Gingerbreadsandwich

    make that with a single 1080ti

  • drekson23

    $140 each 1070 or combined with 2?

  • Mulez Chiko

    Thanks mate, this is a more realistic setup for me, 2 GPUs and not 6 or whatever numbers these miners have.

  • Jason M

    If you care about profit sell those 1070s on ebay for a profit and buy some RX580s. Those cards pull to much power and even undervolted they dont have a good cost/profit analysis. Even though as others have said Eth is becoming less and less profitable to mine. You should be able to get at a minimum $94 profit per a card per month if not reconsider your set up.

  • Tank Top Tech

    5 whole days with 167$ profit? at 63mh/s and your title reads 142$ a month? You wanna buy a new calculator with that sweet crypto cash and try again?

  • Oprollix

    I clicked on not knowing nothing about what he is saying

  • irwin leonardo

    can i use a 1070 and a 1070ti in one pc?

  • David Misner

    OK. There goes 3 minutes of my life I will never get back

  • Gert K

    With the Nvidia cards, the most profitable for Equihash mining and AMD is suitable for Ethash

  • Bigger By The Day

    eth nyc coin and ltc rock this year

  • Amar K.

    Should I get 1070 or 1080? ROI is not a problem just perfomance per watt and wide scope for mining algos

  • bandz

    im running 2 1080tis off a 750w psu just fine

  • farmari87

    You can downclock the core by almost 200 mhz to save power (by lowering temps and reducing the spinning of the cooler). Ethereum doesnt use computing power, only memory. Got the same rig and using afterburner.

  • Crypto Jini

    So, I was reading their technical foundation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning on top of blockchain technology? Wow! Count me in as an investor.

  • Shaheryar Mughal


  • Sealows86

    If you can I would love to know the hardware I need

  • Mr Patato

    Omg you gotta burn your system

  • DemonGaming

    I think that mobo can. Work 3 GPUThere is a that orange slot and it looks like a 1x PciE

  • Gilang B. Pratama

    so, you dont need a sli bridge to dock 2x gtx1070 for mining huh?

  • Mark W

    You should really look into providing better airflow for the longevity of the cards.

  • DemonGaming

    That bandwidth is needed for gaming. Not mining. Mining at minimum needs 1x speed/slot.

  • Vorn Nachn

    it´s all about the learning curve. good video.

  • Teddy Bass

    Im going to buy 6 of these. How well will it work with nice hash?

  • Gutemberg esquizofrênico Carvalho

    how much is the energy expenditure per month

  • Erick Rosa

    So if I have 1 will i basically get half that? I'm aware its relative to the current prices and such but would 2 graphic cards get x2 the work, so far without a acceptable gpu i am getting 1 usd cent a day with my i5 alone

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