What is the best rig? 5 Great Rigs 1050Ti 1070 1070Ti RX580 RX480

A quick episode review on a 13x Zotac GTX1050Ti - 8x EVGA SC 1070Ti - 7x PowerColor Golden Sample RX580 8GB along with quick review comparison on a 8x EVGA SC 1070 and 6x RX480 Red Devil 8GB build. Jam packed episode with lots of rig goodies. Additionally announcement that BBT will be in Miami at The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC 2018) January 17th through the 21st.

Detail Coverage on parts and downloads located here:

Month of December

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  • Andri Ivanov

    Hey there, I need an opinion on something rather interesting. So I have x79 board but only 3 pci slots, do you think a 1 to 4pci splitter will fully work on the board since it has 40 pci lanes?

  • mohit nagpal

    Please do rx Vega 56 build video... please pretty please...... 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Battlefront390X

    where did you buy the 1080 ti from?

  • Andre Ugland

    Nvida 1060 6gb FTW. Best bang for the buck as i can tell. Want your T shirt haha

  • Alexandre Barbosa

    Hey Mr. BBT, what about you test the new NVidia card: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/titan/titan-v/?

  • AbuClaib -l

    the winner = 1070ti mh/wTy. :)

  • TertiaryAdjunct

    Carter --Thank you for the info you put out

  • Ozzy Bogan Tech

    What's your thoughts on GPU errors, got my RX 480 ASUS STRIX up to 29.2 MHs but HWiNFO64 showed a lot of errors (about 8k a second) had to downclock the memory down to 2125 to get rid of the GPU errors and now it's putting out 26.4MHs Dual Mining ETH/ SiaCoin .

  • Timothy LaBranch

    Hey bud the 570, and 580. Which ones were you using?


    Titan very only hits 850 sols...zec

  • Mark Adams

    Hello, Just had a question to the thickness of the angled aluminum you use? 1/16th seems like it would be too thin and flimsy.

  • XLouisGamerX

    Hi, awesome video as always. I was wondering if the 7 x rx580 Rig could be taken to another level making it a 8 x rx580, will the the motherboard handle it? Thanks

  • Michelle Ly

    I am so going to prey that you die a horrible dead. :) Miners, human garbage. :)

  • sealfab

    How has the B250 been as far as reliability? I saw another video where the guy was not happy with it.

  • Rod

    any reason to not test 1080 1080ti?

  • K S

    1060 rigs are the best....

  • -IDAHOs_UnKnowN-

    just starting this venture when Power is only 0.08 kw/h in idaho

  • Mr Elf

    i think i better stick with 1050 w/o Ti cuz prices hre in my country is insane...

  • Jeff T

    Should do some Vertcoin tests on your next videos.

  • tomar5e115

    Are you going to be asking Craig Sellars Any questions about an audit being conducted on Tether at the conference?


    Link is missing for the blog

  • deathraydave

    You gay miners are screwing the market upHonestly screw you guys

  • Bits Be Trippin'

    So like the 60fps? or go back to 4k?

  • Minus

    RX580 can be found anywhere. GTX1070ti simply sucks for mining. RX580 has at least 50% more Hashrate/price. It would need at least 50 Mh/s for 1070ti to be worth buying.

  • More Hash

    Sapphire rx 580 4GB with 2135 mem clock / 1080 core clock and 120 W(undervolted) = 30.8-31.1 on ETH

  • TheBig Nig

    Carter be honest the best rig is to just dont be a fucking dumb ass and waste money on mining hardware when you can just buy bitcoin.

  • arun satyarth

    Wanted to introduce this open source 1 click miner I have created for Ethereum and Zcash called OneMiner. Would be great to get your feedback on this.https://github.com/arunsatyarth/OneMiner/releases

  • Full Movie

    3× zotac GTX 1060 3gb and 2× xfx Rx 580 8gb with biostar B250 btc pro. 12 GPU slot Which coin mining is good for this

  • master shtterman

    no bios modding in any of these (nvidia)?

  • Mary Welter

    Nice camera! Wow! Crystal clear. Going to your web site. Thanks

  • Rick

    Hey Carter, the Video's referenced links in the SOFTWARE & LINKS USED IN EPISODE section here (https://www.bitsbetrippin.io/pages/episode78) point to the wrong thing

  • MrDauwtje

    What should the 1070 Ti give on cryptonight for hashrate and watt? Thanks

  • Patrick Honeine

    Thanks BBT Team! Been watching your episodes for quite a while now. Only started full time mining around a year back. I have a modest 10 Rig Farm, close to topped out for my neck of the woods where power isn't so reasonable. My only advantage is during the daylight hours my power cost becomes cost neutral due to a 10.5KW solar system. Looking at substituting 2 of my 7 x MSI Gaming X PLUS Rigs with a Single 7 x Zotac 1070Ti Extreme card rig after seeing the tests you ran with them! Keep up the good work for the community guys! It is very much appreciated.

  • Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    oh crap.... now gtx 1050 ti gonna get expensive!?damn it

  • Oskari Larsen

    I got 15 mh/s with both of my Zotac Gtx 1050 ti mini cards. (I have two) Other one Samsung memory, and other one Micron.

  • Dick Johnson

    I would of liked to of seen a gtx 1060 6gb rig thrown in this. Great vid non-the-less!

  • Mike ™

    The RX 570 4GB wins do to price to performance, AND wattage.Mine does the following...Mem Type: HynixCore Clock: 1200 / Memory Clock: 2040Claymore's ETH = 29 MH/sClaymore's ETC = 29 MH/sETH|Decred = 28.4 MH/s | 845 MH/sETH|LBRY Credits = 28.4 | 82 MH/sClaymore's XMR = 778 H/sZcash = 290 Sol/s----------Core Clock: 1240 (USELESS on anything other than zCash, but even still, not really worth the extra wattage)Claymore's ETH = 29.4 MH/sClaymore's ETC = 29.4 MH/sETH|Decred = 28.7 MH/s | 845 MH/s ETH|LBRY Credits = 28.7 | 82 MH/sClaymore's XMR = 780 H/sZcash = 300 Sol/sCore Clocked @ 1300 resulted in 315+ Sol/s, but the wattage was high as hell, STICK with 1240, do NOT go above it on any RX RX 470/480.. or RX 570/580 ESPECIALLY please.580s do best in everything but always has 20+ more wattage and it can't be helped, because if you can bios mod the wattage on that... you can do it on the 570, so, pointless, buy 570 4gbs.If you want to SPECIFICALLY mine Zcash... GTX 1060 3GB/6GBs are slightly better but ONLY because they use less wattage.RX 580 can beat any GTX 1060 in Zcash, and so can a GTX 570, but like I said.. the wattage.The RX 570 4GB is more worth it than the GTX 1060 3GB/6GB because it is far more profitable when it comes to XMR/Monero, and ETH/ETC, dual mining etc.It is worth the extra 20-40 bucks more in my vote.

  • Barry Logan

    Well done----Thank you ")

  • 16vastraturbo

    rx560 seem to be better at power to hash ratio with a bios mod at ether then the 1050ti?

  • Captmorgan4101

    Nvidia TITAN V just announced for 3,000. Carter go Order one and Mine on it. Think of the Views and Hashes man. lol

  • EzraFuller

    Can I work for you guys?? XD I've been mining for a month and I love it

  • Purple Pill Guy

    How do you get both fans working on over 4 EVGA 1070ti GPUs since EVGA Precision Overclock only supports 4 GPU and afterburner will not get the second fan running from what I can tell?

  • olokix

    I'm pulling about 15mh/s + 120sia with 1050ti one card about ~55W

  • Ignacio C

    Try armor 570 8gb, I got 31.5mh on it 🙌🏼👍🏼 and I pay 250 with taxes. Oh!!!!

  • Henrik Vester

    Your videos are absolutely best source for solid information

  • David Eddy Wattier

    +-(°_°)-+ https://sophon.ai/product/introduce/sc1-plus.html

  • Bitcoin Louie


  • daramac5000

    Crypt0 mentioned you bro - Glad I checked your channel out. Subscribed. :)

  • Garry Oldham

    Lmfao awesome channel name hahaha, I subbed just because of that.

  • Escape3000

    I have 8 MSI ARMOR RX 570 4g at stock ( 1268mhz for core and 1750mhz for mem ) if a down the core to 950mhz with -150mili-volt and put the mem to 2100 what should i use to check if my Overclock is stable??

  • GameTime

    Some good info. in a compressed episode, nice. Rock on Volta.

  • Valmore Osuna

    why not 9 gpu gtx 1070 in the z270 motherboard?

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