EWBF Zcash mining performance with GTX 1050 MSI / EVGA GTX 1050 SC / GTX 1060 / GTX 960

Wanted to show you what kind of hashrate you get of these cards, and power consumption. And allso a peak of my zcash mining rig :)

Nvidia is really good cards for Zcash @ this moment and amazingly low power consumption.

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ZCASH: t1Nhv8X4xCLzrsSurLytG91KEMcT43aedNu

Thanks for watching!
  • John kriepto

    Is 2gb still good for zcash yes? And whats up with the SOL, some calculators use sol, some other use h/s ... can anybody explain me?

  • Pat

    what the fuck is that intro, you're not 12 and we're not playing minecraft

  • Traumatic Encephalopathy

    can you just post the hashrates and power consumption of each card individually in the description? that would be the most helpful

  • ImRIckJames

    that's ineficient, I'm running 6 cards pulling 675w in total and getting 2200-2400 sols. cheers.

  • Sm1eL RX

    One of my cards is 980TI = 4 yours

  • Naquib mirza

    still 2gb card working for zcash mining ???

  • niezam07

    i'm just curious about how much you can make every month. GTX 1050 TI price almost the same as RX 470, but Radeon give a better hashrate right?

  • Henry Kakkuri

    R9 280 can do 305 sol/s and costs only 60 to 80€ but i got mine lucky 30€ :D (having 2 x R9 280 atm)

  • Dagobert Duck

    The GTX 1050 is the only card from GTX 10- Series with 14nm Chip... Zcash mining with GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 is at the moment BEST GPU-MINING !!!:So what I actually found out (more research internet) is that a GTX can make about 700 sols @ 180 Watt (max. 250W), a RX 470 does about ~ 250 sols @ 120 Watt (max. 150W). Are these good numbers ? FOR ZCASH (ZEC) MINING: When this is true the GTX 1080 is significantly more efficient than the RX 470 (Rx 570). In sols/price it's the same... So One mining rig with 5x GTX 1080 (ON ZEC) does more ore same profit (After, and for the ROI) like rigs with 14x Rx 470 (ON ETH)... About 780 $ vs 580 $ ? So GPU-Mining ZCash with GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 series is at the moment most profitable... And you need the lees space... But you will need a 1500W or 2000W PSU for a 5x or 6x GTX 1080 Rig ? Does a rig with 5x or 6x GTX 1080 even work ?

  • Mateusz

    you have gtx960 2gb or 4 gb ?

  • megapet777

    If I used my gtx 960 how long would take to earn 1 zcash?

  • IllMakeUSquirtle

    Is EWBF's miner worth the dev fees? I tried to run it with a parameter of --fee 0 , and the program completely stoped accepting shares D: NiceHash's Excavator gives: 309sol/sEWBF's miner gives: 321-326sol/sThoughts on worth the dev fee for maybe 15sol/s

  • Chase Barnard

    please kill the intro music my family is sleeping and nobody needs that crap

  • Scivis GaZT

    how to create the zcash wallet?

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