Satoshi's Stupid Vision And Whitepaper FINALLY Disputed!

The Bitcoin Cash family has a bitter breakup amidst the upcoming hard fork. Tether price momentarily tanks to dramatic lows. A bunch of people tweet at me about Tron. Crypto Bobby's YouTube career is in serious peril. Craig Grant resorts to delivering pizzas? Someone has some kind of meeting with Waltonchain.

For some actual quality information on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, check out this article from Coin Central:

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  • Naif MS

    What’s happen to your blockfolio ?

  • PuscH311

    crypto need you pls come back !

  • johnny boy

    It’s funny how you crypto youtubers hide away like a rat when the market is down and no longer support the same people you sweet talked into this shit investment

  • Norbert Csorba

    Hey Doug just an idea for your next video: Razer Softminer.I realy like razer products but this sounds like the next BIIIIIITCOOOOONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT

  • Jeremiah Dexter

    @Doug Polk, go the niTRON summit and give us a new video! Also, what in the world does koby have to do with crypto

  • 19HR41

    Why you stopped posting videos?

  • Friedrich Hayek

    doug look, price of BTC is not reflecting its utility, that can happen. but the smart money (tim draper, peter thiel, mike novogratz, winklevoss, john mcaffee) ALL know where bitcoin is headed (to the SKY!!!!!!!)

  • DEVUNK88

    Doug I need charts over at coindesk, like coinmarketcap. add some charts, maybe get #2 devcon next year

  • Friedrich Hayek

    doug for real! dont be a nice weather friend of bitcoin, really! bitcoin has the first mover advantage, when LN has no routing error anymore, bitcoin can skyrocket over night. in 2019 we will laugh our asses off about all the BITCOIN DENIALISTS. bitcoin denialism.......its a terrible mental disease!

  • Morgan Freeman

    well that was fun while it lasted.



  • Reginald Harrison

    We really need you to make a video on ELECTRONEUM! Like if you agree !!!

  • Friedrich Hayek

    DOUG!!!!!!! EVERYTHING IS FINE BITCOINS SOURCECODE IS THE BEST AND THE ENVIRONMENT GETS BETTER EVERY DAY, like more BTC ATMs, LN with less routing errors, more bitcoin adoption (turkey, zimbabwe, iran, argentina) NOW MAKE A NEW VIDEO!

  • Damir R.

    How bout you post some stuff. Is you dead? :D

  • DEVUNK88

    Alphonse said it best

  • kenny james

    You criticize the crypto scammers without realizing that EVERYONE who promotes any cryptos is a scammer. You are just as bad as the others. FAT FRAUD FUCK. Care to go up against me live on a neutral platform where I will shred you? Disclaimer: I am one of the top investment experts and fraud detectives in the world.

  • Ray Speers

    Come on Doug...Crypto Daily Callin you out.

  • Friedrich Hayek

    DOUG!? bitcoin goes to the moon make more videos, your other videos suck but not the crypto videos, SO DONT BE STUPID. BTCs price does not reflect the EVER GROWING utility, for now!

  • Friedrich Hayek

    DOUG, VIDEO! NOW! you look stupid if you only make videos when the price is up! what should crypto zombie think about you or crypto daily (crypto daily is not that good but whatever)

  • Wes Carmichael

    Check out some of these gambling dapps running on EOS. Like betdice!

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