Under $150 Budget Gaming 8 Core CPU, Motherboard & 16GB RAM

Can you build a badass gaming rig on the cheap using old server hardware?

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  • Radical Edward

    But can it run Crysis 3 4K 60FPS?

  • The DJay

    Lol, just got my two Xeon X5677's for just under 35€ 😂

  • GRiLaKa

    Yup... No point in bottlenecking a 1080ti lmao

  • F4ZE

    LGA1366 x5670 with 16gb ecc for 86$gg

  • Maybe Live

    I bought the next best thing... 200$ CAD 12 core CPU, motherboard and 24GB of RAM... mine is better in the future!!!

  • Saurav Pal

    sir pleaze give your number,,8017290285 its my number,,im kartick ,,live in kolkata

  • Top Secret

    So this is how you get dirty deeds...DONE DIRT CHEAP!!!

  • Trustin russkiy fashist

    I literally had to turn on captions to keep up with everything

  • Madson Delano

    open the .bin file of your pc bios datadelete a part and rewrite the bios of your pc when you have updated the bios data pull the power cable from the outlet then you turn on the pc to see if it works

  • Kasen Ratliff

    what kind of psu is that?

  • Ackirb

    I've got an old HP G5 server running dual X5460's. I can confirm that these CPUs are surprisingly capable today. Not on par with modern processors, but also not as bad as you'd expect.If you're gonna go this route, I wouldn't recommend the L54xx series CPU's though. They are significantly less powerful. If the 2x 120W X5460's are too power hungry for you, definitely go for an E54xx CPU instead. It's a nice balance between lower power usage while still not sacrificing that much performance.

  • Hi-Fi The fox

    This was in 2015???? it feels like a few months ago

  • Fran Bartoluci

    You could solder additional slots.

  • Adam Saint

    The problem with 1T performance is down to the CPUs. X5460/X5470s will fit in that board and yield closer to 800 points in CB R15. You can also adapt those CPUs to work in most desktop 775 boards which can be had for pennies.

  • Bassam Siraj

    I come from the future

  • Network Engineer's Playground

    I just put up a video Installing a XEON X5450 in a 2008 Socket 775 ASUS motherboard. You have to grind tabs on the side so it will fit and bridge two of the pins, but it works! You can get them pre-modded and tested from China for less than $10. Working great in my Linux box. I got a software RAID 5 with a encrypted file system on it and I run backups to another SATA that also has an encrypted file system, the Core 2 Duo I had just wasn't cutting it, but that XEON is shredding it! I love pushing old hardware to its fullest potential.

  • Zammy Wang

    But.... can it run....

  • matt baker

    is this motherboad compatibleIntel DB85FL 4th Generation Motherboard

  • Mamdouh Tawadros

    Very interesting to see legacy CPUs LGA771, LGA1366, LGA2011.

  • Alexander Norton

    Good system to do this with is a Dell T3500 server they are super cheap

  • Daniel Dougan

    That's all fine and good, but can it run Quake?

  • H2NB Productions

    holy duck it performed x3 better than my $500 hp 15-bw0xx laptop except the gpu

  • Jorge Isaac Dominguez Valle

    Sell me that proyect because here on my country the same hardware are so expensive

  • Eli In the Wolverine State

    More budget minded stuff. 5000$ computers are cool but 100$ at Adafruit is more budget minded.

  • Kearfy

    5:28 luckily my motherboard had backplates with screw holes

  • DeadShot Gaming

    Hope i can fine here in the philippines

  • Ali Raza

    You normally pretend like you are the God.. do us all a favor and transfer hp z420 system with hp 1589 motherboard into a newer custom casing. I guess the world wants to see that magic. Can this Linus God do it for us?????

  • Pasha Jadali

    Review the dell presion t5400

  • Enlil Occidio Sabbateans

    I want a dirt cheap 128g ram rig.

  • Madson Delano

    boots some smds from motherboard and video card

  • Luca Balaj

    now i cant even get 16gb's of RAM for $150

  • Joshua Stagnitto

    this was the video that started me on my mission of building a decent gaming/editing pc for cheap..end result:dual Intel Xeon X5450 cpu's Harptown. SLASB. 8 cores at 3.00GHZ32GB fb-ddr2Dual ATI RX580's in crossfire875 watt PSU160GB SSD C:/500gb HDD1TB HDDmy only issue im having with this pc is that the ddr2 runs VERY hot, and the cpu's are passively cooled.. i do have a huge 140(?)mm case fan directly in front on the cpu heatsinks, and it does work, but i would much rather have them liquid cooled, or even get a good active cooled air cooler, but lga771 is a ridiculous socket that has basically proprietary mounting holes for the heatsinks in a stupid pattern, so to find a better cooler has been a nightmare. i can literally find NOTHING that will work without modding.. also, cases arent plentifully available because of the size of this massive motherboard with mounting holes that arent compatible with any other style board i have researched..what i want to do:better casebetter coolinggood luck with that if anyone else got the idea from linus and did a similar build.. there are definitely some cons to doing this.. but all in all, it is extremely worth it.. i have had a great time building this pc and even though all the parts are older, this thing is a monster and i lolve it!!! it runs every game i play on 1080p on ultra settings at atLEAST 40fps on the very low end (world of warcraft).. some games get framerates at around 300fps (counter strike source).alltogether i paid:mobo, psu, and case - 125$matched processors - 40$matching heatsinks - 20$1 tb hdd - 40$500gb hdd - 20$160gb ssd - 40$550 watt power supply booster (for gpu's) - 20$dual ATI RX580's - 140$arctic alumina thermal paste - 3$fans (x4) - 10$windows 10 pro - 30$grand total of $488 (some parts i already owned from previous computers and obviously didnt need to buy them again, but i put the prices i paid for the parts so it would be an accurate price list)ill bet money that you put this computer up against 99% of any other 500$ pc's and it'll blow it out of the water.. ABSOLUTELY recommend doing this, for anyone thinking about it..

  • xZed

    I wanted to get a good pc but that never happened, I needed Help finding veryyyyyyy cheap pcs

  • Skotadi Amv's

    What is the mother board model?

  • OldSlowGamer

    I'm running an Intel workstation based on an Intel S5520 motherboard and two W5590 4 core 3.3 GHz processors (the highest performance processor supported by this motherboard, it's maxed out) with 24 GB of RAM out of a possible supported max of 192 GB.. The processor pair cost me 50 bucks and the motherboard was bought new old stock for 120 and the Intel case for it was free. It features a drive bay with six hot swappable drives and is running a 1000 watt power supply. It takes modern video cards quite well and is basically a freight train of a computer. It may not be ultimately fast but like a train it is very hard to slow it down. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate which is the only version of 7 that supports multiple CPUs. This may apply to Win 10 as well, I'm not sure, but it is something to check if you want to build a dual CPU machine.

  • Bums Fallera

    Awesome Video.Try the HP xw6400 Mainboard ;-). It's from a workstation and ATX format.

  • Jason Link

    Most def needs an update

  • Damir Ramcic

    Can i have it please ? xD

  • samiul azim

    you f*ked the gpu 😭😭😭

  • ReganMarcelis

    I go to the best PC Youtuber #TechYesCity and Linus pops up right after if leave it on auto run, I go to the awesome BitWit and Linus Pops up thereafter, GRRRR - Get off my screen brah.... BTW: Can you give Bryan from Tech Yes City some love... Also ModsTek (only 35 thousand or so subs) deserves it to but Bryan from Tech Yes City (deserves a few million and not a competitor with you as does more reasonable stuff that we can afford 'like you USED TOO D0) for sure..... If not for him, tons of us watching would not be flipped to ya stuff thereafter, constantly. I actually like Linus better then some (will not say who) but would respect him much more if he reached back down and pulled some of the other YouTubers that deserve it UP! ....Like Tech Yes City and no I do not know Bryan personally.,never met him just love his stuff and some of yours so advocating for him and advocating for your respect and your FUTURE KARMA BUD. :p "WAITING"......

  • James Meredith

    It's a shame that cost doesn't also cover the graphics card and a storage drive to make a solid bare bones budget gaming kit.

  • yorgle11

    Most people ignore used server/workstation equipment because they're unaware of it, or don't know enough about it to be comfortable buying it. But there's always fleets of equipment being liquidated at good prices. You just have to be able and willing to figure out what you're doing. Be patient and do your research - don't rush into the first deal you find, there will probably be thousands more.The high volume of identical parts combined with lack of competition from other buyers means the prices can be very cheap, but you pay for it with your research and resourcefulness to make it all work with your setup. There's a sweat equity that you have to be wiling to put forth, it's not as simple as buying consumer DIY equipment that's all designed to plug and play with everything else. Sometimes you might need to figure out proprietary pinouts and build adapters, for example. When it comes to power connections, you have to get that right the first time or you'll blow stuff up.If you do buy used proprietary parts, assume responsibility. Don't buy things randomly and harass the sellers because you bought something you can't use. Those headaches (and the support cost) drive many outfits to just burn it all in a fire rather than offer it for sale.I recently got a deal on a Dell workstation with a Sandy Bridge Xeon. The bare motherboards for old systems like that are hilariously cheap, but you have to pay attention to the details to figure out how to integrate them in a commodity ATX case. Study photos, find documentation, don't assume anything, and accept the risk of making a mistake.Buying the whole PC is sometimes more elegant, avoids some confusion, and sometimes it's a better deal if you need many of the parts.Dell/HP/etc motherboards sometimes have a key in firmware to activate Windows 7 (or 8, if you're into that), but I think you have to find the appropriate type of install CD in order to have that firmware key be recognized. Unfortunately, it seems that many sellers remove the printed Windows COA product key that's supposed to stay on the machine.4:45 - minor pet peeve of mine, having sold lots of RAM on eBay in the past - referring to those modules as "regular ECC" is ambiguous.The most important compatibility issue isn't ECC, it's whether the memory is Registered or Unbuffered. The types can't be mixed and many boards strictly require one or the other. That module is Registered. Maybe not Fully Buffered (a type of modules I've had no experience with), but it's clearly Registered as evidenced by the buffer chip at center. Unbuffered memory (which desktops typically require) doesn't have that - unbuffered memory is a straight shot from mobo to the RAM chips.It's also ECC (as evidenced by the RAM chip count), but that's usually not as compatibility breaking as the Registered/Unbuffered parameter.5:13 - Those aren't actually marketed for generic applications, but in practice it's not surprising they work just fine. The KTH prefix means that Kingston markets them for some set of HP machines. KTM=IBM, KTC=Compaq, KTD=Dell. There's probably others. But it hardly matters as long as the important characteristics of the RAM are compatible.

  • JB6789

    I picked up a decommissioned DELL T5600 dual E5-2667 (V1, 6 core per CPU, 2.9 GHz base clock plus 3.4 boost, 32 GB DDR3 EEC RAM (QUAD CHANNEL), 825W Power Supply and 1 HDD); got it FREE thru my company decommissioning policy. Thru in a 240 GB SDD (SATA 1) for $65 and a GTX 980 FTW off of eBay for $180 plus shipping. Hooked it up to my 43 inch 4K UHD Philips TV, which I bought 2 years ago for $340 at a local flash sale.WHAT a RIG!!!!!!! Plays the games I enjoy quite well. WoT at high graphics gets me over 100 FPS.Productivity is terrific, multi-tasking....off the charts.I will invest 90 bucks in a sound card over the next months...and another 3TB HDD. That's it.

  • Choice777

    ddr2 800 mhz omg lol

  • yousaiditzero

    Yeah...so easy......smh

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