Satoshi's Stupid Vision And Whitepaper FINALLY Disputed!

The Bitcoin Cash family has a bitter breakup amidst the upcoming hard fork. Tether price momentarily tanks to dramatic lows. A bunch of people tweet at me about Tron. Crypto Bobby's YouTube career is in serious peril. Craig Grant resorts to delivering pizzas? Someone has some kind of meeting with Waltonchain.

For some actual quality information on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, check out this article from Coin Central:

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  • Anaesthete

    Ahhh, Nice to see you Doug, You really always put a smile on my face. Here's some flowers. Can't do it on youtube. :( Anyway, My sincere accolade will have to do. Thanks mate, you're always quality !

  • Sevarchy

    Get off YouTube you stupid bitch

  • Stephen Spinola

    I love you Doug, but you need to see a hair stylist. That shit looks like a middle school kid just got a hold of some hair gel.

  • Mark Shepard

    Forgot how funny you are dude! Thanks for the come back...

  • spIetty

    Love your sense of humor. You are getting better and better

  • DD

    Subscriber N 200k here.

  • D-Tox

    One Chug Doug, I missed you buddy!

  • FuzzyBlue

    Just like crypto, YouTube vids benefit from scarcity!

  • Sensenwerk

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  • Sorin Serban

    tron is a scam morons lol

  • dactylntrochee

    Anonymous Fairweather Youtuber. Made my day.

  • goose boy

    doug you still got your substratum?

  • Kaja Olsen

    An economist said Bitcoin price movement could be closely related to Google searches for the cryptocurrency, I don't really know how true that is.But i worked with a man called Joseph Civello he helped me achieve a lot from bitcoin trading and i am forever grateful to him

  • stevai6732

    I'm about to take all my money out of crypto forever. It has done nothing but stress me out. I gain and lose, go back around even. It never ends. I don't even panic trade or buy low volume no-attention shit. I don't even believe in the future of crypto anymore. It's already taken over by gov and banking. I've gone full boomer. Crypto is unironically dead, at least big money making potential for the common pleb. Let's not kid ourselves either that at least 90% of all projects have been ICO money-grabbers. The common Chad or Stacey hasn't, doesn't, and will give zero fucks about this autistic digital buck shit.

  • Cait B

    damn, Doug...stop the meth& or coke/crack. I luv you but you're aging like a mthrfker

  • purpose specific

    You're a total douche and I was hating on you until 4:07 when you went in on Craig Grant. lolololol

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