Under $150 Budget Gaming 8 Core CPU, Motherboard & 16GB RAM

Can you build a badass gaming rig on the cheap using old server hardware?

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    I came across your Channel and I was wondering what exactly do you guys do?

  • Remrem007

    Why don't you do that in scrap yard wars

  • Artem Pylypchuk

    Ive had a desktop like that for almost a decade! It's an Intel S5000XVNSASR. First, I ran it over remote DVI cabling in a separate server room, but now I've put it into a regular PC case (Chieftec with LGA-771 holes) and the CPU fan noise is HORRIBLE. Those fans (btw use copper, not aluminum models for Xeon X5450), are not designed to run quiet; moreover, because there's two of them, you get horrible low frequency vibrations (i.e. loud hum from the case) at certain speeds if they're a bit different (mine are). Finding liquid coolers or premium air coolers like Noctua NH-U12DX at this time is just a bust. I've had two shops on Amazon send me wrong models (NH-U12S). I suggest you to do the same trick, but with more modern motherboards.

  • AlphaRetro

    The question is....CAN IT RUN CRYSIS??!?!?

  • Fabian Johansson

    I'm doing a similar thing with a trash picked HP z400 with a W3550 and a 1050ti, seems to be working well enough

  • Tejah Girish

    I will take a rig worse than that if u give me

  • Eric Johnson

    What is that power supply that you are using in the Yellow case?

  • Matt Parker

    Linus, are you interested in selling it? I've got 250 usd.

  • shawn salyers

    Yeah I'm trying to build or rebuild an old piece I got a graphics card for it and I don't know how to connect the graphics card

  • happy b.s. productions

    @ 5:30 I herd you say ow in the background.. 😂 😂

  • AB DOu

    I3 2100 + 8 gb ddr3 + gtx 580 + 900 w psu + ecs motherboard +a free case for 80 dollars

  • Vicmar Yray

    And all end up with gtx980 smh 🤣

  • Fool's Requiem

    A 150 dollar computer build is a computer build I wouldn't want.

  • Mohammad Suhaimi

    now days, no need to cut out the rear tail graphic card, you may use pcie 16x cable extender

  • Adam Steidl

    All that work reminds me of the very old days of modifying your old computers like the old school IBM's and such

  • alex

    pro tip: buy your cpu and mobo from microcenter.com because they cheap asf and give you $30 when you buy both

  • shawn salyers

    I bought AGTX limited edition and the slots do not Fit it

  • armouredcat23

    ayyyy thats pretty good

  • Rafau999

    Mac pro 1.1 upgraded to 2.1 and install windows.

  • Nick B

    Did everyone miss the bear necessities meme at 3:37?

  • Parmjeet Kaur

    Plz give me gtx 1080

  • Zammy Wang

    But.... can it run....

  • board key

    $108 equal to sri lankan 17 000 , so it's silly

  • Mario Meier

    wow my Corsair Dominator ram cost 165 euro 16 gb

  • Randy Guttery

    Boom, you start with a very unpopular CPU, and things go down from there. Nice try though.

  • Josh Guyette

    Please never use Dell ever again.


    My pc have 160 cb in cinebench .....

  • al h

    tmc;dr; (too many comments didn't read)Wattage!one of what ever both XEONs can easily be over 100TDP power consumption. So what are we looking at? 400W or more like 500W overall TDP parts power consumption? so if you pay 50 cents a kWh like me ... this rig just burns money even if it would only utilise 80% or I start looking at solar and only game during sunny days *sigh*.I really would love to see a "bang for your watt'n'buck" .. I know this is more a overclocking with "electricity? Never heard of it"-channel. My problem serverstuff and especially with pre 2010 stuff is they consume a shitton of power in idle, and even if it is a dedicated gaming rig, meaning it only is powered on for games we still look at easily 60-75% idle times. where a xeon rig like yours with a GTX 980 will hopefully idle at 80W maybe even a bit less. While my current gaming rig idles at ~33W including monitor (+-2W) (intel core i5-7600k + nvidia GTX 1050 TI Strix (both have every energy-savings features on))

  • H2NB Productions

    holy duck it performed x3 better than my $500 hp 15-bw0xx laptop except the gpu

  • Raine Nickels

    This video is just a pain in the ass

  • Ayo

    Anyone else spot the bear neccesities thing?

  • Camilo Javier

    Inclusive that crappy pc runs better than a xbox one x lol

  • Alf Nissen

    hp z400 or z600 are still here in 2018 fine gaming machines combined with decent graphics card. and you can buy them for cheaps!

  • victor jo

    Those old Xeons are nice but they heat up so bad and you need a good cooler and in the end you still have to invest some more money.

  • Rafau999

    First problem: DRIVERS!

  • Itzzben

    Some cheap motherboard cpu ramWith gtx 980 really linus

  • Kick en Evy

    I gonna do this with a gtx1050

  • Andy

    Remember when RAM was still somewhat reasonable

  • dom233

    if it wasn't for the problem of warranty, someone could start a cottage industry selling these rigs; not sure at what mark up though. And the customer care would be expansive, you would have to offer a postage free return policy to compensate for the fact that if anything went wrong it would take time to fix it. That would be one problem among many, demand would outstrip supply very soon.

  • Maisonier

    year 2018 Linus ... could you make a new video of this old stuff? like a motherboard with dual x5690?

  • Moon Tae-il

    Would you need to use Windows server?

  • Wim van de Sande

    I would love to put a nvme ssd in my HP xw8600....will it work after a bios flash?Sure hope any one tryed this,and is willing to let me know,cause it would be a waiste of money if it doenst work...Thanx a lot. the same i want to do with my Z620 workstation,but that will work for sure,cause thats a new rig(2017)


    Teel about i3 processor

  • CattleRustler

    At 2:40 is that a speed screw lying on the mother board?

  • Luca Balaj

    now i cant even get 16gb's of RAM for $150

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