GTX 1050 Ti vs GTX 960 - Comparison

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This video compares GTX 1050 Ti with GTX 960. I really hope you enjoy it. If you do, hit that like button. Feel free to subscribe if you like what I'm doing. Also, don't hesitate to point out any possible mistakes made in the video on PM or down in the comment section.

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.5 GHz
RAM: 4 x Kingston Predator 8GB DDR4 3000 MHz
MOBO: Asrock Z170 Extreme7+
PSU: Silverstone Strider Plus 700W
Storage: Crucial MX200 1TB
OS: Windows 10 64-bit

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  • Mohamed Mokcheh

    :/ its all about optimisation ! gtx 960 has more hardware :/ but nvidia optimise their cards very well :/

  • 广

    1050 Ti OC OC OC OC OVERCLOCKED EDITION. Unrepresentative.

  • Charles Cruz

    if the situation is ill get a cheaper gtx 960 is it worth it over gtx 1050 ti?

  • mrcrazyenough007

    Async or Vsync ? I think you have missed with JavaScript's Async

  • TheDavePhan

    I have the chance to buy the gtx 960 4gb version for $50 off craigslist, new in box.....Should I buy that or get the 1050ti for $150? I have a 600w power supply

  • Patriot

    I found a gtx 960 4gb on ebay for 75 dollars

  • Cutler Cycles

    bullshit gtx 1050ti on gow4. not 60fps more like 35fps. on ultra.

  • JustAndu

    Now I know what i want to buy.Why nVidia GeForce GTX 960 is more expensive than nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 TI,but 1050 TI is better?

  • SkuezTech

    Guys & gals, thank you very much for 500K views! :) Amazing.

  • Tyler Kluttz

    GTX 1050ti: The little card that could.

  • Elliott Widdup

    Along as it can run games 30 FPS or more I’m happy with that

  • vish

    why use reference 960 , most 3rd party 960 boost to 1330+ out of box .

  • Empty Life

    1050 ti vs R9 280x 3GB plz.

  • sepu

    Dis like por PENDEJO

  • Spoicy Deemer

    can someone help me out a little bit?my specs are:intel i3-4170 3.7ghzintel hd 4400 gpu4 gb ram ddr3and im planning to buy the gtx 1050 ti to replace my hd 4400, will my ram and cpu limit my performance to a huge margin? will the 1050 be overkill or should i run something cheaper?im looking to run smooth 60 fps on overwatch, and with my current specs im able to reach 35-40 fps (with huge fps dips, so i have to frame cap it at 30 to remove lag spikes) thanks for the help!

  • TheNikt MotoVlog

    wtf, I have 60fps in BF1 on Ultra on gtx 960 o.O

  • Kcroko Gamer YT

    960 good intel celeron g1840 bad

  • m snz

    Do you think i can pair the 1050 ti with a core i3-3220 ?

  • Gneiss Biscuits

    what ram models are these

  • Cartoon JR.


  • Thupten Dukpa

    so 1050ti is more or less 2 times better?

  • yoyoyoshio267

    Does this count for the laptop varient of the 1050 Ti?

  • Fgj Tshdhjtjtudj

    You are so fake. The 1050ti is a 970 but slower. And you compare it with 960.. You are so fucked up

  • Borislav Gridnev

    Lol my gtx1050 ti 4gb is much slower than my gtx960 2gb.960: 30-40 fps1050 ti: 5 - 10 fpsWTF

  • Mr.Haaska

    YES! 4GB variant of gtx 960. you are a beast

  • Emerald Player

    Amazing!! the 1050ti sure beats out the 960

  • Doc WantoN

    wtf so 1050 ti much better than gtx 960 ? :D

  • Asd Asd

    gtx 960 mx vs Gtx 1050 Ti

  • HGUD

    Lol 1050 ti is cheaper and better than gtx 960

  • Entertainment Only.

    The 1050ti is overclocked.

  • pallida

    pre owned prices on the gtx 960 thoufh

  • Brandon Tran

    Well the Gtx 960 is like around 50-80 bucks on ebay and the gtx 1050ti is around 120-150 So which is better?

  • TheUnder18Gamer

    hmm, i was told that the GTX 960 would outperform the GTX 1050 TI. its either he was wrong or he used it on different games.

  • Efinn

    My 960 is overclocked to 1550 mhz lol It would smash this

  • Kevin Howard

    I have the 1050ti in the system I have now. I had a gtx 960 in my old computer that got stolen. I liked the 960 better then the 1050ti.


    WAIT A SECOND!My GTX 960 came with a 1360mhz core clock not 1170! Also you can overclock gtx 960 easier because of the cuda cores(it has more than the gtx 1050ti) i have oced my gtx 960 to 1.5ghz and it is a beast! i have 15-20fps difference comparing with this video.Conclusion: Test is unfair because you have compared an oced graphics card with a stock one.ALL YOUR VIDS ARE GREAT BUT THIS TEST IS UNFAIR! GTX 960(4GB) CAN EASILY OUTPERFORM GTX 1050TI EVEN OC

  • dfds235

    I don't think you should buy the 960 at all it is less performance for more. Good job Nvidia on actually increasing performance this generation and making pc gaming so much cheaper. Signed AMD Fanboy

  • shankz TV

    But there are still stupid people getting the 960 lols

  • VOdKaLoVe123

    Wtf is this, the 1050 ti is overclocked the 960 is not.

  • Joshua Wyatt

    Just recently bought a 1050ti because my 960 stopped working on me. Wish I would have done more research I would have gotten a 1060... damn. oh well... I didn't really break the bank although I think I payed a little more than I should have for it, but I think the extra cost was because of overnight shipping lol. And It is still a little better than the 960. Hopefully I'll be happy with it.

  • VersatilityGB

    i have an intel core i5 4460 and nvidia geforce gtx 960 and i get a lot better fps than all of these examples on max settings, why is that?

  • zombiefritteuse

    1% and maybe even 0,1% would have been very nice, something you might want to provide in future videos :)

  • Xenomorph

    I had the best of my gaming rigs before i got fired from my job. Though after getting a new job i tried to make another but this time budget pc.Processor: Core i5 3470 3.2ghzGPU: Msi gtx 1050 ti Ram: 2x8 DDR corsair vengeance PSU: Corsair VS350 350watt.All this pc was bought under $175(friendly favours)

  • Dux& Cone

    So MSI 1050Ti vs GTX 960 Founders Edition... Not fair. With MSI GAMING X GTX 960. 960 would be better or equal.

  • S M I L E D O G

    The comparison is that the 960 used to be 200 dollars but it's a lot less and now the GTX 1050 is 200 dollars.

  • Zalk Tech

    I really like the 960 right now, as I have actually started seeing them for under $100.

  • Julio Fernandez

    gtx 1050 ti oc g1 gaming vs gtx 1050 ti strix

  • crazyinsane500

    Hold up, am I reading this right, that the 1050 Ti doesn't need a 6 pin connector? What, does it get all it's power from the Motherboard then?Man, times have changed.


    dhurr beta! aita kisu hoilo!

  • dosebadthingsguy exploits

    this is not correct gtx 1050 ti is way better shader than 960..

  • Abdul Wasay Farooqui

    Compare 1050ti to a GTX 960 4GB Xtreme OC Edition ffs.

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