Under $150 Budget Gaming 8 Core CPU, Motherboard & 16GB RAM

Can you build a badass gaming rig on the cheap using old server hardware?

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY
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  • Dezik so

    What's the model of motherboard, and what psu cables it needs?

  • Matthew Witt

    Now in 2018 you cant get 16 gb ram for 150 XD

  • Jason Gooden

    Cutting that card was hardcore old school. Nuff respect!

  • Amit ranjan

    I always want a gaming pc but my family economy condition is not good 😚😅😅😅but one day I will buy my own .

  • Serg Clevitz

    Dude the cores number won't give you more performance

  • Bo Gao

    The RAM you showed is a buffered RAM. Your CPU can work with it. You can just use an armored buffered RAM stick and it will work equally.

  • mushfiqul Hoque

    can you gift this pc to me i really like it

  • Anatoliy Kul'babskiy

    Why you just dont use pcie Riser card?In addition you can use pcie extender card to have 4 pcie!!!!!!!

  • DontDistureb CJonBed

    I wish i could have a gaming PC 😞

  • Hakuna Matata

    i don't know why i keep repeating 4:06

  • SpartanArmy117

    The 771 xeons can be put into the 775 sockets with a slight mod, and those boards are better for gaming anyway.

  • Lucas Rodmo

    It's a shame that a GTX 980 here in Brazil costs about U$ 640,00 more than the monthly average salary.

  • clutch302tc

    would this be good for 3d graphic design?

  • Hunter Lepage

    GTX980 is definitely at least 3x the whole value of the PC without it.... Lies

  • AlexSDU

    What Windows is it run on?I probably miss it, if he did mention what Windows he's using.

  • all in one

    man you are grate,i really like ur vedio, please told me motherbord model number

  • javadan123

    "It's not like Intel has been sitting on ass for 9 years"....you're right, more like 4 years xD

  • Andres Valdevit

    My God.... I’ll keep saving up a lot more to buy current components.

  • Pentuim D

    Found a xeon work station similar to that mobo(It was free by the trash)

  • Anku Jattboy

    Bro Pentium (R) 4 processor me konsa graphical install karu

  • Tobe Wang

    Linus, I don't have you know about this before, because, in China, there's team, who made the lag 771 CPU into 775 CPU, which it's mean that you don't have to have a server motherboard, instead a normal P45 mother it's already enough for running XEON Chip, but also , there produce an service , that you can sending an P45 borad to them, they will help you to make the borad into 771 stock.

  • bran harv

    Ipads for a dollar? Id say what a ripoff.

  • Diego Muñoz

    What are the specd of that thing?

  • Joeri Dijkstra

    Wait... 16GB of ram for under 150 dollars?

  • SpaniardNL

    Wow, thought I heard him say 'need for seed'


    Hello , how did you installed win 10 with dual cpus? mine says multiprocessor configuration not supported..in a dell presicion t7400. Any help?

  • lalapeanutbutter

    5:50 Wow, this aged REALLY badly.

  • BobbyMart

    Anybody else notice the activate windows message in the thumbnail

  • Gyuri Smulders

    yep... is like a quad qore am2+ cpu for 20 bucks... running NOW at 3000 cpu benchmark.. that is bang for bucks..


    You would have tried with the intel s5000psl motherboard instead of that version.

  • Mrc Mods

    Plls 300dollar gaming pc

  • miss misanthropist

    tbh i'd be happy with just a GTX 6xxiforgotwhatmodel to put in my shitty office computer

  • Ron Bacon

    So I decided I would check my benchmark on a new HP laptop (Not gaming just a paper pushing model) 495 cb... 501 does not look so bad lol

  • Justin Robinson

    Could I use something like this as a dedicated streaming pc? Where I just use a capture card external or internal to capture from a seperate console or PC?

  • Einfach Yannic

    its still better than my intel core i3 6100 wich has an 340cb =(

  • FreakyGamerzz

    Sir will a xeon x5450 work on my asus p5g41tmlx3 mother board

  • HeadsinPaperBags

    What's the equivalent for 2018?

  • maximus prime

    150$=9750rupeesmore than some peoples salary

  • Vorzang Studios

    why did u block me on hangouts????!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Honeyball Lecter

    OH GOD the sawing....

  • John Douglas Racing Video

    with the price of GPU's the way they are, I'd do this in a heart beat to save money on the overall build out so i could spend more on a GPU, at least I'd end up with a GTX 1060 instead of an AMD RX 560...

  • Alzemiro Borges

    500cb points? I have 530cb with my old I7 950 and run EVERY FUCKING THING with a REALY good quality with my OLD HD7970 and my old 8gb ddr3 ram.

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