ETH Mining Rig on Windows 10 using 9x Nvidia GTX 1070

This is my 9x GTX 1070 mining rig, currently mining Ethereum.

The exact configuration I have used:

1x ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151 Motherboard -

1x Intel CPU BX80662G3900 Celeron G3900 2.80Ghz 2M LGA1151 -

1x Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 -

1x PNY CS1311 120GB 2.5” SATA III SSD -

1x EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW GAMING -

1x EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING -

7x Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 WINDFORCE OC -

1x KNACRO PCI-E To M.2 Adapter -

1x YLYZQR PCI-E to M.2 Adapter -

9x MintCell Powered Riser - (these come in a 6 pack, you have to order 2x 6 pack)

I keep my crypto safe with Ledger Nano S:

I use Binance to Buy/Sell/Trade crypto:

If this video helped you, please donate:

BTC 1Btqoc6SfuiEiBnZ8BDze6s5vb2EWouZw

ETH 0xeb6ced4b1535930975a565f2ef3e2f885d6adfb5

ZCash t1bcnhP51KAYxPQ8wPhDzqAxSQA4SY26ztW

Cardano/ADA DdzFFzCqrhsyUWefNyCGMv1Y9KggiGJWY9ShFZho7KPJsiPZAzUx7mfn211tFDUziGF2GWWfhFaZHHfn34AmSpYTTag1HnJDdYvhX2Ru

ETC 0xeb6ced4b1535930975a565f2ef3e2f885d6adfb5

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  • BGeezzy

    Were is the link for the Power Supply?

  • Alex Wong

    Why does my 1070 never runs on full overclocked speed and yours is beyond the speed? What is your GTX 1070's memory manufacturer? Micron or samsung?

  • alayoubi

    Nice vid , How u give power to 24pin port on the mobo & 8pin cpu power?

  • Alan Burchill

    Where did you buy your 6+2 power extension cables?

  • Harry Love-jones

    hmm. I'm interested... I've started mining with rx 580s and getting around 29.5 Mh/s each. is their any reason to spend a little extra and get 1070's???

  • David Oldham

    Maybe thats why you have a lazy gpu

  • Jens Loncke

    nice video dude i'm intrested

  • Darrell Lewis

    your lazy one is probably not overclocking due to msi afterburner only does 8. Windows 10 removed the 8 restriction after 1709 update.

  • Dominik Ladoš

    Why are people mining ethereum on nvidiac cards? thats fucking stupid, mining equihas is a lot more profitable on nvidia....

  • Cati'Nasu&Nasa

    Foarte tare, sa-ti merga bine !

  • Derek Pollard

    Where did you get your PCI-E cables?

  • Melia Abadi

    Did your MSI afterburner could detected 9x GPU? My rig with 10x GPU only detected 8x GPU.

  • Patryk Górecki

    Hello, what do you think about GTX 1070Ti,s ??? I'd like to buy 10 of them but the question is it worth to spend extra £30 for each card?Thanks and good luck with your workstation ; )!

  • Kenji SWB

    Awesome, are you getting a good ROI?

  • Vladan Rajcic

    Why last card only 26mh/s ?

  • Enrique Diaz

    What psu would you recommend for 6 gtx 1070s that isnt a server psu.

  • Hector Escobar

    What’s the miner that you used for it ??


    your gpu8 is a hynix memory, use gpuz to check .

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