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This is how much my 1 MSI Gaming X GTX 1070 8gb nvidia graphics card makes a day on nicehash miner. If you guys have any idea on overclocks for this card let me know! Happy mining :)
  • Adstar

    My 1080 TI overclocked to the brim is only getting $3 US a day. Pls help me

  • hidayat ullah

    how much ur gtx 1070 make know per day as i am using MSI 1070 not more than 2.3$ per day

  • Adnan dahri

    hy i want to know hou much earning one month with 1 card GTX 1070 8GB in nice hash miner

  • Single Mother - Fortnite

    How come I get $1 a day from my 1070 8gig

  • Original Turkish Séries

    1070 estimating 1.76 usd nicehash

  • omise go

    how much one gtx 1070 monthly profit?

  • Mark Plaisted

    on your 1070 you should be running about 65 power 0 core clock and +600 memory clock it should work alot better for you your power seems to be the issue here. auto fan of course max 70

  • Erick Rosa

    I know the nvidia gtx 1070 is preover-clocked

  • Sokesimbone Mthembu

    Is nicehash still profitable? If not,,what is the best in this days

  • FoxeyPlays

    Not much money when i can make 30 dollars in a hour with a real job

  • TheJoniko

    Heres my 1070 ti rig overclock : power and temp: 70 core clock: 100 amd memory clock is 720

  • Nismo King

    Need more power had the same problem bought 1800watt power supply solved my problem.

  • Nolan

    Core 0Memory 550Power 70%

  • ilanrobz

    can u do this every 2-4 months? coz i think mining difficulty also increases... just to update miners please... :)

  • Bitcoin World

    start mining bitcoin using your own computer:

  • Ryant Pasaribu

    can u play game on it? i mean some time we may get bored

  • Arrowood Fodor

    Being successful at crypto trading does not mean that you will not suffer some losses. Rather, it means that you will be able to strike a decent winning ratio. I have personally used FIRST MILLION ROAD System before. A friend of mine he is also an expert trader. He suggested me Andy Lank System.

  • Rondo Cat

    Mining with graphics cards is not profitable anymore very soon, now it take 1 year to get back your investment and for one month now profit have been going down at a steady rate every day... Soon market will be flooded with high end graphics cards when all the mining fools understand there is no profit in it anymore :) Until that happens I will be mining with my GTX1080ti getting free money and free heating of my room while I help bring down the collapse of crypto mining by doing mining on my own :)

  • Golden Ant

    I don't think it is profitable today, I had 3 GPU RX 580 and $2-3 a day? The electricity cost even more! you make $75 - 100 a month but pay for electricity $200 lol what kind of deal is that! Not counting the hardware cost $2000-3000 good luck

  • Br3akabl3

    WTF, with my 1070 (EVGAs SC) I only reach around $1-1.6 a day (or 0.00014324) or atleast thats what the daily estimated earnings have said, so not worth it, only ran it around 6 hours, got 0.00004251 or $0.42. No my gpu isn't overheating it is all fine, and I have even oced it in msi afterburner.. Even though the bitcoin prices dropped, should I shouldn't really be getting this low?? Just wanted to try this as a fun thing otherwise I wouldn't have chosen bitcoin..

  • Wazzy_The_Jazzy WAZZAY

    You have little airflow, if you add fans or even move it into an open space you could get more money out of it

  • John B

    oc tip for beginners: msi afterburner: where the list of gpu's is: you got an icon-wave - set it so its NOT the same = this means you have to set every card oc, card per card, (you can save it on the numbers list at the bottem, ... oc settings: depend on the coin: eth: is mem sensitive: +600/+650 , core -100/+100, power: 65/70% will do best good luck

  • Prometheuz

    how much cost yout kwh in the month? ^^


    How do you have so much money to buy the GPU's?

  • Glenn legg

    best mining ive found and its fun

  • Danyelle Gfader

    The brokers make money. Easily. For's hard, but not impossible, to profit. Hey All! I enjoyed this video, it was fantastic,I earned from this tools, But I am getting more from FIRST MILLION ROAD although it was launched last month.

  • Mining Riggor

    nice super info there ....and some way of mining of bitcoin using cloud mining without buying graphics card using this

  • Amalia Stead

    how you switch the OC settings from one GPU to another? I have firestorm but I don't know for which of my GPU i do the settings. Thank you

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