How To & Why Use PCI-E 1X - 16X USB Extension Riser Cables

A short video explaining the basics of how and why you should use PCI Express riser cables on your GPU mining rigs.

Hardware used in this video

PCI-E 1x -16x USB Riser Cable
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  • peterz zylstra

    can i add a second PSU 1200 to 1600W to the risers to aviod a shortage, can i just hope that the current PC PSU can handle 2-4 more gpus

  • Jamie Burke

    Whole vid of showing how the obvious plugs work. But... sounds useless.

  • MrUniman69

    That is a well presented and very useful piece of information, thanks for making it.

  • Bektaa

    I dont have pcie 16x but i have graphic card so i buy one and i have 1x pcie slot

  • Paul Rhodes


  • DANI VaiRos

    I have an ACER ASPIRE X3995 device and I bought a new graphics card GT 1030 zotac and connected it directly inside the computer with the motherboard .. but the problem is that motherboard did not recognize the card maybe because it is an old version !!If you install such a piece it will solve the problem and will work the device well??

  • Ray Man

    is there a way to connect to the last pci on your board?

  • Kevin Cease

    Would this work for gpu rendering? What examples would this not be smart to use

  • Raphael Dantas

    Can I use it connected to an usb port 3.0 without that tool?

  • Zeeshan Ul Haq

    cant i just connect the usb cable direct to usb slot

  • TheRealJiff

    Great video. Clear and to the point.

  • mariano passerini

    I FUCKING LOVE YOU MATE. i'm from argentina and my english is kinda advanced so i had to serach videos about this on english and you are the first of like 20 vids that say things in a way that i understand thx <3

  • AntaRESynth

    can you connect the riser at the pci bus? If the card doesnt have 6/8 pin connector and draws power directly from m/b, can you connect 6 molex to the psu?

  • siracha beatz

    Can I put the chip end on regular pci

  • Kevin Cease

    Now how do I custom mount my third GPU in my thermaltake level 20 gt case where the hard drives go? I want it vertically along the back

  • TheMaxAcceleration

    How can a USB cable connected to a x1 PCIe transfer the same amount of data, then using the graphics card directly inserted into the x16 PCIe? I'm not a miner, but I can't imagine that the card will have the same performance. I mean... it uses only fraction of the connecting pins of the motherboard's x16 PCI-e slot.Please, drop me a line if you have a reasonable explanation... Thanks!

  • Tech Master-All Tech You Need

    Can i connect riser into my pci e 16x??

  • RoiPourpre

    Hello, this can carry a GTX 1070 Amp extreme you think ? I wont loose any performances ? Ty.

  • Derya Gokalp Yilmaz

    i have a lga 775 Mbo but i wanna install 1050ti or greater something but my x16 is gen 1.0. Now newer graphics cards have 3.0 x16. I was wondering if I get a PCI Express Riser cable or something like this would help me out performance wise?Asus support tell me it will work normal way just plug it but wont get max performace.

  • EasyFolkDude

    doesn't it get really hot very fast?and if i have a graphics card that doesn't require external energy how will it work?

  • adonios77

    My PCIe x16 port has burned. I don't know if PCIe x1 port (mini) has burned too. The question: Can I connect a PCIe 8x 2.0 Graphics Card, through a PCIe Riser, into any (simple) PCI port?Thanks in advanced.

  • Rupjyoti Rabha

    can it be used on laptop?

  • Giovanni P.

    Bottlenecking 101? isn't that going from 16 lanes to 4?

  • Spykerhond

    the bloody 1 x sockets sit very loose during operation , dont you know of some plug sheeth or cable grippers to stop riser boards from moving sideways in the slot during operation ?

  • john hoon

    Hi , can this PCI-E 1X - 16X USB Extension Riser Cables set use for SSD M.2 NVME or NGFF

  • Ben Nguyen

    So does the x1 channel have enough bandwidth to work with that x16 GPU card?Conversely, if you could theoretically fit 4 of the those 1x extenders into a single x16 slot, you would have four 16x GPU cards on one 16x slot.. so what am I missing?

  • philip dias

    Can this be used with other cards than videocards?

  • Distend

    Can you use a pci e riser and with a graphics card inside and while running a graphics card in the mother board to boost gaming performance? Btw this is not for mining only for gaming

  • Sommo Deb Dhali

    can i use Dual GPU like ,, in my Motherboard and One in PCI riser

  • Chris H

    So I cant help but be curious. If I am trying to run 2 GPU's either crossfire or sli on a mobo with one PCI x16 via a riser that has 2 PCI x16 slots. Wouldn't there be some type of bottleneck using only the one slot?

  • Noobita TV

    A stupid question, can you actually use this to upgrade laptop GPU like the other similar device like this or you have to use that laptop external GPU adapter?

  • Kamil Wendland

    Hello. Can I connect graphic card that should have pci 3.0 to motherboard wich contain slot pci 1.0 by riser? It will be lost data by this?

  • ๖ۣۜ KENNEXS

    Great review pretty much pro

  • 1secondGHOST

    Needs close ups of the board. Most the screen is a desk

  • IMineBlocks

    Please Note:- You cannot connect the GPU Riser to your USB port. The usb cable is just used as an alternative to a ribbon cable, there is no usb interface. You cannot run the gpu riser from a usb port!

  • Bhubesh . M

    Is there any way to use it directly in the USB port? "Cause i plan to use it on my laptop which indeed has an ExpressCard slot. So a link to buy an express card with a PCI-E would also be helpful. Thank You!

  • Qorqud Alekberli

    Must i use power cabel when am using gt 730 or any graphics card like this?pls answer this

  • Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    Got a question, is this the recommended accessory to use when you got an usb port card that you need to connect onto the motherboard but the catch is that there won´t be enough space between two gpus populating the motherboard and want to route the card to face forward in the chassis instead of going out of the back?

  • Yiu Chung Wong

    Sorry for being a noob but does it draw power from the motherboard or external power?

  • RoiPourpre

    Hello, can we use a sound card on this type of riser ? 100% performance for the sound card ? ty

  • Rahul Chettiar

    Ok, I will watch the entire video. I need something like this, because my Z68 boards PCI 16 has some problems and I want to use my GPU in PCI 1 via this.

  • lazy poop

    thx.... i get it now hehehe.....

  • The Shadow Man

    Thanks for the video, it helps

  • jason dowsett

    trouble is you lose graphics quality and power using these.

  • P R Sudha Rani

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Kwan

    Clear and concise. Thank you.

  • Jacob Regamey

    How do you add extra power if 8x isnt powerful enough?

  • Attila Vidacs

    Aren't the molex ones the worst to use?

  • Marco Wiegand

    On x16 Slot is a x16-Riser better. Graphicscard or Graphiccard ?

  • TheDefeatest

    So could I use one of these to add a decent gpu to my small dell optiplex case that is too small for a gpu of any size? I would have to modify the case slightly and keep the Gpu on the outside....but it that a way this could work?

  • peterz zylstra

    what the cables that if I was use for the PSU to the gpus( I am a first timer building my PC 1 into 4 GPUs......I need those steps...i have a separate PSU but not sure what cables are needed and what gets plugged in where...please more details...

  • drout

    so distracting to watch you talk in front of the camera with your eyes rolled all the way up. Seems you are looking at the monitor close to the ceiling while your camera is far below at your forehead level.

  • Son of a Beats

    i just want to ask, my system unit is a slim type then i bought a gpu. but the gpu wont fit because the other ports is just so close to each other. will the pcie riser card help me in my problem? i dont know much about the technical stuffs, thank you in advance!

  • Cees Timmerman

    Wouldn't connecting a x16 card via a x1 slot give 1/16 performance?

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