Under $150 Budget Gaming 8 Core CPU, Motherboard & 16GB RAM

Can you build a badass gaming rig on the cheap using old server hardware?

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY
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Artist Link: https://soundcloud.com/laszlomusic

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana
  • Ted

    This was a cool idea when it was made. For those wanting to get into 8 core and 16gb cheap in 2018, might check into LGA 1366. There you can get workstation or server mb, 8core cpu and RAM for $150 and better PCIe performance. Some are better overclocking too.

  • kik neck


  • Tomislav Nikolic

    There needs to be a follow up to this build.

  • Gamaliel

    Can it be used as a streaming PC?

  • Maisonier

    year 2018 Linus ... could you make a new video of this old stuff? like a motherboard with dual x5690?

  • IdealSound & Performance : Mobile

    I'm actually shocked to see such good results on a single pcie1.0 x8

  • Bob

    SuperMicro boards are so much better than dell ones.

  • Christian Stout

    Linus is using LGA 775 here, but your options and performance prospects open dramatically if you're willing to shell out for LGA 1366, about $100 more, all in.

  • michaeldd

    i got a w3565 whole runnign system 150 free shipping had to add memory and a gpu

  • Andy

    Remember when RAM was still somewhat reasonable

  • steven cutcher

    Do you ever show amd instead of Intel?

  • Komrade BigTex sucks

    Damn, I just built a Pentium E5200 (or something) pc with 4gb DDR2.

  • Destin65

    Always enjoy watching these kinds of videos now that times and prices have changed. That 980, which I'm guessing is a PNY 4gb 980, that costs at least double everything else now, triple at most places. Why bother building a $150 rig to put an outdated $500 video card in it?

  • bojan mitrovic

    can u test this one again now in 2018?

  • Pimpriq

    X5650 are way better

  • Wim van de Sande

    I would love to put a nvme ssd in my HP xw8600....will it work after a bios flash?Sure hope any one tryed this,and is willing to let me know,cause it would be a waiste of money if it doenst work...Thanx a lot. the same i want to do with my Z620 workstation,but that will work for sure,cause thats a new rig(2017)

  • Thomas Rustan

    core i5 2400 quad core

  • Gerald Wagster

    Linus, it's time to show them X58 and Xeons together again. Help those econo gamers man!

  • [Kuu-]

    "Just go to NCIX and get a new system."Cries in a corner because NCIX doesn't exist anymore

  • Raveen Minz

    Can u play pubg in this

  • Whatever Arita

    can you soldered some more pci-e below the one pci-e ?

  • Sentlee


  • Fabian Johansson

    I'm doing a similar thing with a trash picked HP z400 with a W3550 and a 1050ti, seems to be working well enough

  • Nikola savic

    i watch this in 2k18 ... im in supreme super extreme budget XD

  • Writative

    Why didnt you just use a pci-e 16x riser 😭

  • Raveen Minz

    Plz play cs go in this

  • caleb grefe

    That's a fine Cinebench score!

  • Tiago Santos

    Oh god, minute 7:57 i laughted so much ah ah ah ah ah!! Thx for the vid Linus, keep it up!

  • Remrem007

    Why don't you do that in scrap yard wars

  • IdealSound & Performance : Mobile

    Powredge 2950 isn't bad. Still only x8. Have to saw out the back of the slot to fit gfx. Chassis is huge. But I picked one up with 2x4 core Xeon and 32gb fbdimm for 75 Canadian. I picked one up with 1x4 core Xeon and 4gb ram for $12 Canadian.

  • Ibrahim Lathini

    damn! i love it ... lol

  • Daniel Horne

    i got a gtx980 4gb on an dell optiplex 7010 with an i7 3770 3.4GHZ quad core 8 total cores 32gb ddr3 ram

  • 1024

    Yes, but can it run Tetris?

  • victor jo

    Those old Xeons are nice but they heat up so bad and you need a good cooler and in the end you still have to invest some more money.

  • Alf Nissen

    hp z400 or z600 are still here in 2018 fine gaming machines combined with decent graphics card. and you can buy them for cheaps!


    can it support fortnite ??

  • Ivan Bracamonte

    lol i love these shit videos, especially with all the memes the editors and crew put :D

  • Noiselab Project

    holy molly by 4 or 5 mins, u were basically saying `dont bother` ha ha

  • RiskyB81 RiskyB81

    That motherboard is bigger than my case! WTF!

  • RJV Farm - Gaming

    This video is just a pain in the ass

  • Nut screw gamer

    or broken PC.i can fix PC(until i got my solder)

  • Mario Meier

    wow my Corsair Dominator ram cost 165 euro 16 gb

  • Kick en Evy

    I gonna do this with a gtx1050


    But can it run crisis AND Minecraft!?

  • Thomas Rustan

    my complete system is $180 and i get 80fps in gta 5, bf 1, battlefront 2, etc. with a 1% low of 40-50fps

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