mining with gtx 950 (budget card) Nicehash

hi today i am testing out a Gtx 950 which is actually in my current gaming setup. But today i tested it and it came out as only being a little under a dollar a day but if i do the calculations i got this card for 50 bucks new on eBay and that would be almost 2 months to get it payed back. Although i am getting a new mining setup to get like aat least more that 5 bucks a day this it what i have to use till then and please help me get to 1k subs by the end of 2018 and if i can do that goal then i will be doing a give away of a 50 dollar steam gift card giveaway and will be giving out multiple things. So if your reading this far I would appreciate if you gave my video a like and tell me in the comments down below if how i can improve my videos and what non copyrighted songs i could use.
  • jason harvote

    How much profit youre making after paying the electricity bill?

  • RUSH Tacoz

    YoU aRe A rObLoX hAcKeR aDmIn? OI

  • heinrich koch

    Dude do your self a favor get the nice hash legacy miner and use nist 5 u wil get lik 2.0 dollars

  • Libardo Castilla

    Did you move to nice hash legacy miner. if so how much $$

  • prince Biswal

    i am also using zotac gtx 950 but it shows me 0.30 doller per day why it is so less ?

  • RUSH Alloyz

    UPDATE: Right now I am mining with this card at 132.037 and 1.40 every day so it would show that its around over a dollar a day

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