Enable CUDA for graphics card | Nvidia GTX 970 | Xilisoft Video Converter

Hi Friends,

In this video I have shown how you can enable CUDA feature for different applications when using Nvidia graphics card (GTX 970) . In this example I have shown Xilisoft Video Converter .

Link for File : http://dir50.com/users/TechVirus
  • Ederson Dark

    Thanks, it worked for free cuda video converter

  • Soad Mahfuj

    hey man... i use GTX 950 , and it's working ...Awesome

  • Cosmoguy Studios

    no joy for me :( windows 7

  • Tamim/TG

    Why its not working for davinci resolve?

  • Myths GamesNmodS


  • Contimirov_Fan ©

    наебщик ты парень гори в ваду черт

  • Actor Command

    Does this work with the nvidia gtx 950m GPU?

  • Dima Kozactco

    Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate 9.0.32 +Treatment: not required (the installer is already disinfected) 2017 https://yadi.sk/d/XNP0xc-g3BidPr

  • Lauicetr

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! it worked for sony vegas 12 with gtx 970 :D

  • Gilbertify

    If it doesn't work on W10, it's because it's made for 8.1 64-Bit. Look up Nvidia's CUDA toolkit and pick W10 64 or 32-bit.

  • touchpower

    Thanks you. Working perfect on my NVIDIA 9650M GT.)

  • amllemans

    not working on W10 64, with latest drivers nVidia .! any solutions?

  • Amin SALAH

    je peux pas telecharger le fichier ?? :/

  • Harun Karamuklu

    Thank you for video...

  • Iori Flameheart

    Hi, may I know where you get those files? you see, I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to Windows files since it may affect the OS itself and might result to crash/hack. I'm sorry for not trusting you but please understand.

  • Chootu Khan

    Can you please start GPU acceleration in iskysoft video converter I have GTX 870m Nvidia graphic. AND GPU acceleration is not highlighting . And it is not enable enable so how can I enable it please suggest me

  • user9727653


  • ashish singh

    the link isnt for your drive , kindly update it

  • Hrithik Muttin

    Guys I installed an video editing software yest...N it said to update your cuda hardrive.... infact I have 2GB graphics card of Nvidia 610 series what to do Help,..

  • badai krisantoro saputra

    Just follow your way to enable cuda for Freemake Video Converter, you are awesome man !!!

  • Trọng Kiểm

    Not Work, windows 10 , GTX 770

  • Pavel Gubchik

    win 10 x64 gtx 980 freemake works fine, thanks a lot!!!

  • Mantas Pavardenis

    Well what do you know, this actually worked for Freemake converter too :)

  • Funky Giblets

    Ok found a way to fix it on WIndows 10. Buy the latest version of Xilisoft Video Converter.Problem solved.

  • James Blodgett

    Thanks for this video, it worked on pavtube video converter. While DVDFAB & Sony Vegas has always worked before doing this. Didn't know why pavtube didn't so I did this. I downloaded the video converter you have in this video & doing this didn't work on it. After messing around with it I found it's pretty much like pavtube, I might delete it.

  • DoomFinger511

    Link in description goes to some adware site. This is the correct link from the video:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6KPtF5doi0iOFlWX1ZVNTB5V2M/view?usp=sharingNext, you must activate the 2 DLL files. This the correct way to do it:- In start (or search) search for "cmd" (without quotations)- When located RIGHT CLICK it and select "run as administrator" (THIS IS IMPORTANT!)- Copy this line first:%windir%\System32\regsvr32.exe %windir%\System32\nvcuvenc.dll- Then RIGHT CLICK in the cmd black window and select "paste"- Press ENTER- Repeat process by copy and pasting the second line:%windir%\SysWoW64\regsvr32.exe %windir%\SysWoW64\nvcuvenc.dll- Press ENTER- DONE!IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE!:Using your GPU will free up CPU space but might make conversions take longer. Depending on your CPU/GPU it might convert faster WITHOUT using the CUDU option. Try converting the same file with and without CUDU on to see which is faster. This way you can decide when you want converting speed vs free CPU power.

  • Vasna.Films

    It Work perfectly for Premiere CC. Thanks!!

  • bloodycorrey

    Dies ist eine Phishing-Webseite - This is a Phishing Website!

  • GamePlayShare

    it works for all cards that support cuda and for all aplications


    Does it work on Quadro P5000

  • Phil Dawson

    It should automatically see it

  • LandsZire

    Your desktop image is my Channel logo.

  • Dmitriy Tkachenko

    На винде 8.1 эта хрень не прокатила

  • Dmitriy

    works on gt240m with freemake video converter!

  • Francis Bueno

    It works with 750 Ti. Thx!

  • Pieter Jooste

    Hi, could you provide a more safe link with no ads and popups. It looks very dodgy man. Thanks for your help.

  • Funky Giblets

    Doesn't seem to work anymore, may just be that we're now onto Windows 10 and there are newer nVidia drivers these days. :(

  • Johny666EU

    well done man :) thx. it works for me.

  • scyllabub

    VERY, VERY helpful, thank you SO much :-* (GTX 1050)

  • Albert Cardoso

    Thanks a lot that work !

  • Chootu Khan

    can u tell me how can i enable Gpu for convert video with iskysoft video converter . there is options to enable but that is not highlited so pls suggest me how could i enable

  • spartaque12

    isnt work on win10x64 :(

  • General E DGAF

    Did you know your little fix here works with sony vegas too? I had to download the cuda DEV kit but after following these steps it actually WORKS now, pretty sad though because I have spend hours on the phone with sony trying to rectify the problem, all they could tell me was to use older drivers with my 960 that were back in the 345. Those are pretty much the orignal driver release for these cards. Someone at sony or nvidia is a fucking slacker! Pay $250 for a 4gb card and $60 for the software and it still only did about half of what I needed it too. Glad its FINALLY working now.

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