Satoshi's Stupid Vision And Whitepaper FINALLY Disputed!

The Bitcoin Cash family has a bitter breakup amidst the upcoming hard fork. Tether price momentarily tanks to dramatic lows. A bunch of people tweet at me about Tron. Crypto Bobby's YouTube career is in serious peril. Craig Grant resorts to delivering pizzas? Someone has some kind of meeting with Waltonchain.

For some actual quality information on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, check out this article from Coin Central:

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  • David Rudd

    YO! Trevon James is making videos again bruh...

  • Lucretia Zhang

    "Look Guys, I agree BTC has hit bottom and XRP, XLM, ADA, EOS will lead the bull market, Knowing that the crypto market is manipulating and full of speculations, I believe BTC will become supreme as always, we should just keep on holding, as for XRP it will not sky rocket as everyone thinks, this is pure facts, but It will gradually lead between, but since ETH has gone back to second place in the crypto market cap, that shows more hope on all this digital currencies, nevertheless, I still day trade following the best strategist and analyst, Mr. Wesley Wills, member of financial crypto market, He showed me how to utilize my coins I’m holding to make extra profits, I invested just 10K from what I’m holding and I made 75K good cash in just a day, It was mind blowing because I have never had this type of strategies and signals for trading before and Wesley made it possible for me, now as I hodl my precious coins, I side by side make day trading profits.

  • fam vlieland

    fam Vlieland:Hello I am just a guy from the netherlands but here is my 2 cent about institutional money FORGET ABOUT IT they cannot join the game because btc is beyond their manipalative controling instruments That is why btc will skip institutional step The next step however is around the cornerThe black Swan is already born but not been spotted YET Let me explainThe world central banks are all connected but olso divided in different camps you have the BIG3 players and the BIG5 dependantsControled by BIS via IMFImagene all sitting around a table looking at btc their biggest thread But also their only alvation BIG3 playersLonden and the yews have the spider network Usa and the arabs their petro dollarChina and russia gods moneyBig 5 dependanceYapanEuropeBricsSouth AmerikaAfrikaThe dependent 5 are up til now controlled by big 3 and WHEN not if the viat bullshit run its final course More printing will happen the big 3 players wil be defending their position and during that fight South Amerika will be the first that ambrace btc out off NEEDAnd than the shit will hit the fan and every country with some wealth LEFT will be jumping on the reamaining scraps off btc

  • johnny boy

    It’s funny how you crypto youtubers hide away like a rat when the market is down and no longer support the same people you sweet talked into this shit investment

  • Jan Borgers

    I’ve been watching you forever, Have you gone on Uptrennd yet? I’d love to see your stuff on there.. It’s all I really use nowadays it’s all cryptocurrency related it’s like Reddit but pays for Upvotes. Why don´t you do more videos again?

  • Wes Carmichael

    Check out some of these gambling dapps running on EOS. Like betdice!

  • Jay Day

    Pizza delivery is honest work...unlike poker

  • iceland77

    So I guess Doug is done with crypto? I just hope he pulled out in time

  • Friedrich Hayek

    DOUG!? bitcoin goes to the moon make more videos, your other videos suck but not the crypto videos, SO DONT BE STUPID. BTCs price does not reflect the EVER GROWING utility, for now!

  • Crypto bRO


  • Reginald Harrison

    We really need you to make a video on ELECTRONEUM! Like if you agree !!!

  • Gavin Milligan

    now that Doug Polk is done dumping his shitty bitty bitcoin bags the whale has swam to a different ocean... a different scam.

  • Damir

    How bout you post some stuff. Is you dead? :D

  • Unknown Unknown

    Let me see you hanging

  • TLDR

    Doug Polk is the Reggie Jackson of cereal... wait... nevermind... something...something...

  • Morgan Freeman

    well that was fun while it lasted.

  • Norbert Csorba

    Hey Doug just an idea for your next video: Razer Softminer.I realy like razer products but this sounds like the next BIIIIIITCOOOOONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT

  • Jeremiah Dexter

    @Doug Polk, go the niTRON summit and give us a new video! Also, what in the world does koby have to do with crypto

  • Svej Molod

    Thank you for the useful video ! Wanna ask you, did you hear about DeepOnion coin? Found it a few days ago and it seems to be perspective for invest. Maybe you can give me advice :)

  • Matt Wales

    What happened to Doug?

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