Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Overclocking Tutorial (Stock Cooler) (en)

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  • Gary Wijaya

    Btw how do you view the nvidia see thing

  • YouWrasse IsMine

    this video does not tell you much about actual overclocking the 1080 ti. I dont know why everyone loves this video so much.

  • Gary Wijaya

    Yeah my card cant reach +150 core and +550 mem without crashing my games

  • Erich

    My 1080ti is a Asus strix.I use GPU tweak 21710 boost+400 memory or +200 in msi after burner. 120 percent core voltage100 percent voltage percentage. Runs stable in worst case scenario @ 100 percent usage and stays at about 58-60c. Got a custom fan curve so they hit max speed at 61C. Helps with boosting. My card runs at a pretty constant 1984mhz 2012mhz. Just throwing my specs out there for a guideline to whoever finds this comment.Also benchmarks in my experience are not as good of a test as as modern games @max. All benchmarks I ran and passed only to crash in games later on. Some were off as much as 70mhz from what I could do in benchmark vs game.

  • BLueZx

    I get +145 core and +300 memory stable. 400 or more memory is unstable

  • R9* Jeff

    Why not incresse gpu Voltage?

  • LordGuns

    hey guys am planning on OC my Nvidia 1080 ti I have never done OC before so this is all knew to me I have a few questions.1. am I suppose to play with the numbers till it crashes to find the final number I can push my card ?2. do I need to mess around with the fans? I seen videos where ppl say if you don't know what your doing leave them on auto.3. how long do I need to leave the bench mark program run after am done with OC.4. any preset any one can share for a 1080 ti reference card.5. do I need after burner open in the background always to have the OC take effect?

  • killer1one1

    Very helpful video! But yeah +150 crashed my shit pretty fast. Guess we're not all meant for glory. A Ti is a Ti so I can't complain either way

  • MarcSam

    With a max temperature of 67 degrees and those overclocks on core and memory, that score isn't that great. With my FTW3 with a +75 on core and +550 on memory, 117% power limit and 90 degrees temperature limit with custom fan curves, I reached max temperature of 72 degrees and my score already passed the 10000 mark.

  • Michael B Hildebrand

    Excellent video. Finally a explainer video with the same hardware setup as I do!

  • Alfredutzi

    What temperature should the card be at?

  • Destructable

    HI, MY NAME IS DILYN and im so good at WOW. you should add me. thank you peasants!

  • Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    Hi Der8auer i got some strange issues whit my 1080 TI it just wont peform like it used to on my 7700k and at these speeds what shoud i realy exspect?? im running a 8086K at 5 ghz and a 1080 ti gaming x trio https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/30297302

  • SweetBabyJames78

    Are these settings also applicable for Asus GTX 1080Ti strix OC? Or only the FE?

  • Cat Guy

    Is it weird that I can push 1000 mh on the memory ?? Will it damage my card (Also 175-200 on the core )

  • Wydafrog

    Sadly I am finding my ti becomes unstableAt +150 and +500 I get artifacts in the benchmark tool.At +125 and +400 it seemed stable until some gaming resulted in lockups.Currently running stock with increased power and better fan curve. A little disappointed in the cards OC ability though.I will try some more lower OC when I can be bothered. Not that I need the power with my current setup (1080p)

  • ivgeni antosiev

    I can't even OC my aorus 1080ti xtreme..the card is already overclocked from factory and runs at 2038mhz can't go above 2050mhz

  • Sean Sean

    Thank you Roman. I tried these tips today and was able to OC my 1080ti FE cards to the same clocks (+170/+600) and Unigen score went from 9000 to 10000 in DirectX 4k render ! Thank you again.

  • Jester The Legend

    16272 on 1080p high settings.

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