Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti (Palit Super JetStream) Unboxing - it's finally here!

Today we take a quick look at Nvidia's new GTX 1070 Ti - in the shape of a custom cooled card from Palit. Our full review will be coming soon on our main site over at www.kitguru.net - check out the card gallery and preview over here: https://goo.gl/WLM5Mv
  • Steve 30x

    I had two Palit GPU's before. One with an aftermarket cooler on it. The fans on the custom card were loud and didn't cool very well. Also both PALIT cards would not overclock even a tiny bit even though they were at stock speeds. So I am gone off PALIT cards

  • Mixed Content

    i love the Palit coolers,probably my fav so far.the fans are so freaking cool.

  • Maren Trekanten

    Palit makes good cards. running cool and overclocks well. in my experience!

  • Luke Wray

    This is expensive for Wat it is I can get a 1080 for £390-£420 second hand and this is £419 Wat is the point it should be £375

  • diman5567

    Номер на видюхе намекает что на ней уже майнили.

  • the nforcer

    In Canada, the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti is the same price or slightly more than the GTX 1080 right now. Why did NVIDIA put more R&D in to another SKU, instead of just dropping the 1080 price slightly? NVIDIA is the Intel of the GPU market...

  • sworddice

    i'm here waiting for gt 1030ti

  • PsychedSE

    thats one butch card. jeez.

  • PolskiSlav

    What is the Difference betwen the normal jetstream vs the super jetstream ? (Sori 4 Bad Inglisz)

  • Rezaul Hridoy

    Does it support sli?

  • Darth Magister

    So much hissing on the video, hiss hiss hiss

  • perrraa aa

    Fake looser GeForce GTX 1070 Ti officially coming November 2

  • Pong Torres

    that is not a super jetstream . that's a regular jetstream .. the box of the super jetstream is a bit different like it has a holder on the top of the box

  • Puppet

    1070ti is pretty much a gtx 1080, I'd say I we bit faster and for less so I guess thats about where it would be

  • Pietro Crespi

    O U T O F T H E B O X T H E R M A L S or GTFO

  • Omar Beydoun

    11 fucking minutes for an unboxing without even a teardown? Thats lunacy. This video was interesting for 3 minutes, I honestly can't fathom what you bullshitted through to fill up the other 8. Just show the damn thing and tell people to wait for benchmarks in a week, takes 3 mins, 11 mins for this video is insanity.

  • Robert Dunlop

    Emmmm.... where is your head?

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