Technical Note: UEFI BIOS vs. Legacy BIOS, Advantech(EN)

Advantech Engineer Florian will highlight the differences between UEFI BIOS and Legacy BIOS and as well introduce some new mechanism possible with UEFI. This gives and good overview for Engineers but also for decision makers.
  • Bayor King

    Please how do I do window 7 fresh installation on dell inspiring DV051 with dual operating systems

  • dan H

    Published on : 3-20-2012, so been out a while.

  • Phil Brink

    If you notice, windows 8 pressed UEFI hardcore. In fact, some Hardware Manufacturers like HP decided to not even offer a legacy boot option (because EVERYONE loves Windows 8 to death, right?) Ubuntu had to create a UEFI boot version just to be able to compete, and CD/DVD and USB are conveniently locked under legacy boot, in other words; you have to use an archaic external USB cd/dvd drive just to put another UEFI compatible OS on the computer. They are forcibly trying to assert this garbage on a new generation of users, and restrict at the same time the freedom of using whatever you want. It is not the hardware developers job to manage piracy; it is their job to produce working hardware that can be used with a wide variety of operating systems. They need to stop getting in bed Microsoft; no matter how much money lines their pockets, Microsoft only wants to shut out its competitors. More than ever, you will see Microsoft take forcible means with the cooperation of hardware manufacturers to ensure they custom tailor all UEFI based systems to only support Microsoft based operating systems.

  • That Random Guyーさん

    Can anyone explain what he means by UEFI is only a BIOS specification and not a BIOS implementation? That just confuses things for me. I thought UEFI was a new BIOS, but he's making it seems like it isn't.

  • Fouteros


  • Billy Mac

    Now I know what the word "monotone" means.

  • lorenzo501

    They better stop building walls around everything.. Because making users unable to install previous versions or other operating systems is kinda low.. It's either that or every computer should include the option to turn UEFI off. >_<"

  • iTech Break

    Thanx, the information you have talked about are very useful, and Thanks again Tech support :)

  • Sypherian

    I have a question that I hope some of you can answer, does an EFI BIOS still use the CMOS for storing the setings inside your BIOS?

  • Andrei

    I think is confusing to say "UEFI BIOS". UEFI is one thing and BIOS is another.

  • Daniel Holiday

    Any idea how to install Windows 7 Ultimate, on a UEFI system. I currently have a new ASUS G20 X64 desktop, running Win 8.1  I turned off secure boot, but when I get to loading, from USB or DVD, system crashes, then says my Bios is not fully UEFI compliant.  Just want a clean install for Win 7, on my new 2 TB drive.  Thank you!

  • b44rt

    @Bryan S. I think he means a specification in UEFI being a specification of the implementation. It is true that UEFI and BIOS are diffrent implementations. But UEFI being the specification for manufacturers to make their own implementation.Not 100% so anyone correct me if I am wrong.

  • Nishant Mishra

    i have sony vaio e series laptop. i cannot change brightness in windows 8.1 and 10, i think it has to do with uefi as it is not supported in my ;lapptop so am i right or or is there any solution. please help.

  • Beat

    Stop saying 'UEFI BIOS', what you mean is a UEFI firmware. A BIOS is not another word for firmware, it is a specific kind of legacy firmware.

  • Yousef Elsayed

    Thanks a lot for the information.

  • Dante Korvinus

    This was not at all painful to watch as some people say, in fact, I found it quite enjoyable. :)Also it helped me decide on my choice too, which is what I came here for, thanks!

  • John Evans

    if you aren't interested in the subject then why are you making a video about it? You are so bored that you're slurring your words and you look like you're about to fall out of your chair. I'm falling asleep watching you.

  • Existentialist

    Hi. My name is Mitch and I'm really really funny.

  • Kian Lim

    My PC has this modified boot image everytime I turn it on and doesn't show any options like (Press F2 to boot in etc./ Press F4 to boot in etc.). Just a complete image. Which makes it impossible for me to boot into my bios settings. My motherboard is a B85-M2 Pegatron. Know to resolve this?☹

  • carmatic

    18:17 when was this video made? the lines on the chart become dotted after 2010, but the video was uploaded in 2012

  • Joey Atol

    Good explanation! I would forgive him his lifeless attitude if he could end this lecture with; "Get to the choppaaaaahh" ><

  • Pumuditha Ratnayake

    it is agood videos....

  • N Weld

    Austria nationality ?

  • brotalnia

    Very educational video, thanks.

  • Roderick

    Excellent information, :D

  • Dennis Hunter

    Wow, I left IBM (server hardware side) in 2009 and went to work on the server OS side with Red Hat (Linux guy's). My pal worked Intel's Iitanium and we all thought it was a losing technology. But now I see that the UEFI part lived on with Microsoft's Windows 8 and up (I am running Windows 10 on a test server) . When I left Red Hat in 2013 I recall that there was an ongoing discussion on implementing UEFI in the Linux community.I guess UEFI won? So how do I boot to a bootable Linux DVD and bypass startup on Windows 8 ... smile!  

  • Kaz Kazo

    some comments from country bumpkins who think English should be spoken in a certain accent, what that accent is they are not quite sure due to their isolated villages they lived in. South African accent, Scottish, New Zealand, Australian, Jamaican, Bible belt USA.  People of the world please stop speaking English you are upsetting these guys making them very insecure.

  • Wesam Hussein

    perfect professional lecture

  • Markinpuff

    That was a refreshing interesting intelligent video, void of all the basic crap out there telling what a hard drive is...

  • danwithjesus

    Thank you for this tutorial...that is exactly what i was looking...

  • Charona Plutoni

    good content, but you need a little work on your accent, which is a bit extreme. simple hint: if you can‘t pronounce th, just say de instead of sze . but again, good content 😠

  • Alicen Wonderland

    Mr. Wohlrab! Do you have any other videos on computer technology like this!!? I really like the way you teach! It would also help if you had animated or just more graphic visual aids ! But please I checked out this channel but I did not see other videos by you ! Can you direct me to a place where to find more of your tutorials!!? Thank you 🙏🏽

  • leveltwognome

    Thank you for the upload. Great information.

  • Lord of Horses

    educational.... but painful to watch!

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