The Opening of The Largest Mining & Hosting Farm on Youtube !

We have The Grand Opening Of The New Mining/Hosting Facility!

You guys have asked for it, and we delivered in a timely manner.
You can host your Miners: Antminers S9, L3+, D3 at this facility very soon.
We will be deploying the miners By 20-25th of March.

Terms and Conditions coming soon....

Stay tuned !Buy Trezor:

Thanks for watching.

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  • Cryptoshi59 Gerardo

    Do you guys mining dash I got 4 D3

  • Eugene S

    Nice dude, that's a huge layout improvement over the first one. Where are the intake vents? You might have been better off putting intakes on the sides and the fans in the middle blasting up to the roof. It allows you to use less fans, while still pulling air in on both sides.

  • Crypto Coin Growth

    Can you tell me what the foam material you are using for your hot wall the miners are cut into?

  • Jomo Kenyatta

    How does it work when I want to host my ASIC? Do I need to purchase ASIC miners and ship them to Georgia? Please tell me how it works. Or do I just rent your miners and pay maintenance fee and power? Thank you. Please email me for more information. Am really interested. I have sent a copy on telegram

  • GlobalFortuneRecordingAcademy

    This is extremely incorrect for what your trying to do if you want to be a big player

  • Prakhar Gupta

    Do you offer hosting services?

  • The Camel Story

    Thank you man you inspired me to get into mining.Youre like an advisor to me i also live near batumi i would like to take a travel to your farm when the time comes.

  • Get No

    dude, we want to see your social media manager more in videos. she is damn hot

  • Cryptonian

    lol 'biggest'. thats fake news

  • Brett Holt

    What's the most interesting thing you have bought with Bitcoin? BTC: 3M5HCfw9Au5kpchq9qQdrLX4bZ3neEPAo6 LTC: MGyYFHxgxTHRGVkFLapdPbX5FQbMo8eo6x

  • Nathan Oppermann

    nice, top work . good to see your team is doing well . keep the updates coming very interested

  • Mit Mitrich

    Брат, ты считаешь вам хватит этой вентиляции при загрузке стеллажей хотя-бы на 50 % ? Я думаю уже будет жарко по опыту.

  • byEliteHacks

    haha nice did the miners as live background of my pc <3 (

  • Nathan Oppermann

    Hi team, with you farm did you joi9n a mining pool or start your own ? if you have your own can other ppl join it as well ? just asking that all .

  • Luiz Wagner

    Did u see that?

  • bugginyaear

    Nice track on the video, and great work with the facility!

  • raymond benjamin

    Bitcoins mining/ethereum mining has several advantages that make it possible to get more profit mining of 0.4btc and above with a reliable and trusted organization An option with a fixed profit differ from conventional trading.For more info inbox

  • ATL Crypto Miner

    Congrats man I have been following you from the start. I'm in Atlanta, Georgia USA and the min order ASIC hosting, here is 50 Rigs at $125 a month + one time start up $125. In your facility will you handle GPU rigs?

  • TJ Phippen

    Way to be decentralized :P lol jelly

  • Matt Brenton

    We are starting a hosting facility in Nova Scotia, Canada. We already have 200 x A4+ and 200 GPU's. Would you allow me and my partner to visit your facility to get some ideas? We are Young and new to the industry and need all the advice we can get.

  • vaislaj

    i like wire work, big like for it

  • Josiah Fam

    This is a really great concept and idea.

  • TheRealXesc

    OMG, gimme some of that! :D

  • George M

    Hi Sir,I'm looking forward to see all those separated racks to be managed. What Monitor software do you actually use? Is this efficient? Are all your GPU stats getting reported to the same site? I'm concerned about managing heat and performance stuff from each one of the GPUs. And what about IT security? Windows normally is the best choice for new beta drivers but, how do you prevent system intrusion? Did you think in using a linux or a dedicated OS similar to simplemining or hiveos?I'm planing to build several 6to13 per motherboard rigs and I'm a bit lost about what OS and monitor related software should be more escalable from start. (that would decide nº of gpus per rig for example)Anyone with a similar GPU build or currently managing several rigs could help me too :)By the way you did an excellent work there. Congrats.

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